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Introduction toService CoordinationNew York State Department of HealthDivision of Family HealthBureau of Early Intervention.
Revised May 2013Updated July 2014Welcome Introductions Purposeand Learning Objectives Purpose of Training.
To provide an overview of the role responsibilities and knowledge necessaryto comply with federal and state laws andregulations and to perform effectively inthe Early Intervention Program .
Learning ObjectivesAfter completing this training participants willdemonstrate knowledge and understanding in thefollowing areas The statutory and regulatory responsibilities of a.
service coordinator The role of service coordinators in deliveringfamily centered supports and services The importance of communication and informationsharing with families .
The nature and scope of services available underthe Early Intervention Program Activity Pretest Turn to the family scenario on Handout 1that has been assigned to you or your.
Read the scenario Turn to Handout 2 and fill in the Pretestside of the Handout Early Intervention Program History Overview and Municipal.
History of the NYS Early Intervention 1987 NYS elected to participate in the Part Hprogram and the NYS Department of Healthwas designated as the lead agency byGovernor Mario Cuomo .
1992 The Early Intervention Program wasestablished in NYS Public Health Law 1993 The Early Intervention Program wentinto effect on July 1 1993 History of the NYS Early Intervention.
Program cont d 2012 The State Budget for State Fiscal Year2012 13 amended the following sections ofPublic Health Law that impact servicecoordination responsibilities .
2544 2 c OPWDD Notification 2545 10 Implementation of IFSP in a timely 2548 Notification to CPSE 2559 3 a Claiming to third party insurance andMedicaid using NYEIS and the State Fiscal Agent.
Early Intervention Program Identify and evaluate as early aspossible those infants and toddlerswhose healthy development iscompromised .
Provide the appropriate interventions toimprove child and family development Goals of the Early Intervention To provide family centered community based andculturally sensitive services .
To coordinate EI services with other services typicallyused by this population To deliver effective high quality services that result inmeasurable outcomes for children and families To seek the support and involvement of health care.
providers Medical Home To ensure consistency and accountability and clear linesof responsibility and authority throughout the EarlyIntervention service system Municipal Role in the EIP.
NYS Public Health Law requires that eachcounty municipality have an Early InterventionOfficial EIO who is responsible for theadministration and oversight of the EarlyIntervention Program in his her municipality .
The EIO may appoint an Early InterventionOfficial Designee EIO D to oversee the day to day operations of the program Municipal Role in the EIPMunicipalities as local administrators are responsible for .
Accepting and managing referrals to the EIP and Child Find Designating the ISC Reviewing evaluations and eligibility determinations to ensureregulatory compliance Convening IFSP meetings and authorizing services in the IFSP .
Obtaining social security numbers of child and parents at theinitial IFSP meeting after eligibility has been established Monitoring service providers Municipal Role in the EIPMunicipalities are no longer responsible for .
Contracting with EIP providers Arranging for EIP services Claiming third party payers for EIP services Notifying school districts when children are thought to bepotentially eligible for preschool special education services .
Convening transition conferences Effective April 1 2013 New Service Coordinator Responsibilities Review of Important DatesJanuary 1 2013 .
Notification to OPWDD Marketing Standards Requirements 69 4 5 e April 1 2013 Provider Agreements with the Department Assignment of Service Providers.
Ensuring Timely Delivery of Services CPSE Notification and Transition Activities Use of the State Fiscal Agent and Department s Data Systemfor billing and claimingCommon Responsibilities of Initial and.
Ongoing Service Coordinators Federal StandardAll Initial and Ongoing Service Coordinatorsapproved to provide early interventionservice coordination perform the functions and.
activities necessary to enable an eligible childand the child s family to receive the rights procedural safeguards and services that areauthorized to be provided under the EarlyIntervention Program .
34 CFR 303 23 a 1 What is a Service Coordinator Provides a continuous service to families by helpingthem receive the rights procedural safeguards andservices that are authorized under the Early.
Intervention Program Ensures that IFSP outcomes and strategies reflect thefamily s priorities concerns and resources and thatchanges are made to the IFSP as the family spriorities concerns and resources change .
Provides families with a single point of contact toensure communication collaboration and coordinationamong service providers A Service Coordinator is Not The family s decision maker .
A representative of the interests of his her The family friend What is an Initial ServiceCoordinator The initial service coordination is defined in.
regulation as the service coordinator designatedby the early intervention official upon receipt of areferral of a child thought to be eligible for earlyintervention services who functions as the servicecoordinator who participates in the formulation of.
the Individualized Family Service Plan 10 NYCRR 69 4 1 z What is an Ongoing ServiceCoordinator The OSC is defined in regulation as the.
service coordinator designated in theindividualized family service plan 10 NYCRR 6904 1 ag The OSC is selected by the parent at theinitial IFSP meeting to provide an interactive.
and continuous service that ensures thesuccessful participation of eligible childrenand their families in the Early Intervention Provider Agreements The 2012 2013 State Budget modified existing.
language defining an approved provider tomean a provider who is approved by theDepartment in accordance with Departmentregulations and has entered into an agreementwith the Department for the provision of.
evaluations service coordination or earlyintervention services Effective date for Provider Agreements is April Common Regulatory Responsibilities Assist the parent of an eligible child in gaining access to.
early intervention and other services identified in the IFSP Ensure the IFSP outcomes and strategies reflect thefamily s priorities concerns and resources and thatchanges are made as the family s child s needs change Coordinate the provision of all services that the child and.
family need or are receiving Facilitate the timely delivery of services Continuously seek appropriate services and situations thatbenefit the development of the eligible child for theduration of the child s eligibility .
10 NYCRR 69 4 6 b Specific Requirements of Initial andOngoing Service CoordinatorsActivity ISC or OSC1 Informing families of their rights and 1 Both.
procedural safeguards2 Obtaining and updating family s insurance 2 Bothand Medicaid information3 Coordinating the performance of evaluations 3 Bothand assessments.
4 Facilitating and participating in the 4 Bothdevelopment review and evaluation of5 Facilitating the timely delivery of EI services 5 OSC Specific Requirements of Initial andOngoing Service Coordinators.
Activity ISC or OSC6 Coordinating and monitoring the delivery of 6 OSC7 Informing families of the availability of 7 Bothadvocacy services8 Coordinating with medical and health care 8 Both.
providers including a referral to appropriateprimary health care providers as needed9 Facilitating the development of a transition 9 Bothplan to preschool services if appropriate orto other available supports and services.
Timely Delivery of Services The Office of Special Education Programs OSEP U S Department of Education requires states todeliver the early intervention services contained in anIFSP in a timely manner .
OSEP allows states to define timely and requires100 compliance New York State defines timely as within 30 days fromthe projected date for services to begin in the IFSP OSEP allows discounting lateness due to documented.
exceptional family reasons NYEIS captures reasons for late start of services Documentation ServiceCoordination Notes Agency and individual providers of initial and ongoing service coordination services must document all.
activities related to the performance of their duties as set forth in EIP regulations sections 69 4 6 and 69 4 7 Documentation must include recipient s name date of service a description of the specific service coordination activity performed .
name date of contact and purpose of contact for providers or others contacted on behalf of the child and family asnecessary to implement the IFSP start and end time for each contact name title and signature of the service coordinator as applicable 10 NYCRR 69 4 26 d .
10 NYCRR 69 4 26 d 26 Required TrainingInitial and Ongoing Service Coordinators are required toattend training as outlined in the provider s agreement withthe Department .
Complete Introductory Service Coordination trainingsponsored or approved by the Department of Health prior torendering service coordination services Participate in a minimum of one professional developmentactivity totaling a minimum of 1 clock hours directly related.
to service coordination Participate in a minimum of 10 clock hours of professionaldevelopment activities per calendar year that relate to theirfield of practice and increase professional skills andknowledge 27.
Service Coordinator Case Loads EIP Regulations do not specify a set number of casesto be maintained Case loads will vary depending on Life circumstances of families which can dictate a lesser.
or greater service need Unique developmental needs of the child Parent needs and strengths In general a full time service coordinator could have acaseload ranging from 25 to 60 with an average of 35.
Contact with Families Contacts should be frequent or as the needs ofthe family require Contacts can include home visits phonecontacts and meetings with the parent or service.
providers to foster collaboration and integrationof service strategies All contacts with families and other activitiesrelated to service coordination whether billableor non billable must be documented in the.
child s record Marketing Activities Service coordinators cannot engage in anymarketing or advertising practices that Offer incentives to the parent or relatives of an.
eligible or potentially eligible child or to the servicecoordinator evaluators or other approved providersauthorized to deliver services to the child Attempt or appear to influence the selection of aservice coordinator evaluator or provider of.
Effective January 1 2013 Primary Referral SourcesAll Service Coordinators are primary referral sourcesfor the EIP As such they are responsible for Referring within two working days of identifying an.
infant or toddler who is less than three years of ageand suspected of having a disability or at risk ofhaving a disability Referring the infant or toddler to the EIO D unlessthe child has already been referred or unless the.
parent objects to the referral Responsibilities of PrimaryReferral SourcesFor infants or toddlers suspected of having a disability Explain the early intervention program and services to.
the family and the benefits for the child Inform the parent that unless the parent objects theirchild will be referred to the EIO for a free multidisciplinary evaluation to determine eligibility for Inform parent in dominant language or other mode of.
communication whenever feasible Ensure the confidentiality of all information Responsibilities of PrimaryReferral Sources cont d For infants or toddlers at risk of developmental delay .
Explain developmental screening home visiting andtracking services and the benefits to the child and family Inform the parent that unless the parent objects theirIntroduction to Service Coordination New York State Department of Health Division of Family Health Bureau of Early Intervention Revised: May 2013

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