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Introductory Physics and Thriving Undergraduate PhysicsRobert C HilbornAmherst CollegeNational Task Force on Undergraduate Physics.
Support fromAmerican Association of Physics Teachers American Physical SocietyAmerican Institute of PhysicsThe ExxonMobil Foundation.
Current statisticsSome historyIntroductoryBrief survey of recent CBIP effortsSPIN UP and the role of CBIP in physics.
departments Some provocative thoughts Discussion Bachelor s Degree Production Source AIP Statistical Research Center Enrollments and Degrees.
Report and NCES Digest of Education Statistics National Statistics Facts and Figures 27 28 of high school students take physics The is growing 50 50 men women .
70 75 of high school students go on to 2 year 4 year colleges and universities 350 000 students take college university intro physics each year 25 30 in 2 yearcolleges About 50 of those take CBIP .
Only 3 of those taking calculus basedphysics ever take another physics course SOURCE AIP Statistics Division The Changing Role of Physics20th Century 21st Century.
Summary of the New Environment Changing role for physics in the universeof science Changing student population.
demographics preparation interests Changing National Focus emphasis on K 12.
Some history of CBIP via textbooks Curry Street and Purcell 1950s Halliday and Resnick 1960s The clone era 1960s 1990s and on Outliers Berkeley Series and Feynman Lectures.
Recent developments see Joe Amato Physics Today Dec 1996 The Standard Model of Introductory PhysicsThermal PhysicsElectricity .
Difficulties 1 Large amount ofmaterial favors recipesand memorizationtechniques often.
Relativitywithout long termAtomic Physics retention Condensed Matter Physics 2 Emphasis on pre 20thNuclear Physics.
High Energy PhysicsCentury physics oftenChaos doesn t inspireYour Favorite Subject Here students 3 Isolated from the rest.
of physics and other4 Students have changed General Philosophy for CBIP A thorough and rigorous coverage of a limited numberof topics is more effective than an encyclopedic and.
show introduction to a wide range of subject matter Physics should be taught as a growing subject and the student should be given illustrations of problems onpresent frontiers Senior and experienced staff members should engage.
in the teaching of introductory physics courses in thetraining of teaching assistants and in experimentationdirected at the improved teaching of physics Carleton Report Am J Phys 25 417 1957 Innovative Delivery.
Workshop Physics P Laws et al Interactive Lectures Peer Instruction E Mazur Harvard J Mestre W Gerace U Mass T Moore Pomona Interactive Demos R Thornton D Sokoloff.
Studio Physics J Wilson UMass K Cummings S Conn Cal Poly SLO U NewHampshire SCALE UP B Beichner NCSU J Saul Dynamic Physics P Sokol Penn State .
Innovative Delivery 2 Overview Case Study A van Heuvelen Rutgers In line text exercises take home experiments R Chabay and B Sherwood NCSU J King et al MIT Complete PPT and WWW package G Gladding .
Illinois WWW JiTT E Patterson G Novak Air Force A Gavrin U Indiana Purdue Indianapolis Tutorials L McDermott P Heron J Redish Context Rich Problems Heller Minn .
Computer Intensive R Fuller U Nebraska W Christian Davidson Innovative Ideas Texts Joe Amato Physics Today Dec 1996 R Knight Physics A Contemporary Perspective Addison .
R Chabay and B Sherwood Matter and Interactions Tom Moore Six Ideas that Shaped Physics McGraw Hill J Rigden L Coleman J Barojas Physics In Context IUPP Relativistic Mechanics first J Reichert J Amato C Holbrow J Lloyd Modern Introductory Physics.
Springer L McDermott P Heron et al Physics by Inquiry Prentice Eric Mazur Prentice Hall Cummings Laws Redish Cooney Understanding Physics PER Revised HRW Wiley .
CBIP and Thriving DepartmentsThe role of CBIP in building a thriving undergraduate physics program Strategic Programs for Innovations in Undergraduate.
Supported byExxonMobil FoundationAmerican Institute of Physics American Association of Physics TeachersAmerican Physical Society.
National Task Force on Undergraduate PhysicsJ D Garcia U Arizona S James Gates U Maryland Robert Hilborn Amherst College Chair.
Ruth Howes Marquette Co Chair Ken Krane Oregon State Elizabeth McCormack Bryn Mawr Laurie McNeil U North Carolina Chapel Hill Jose Mestre U Massachusetts .
Ex Officio Tom O Kuma Lee College AIP J Stith J HehnAPS J Franz F SteinDoug Osheroff Stanford .
AAPT B Khoury W HeinJoe Taylor Princeton PKAL J NarumCarl Wieman U Colorado Site Visits to 21 thriving undergraduate physics Survey with AIP all 761 bachelor s degree granting.
physics programs in the US 74 response Report and Analysis See AAPT web site http www aapt org Projects ntf... Ask your department chair for the report Physics Today September 2003 .
Site Visit DepartmentsAngelo State UniversityUniversity of ArizonaBethel CollegeBrigham Young University.
Lawrence University North Carolina State Univ North Park University Oregon State University Reed College.
Bryn Mawr College Rutgers University Colorado School of Mines SUNY Geneseo Cal State San Luis Obispo University of Virginia Carleton College Whitman College.
Grove City College Harvard University Site visit teamsUniversity of IllinoisUniversity of Wisconsin LaCrosse20 other possibilities.
employed about 65physics volunteers What makes an UPP Thrive Conclusions from the Task Force Site Visits Strong and sustained departmental leadership.
Well defined sense of mission Recruit and retain students Challenging and supportive programMultiple tracks optionsProf development and mentoring.
Introductory coursesCareer information alumni Emphasis on the entire program of the department including interactions with other departments SPIN UP and CBIP.
Most of the site visit departments haveexperimented with CBIP mostly pedagogy andnot content Departmental effort not just junior faculty or justsenior faculty w o research programs .
CBIP often used as a recruiting tool for physics Designed to serve the appropriate audience Department continually works to improve the course s The Survey 74 Response Rate.
Thanks to Ken Krane and Roman Czujko 60 report significant curricular change in thepast several years Of those 71 report changes in CBIP Change.
Of those 50 Some Difficult Questions Why haven t the innovations been widely Why is there resistance to educational Why Don t Innovations Stick .
Innovations are no good Innovations good but no documentation of theirsuccess Assessment is difficult pace Mike Zeilik andBob Beichner Large upfront investment of resources required .
Lack of faculty development and reward Difficult to make the effort a departmental project withlong term sustained focus Student resistance How to make them stick G Gladding and R Lopez .
The Resistance To be discussed Saturday afternoon I was hired to do research My evaluations are great of course mystudents are learning .
Reform is just dumbing down the curriculum see quote from LloydTaylor 1938 Provocative Thoughts The goals of CBIP are often ill defined if defined at all .
An improved CBIP by itself will not save your undergraduate physics Energy and enthusiasm and concern count Details of content andpedagogy are of secondary importance One size does not fit all Local details are important A departmental effort is crucial The energetic hero model does not work.
in the long run Continuous experimentation and feedback are crucial Don t underestimate the tyranny of the textbook Textbooks do matter and the net effect is usually negative Conference Survey.
Please fill out CBIP survey form one formper department before the end of theconference Introductory Physics and Thriving Undergraduate Physics Programs Robert C. Hilborn Amherst College National Task Force on Undergraduate Physics Support from

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