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South African Literature Metaphors and Metamorphosis Aims and objectives To engage with texts from South Africa understanding the context of Apartheid in.
which they were written To think about ideas of metaphor andmetamorphosis in South African literature To discuss how we can take these textsinto a classroom.
To discuss how to write a self reflective Apartheid A brief history system of racial segregation enforced byNational Party governments of SAbetween 1948 and 1994.
white supremacy and Afrikaner minority apartheid as an official policy introducedfollowing general election of 1948 classified inhabitants into 4 racial groups native white coloured Asian.
Apartheid A brief history segregation residential areas education medical care beaches public services black people deprived of citizenship politicalrepresentation.
internal uprisings and violence met with increasingrepression and state sponsored violence 1980s mounting opposition reforms to apartheid 1990s President Frederik Wilhem de Kerl begannegotiations to end apartheid.
multi racial democratic elections in 1994 Nadine Gordimer b 1923 Nobel Prize in Literature a woman whothrough her magnificent epic writing has .
been of very great benefit to humanity Moral political and racial issues particularly apartheid The Ultimate Safari From whose perspective is the story.
What metaphors do you notice runningthrough the story METAPHORS Animalsp 7 but all the same our country is a country of people notanimals .
p 8 He said we must move like animals among the animals away from the roads away from the white people s camps p 8 It was hard to be like the animals p 9 If they saw us all they could do was pretend we were notthere they had seen only animals .
p 10 even if you lie like the animals under the trees Lions as the Bandits p 9 Panting like we do when we run but it s a different kind ofpanting you can hear they re not running they re waiting somewhere near .
METAPHORS SafariWatching Being watched p 7 the places where white people come tostay and look at the animals p 9 We could see the fires where the white.
people were cooking in the camps and we couldsmell the smoke and the meat p 14 Some white people came to takephotographs of our people living in the tent METAPHORS SHOES.
Hope Future plans p 14 No other children in the tent havereal school shoes When we three look atthem it s as if we are in a real house again with no war no away .
p 14 I want them to learn so that theycan get good jobs and money Exercise 1 Celebrity Furniture1 Think of a celebrity2 Think of a piece of furniture .
3 Complete the sentence is a because Athol Fugard b 1932.
playwright political plays opposing apartheid Tsotsi is his only novel made an AcademyAward winning film in 2005 What are the tsotsis .
menace a force of unbridled violence aspitiless and unthinking as the sharks thatlay in wait outside the nets off Durbanbeach Jonathan Kaplan young black men gangs turning on those.
lower down the survival chain product of the process of Apartheid death methods medically accurate p 170 Instinctively but for no other reason than having awoken heput his hand under his pillow to find his knife Before he found it .
another thought crossed his mind p 171 Where s his front teeth Tsotsi thought and then why thehell am I thinking that p 172 A spider spinning a web but most of all my mother He hadto return to that thought Everything started there It was the.
beginning of himself and of his memories spinning like silk threadout of the soft shimmer of her humming on a day long longforgotten p 172 One word Finished What now p 173 So we start again Tsotsi hey man It was like this then So.
now we find a couple of others and we start again and The babystarted crying p 175 He rejoiced in the very things that had disgusted andangered him in the past Some key themes .
becoming life deathrebirth past present future The metamorphosis that takes place in Tsotsi isone of reclaiming the past to reshape the presentand the future .
Tsotsi is about turning points It is when Tsotsi rediscovers his memory that herealises he is alive Jonathan Kaplan Nelson Mandela b 1918.
former President of South Africa 1994 anti apartheid activist 27 years in prison sabotage and othercharges Robben Island 1990 released led part to first multi .
racial democracy 1993 Nobel Peace Prize Long Walk To Freedom autobiography published 1995.
covers early life coming of age education and prison life Long Walk To Freedom p 109 I cannot pinpoint a moment when I becamepoliticized when I knew that I would spend my life in the.
liberation struggle To be an African in South Africameans that one is politicized from the moment of one sbirth whether one acknowledges it or not p 109 This was the reality and one could deal with it ina myriad of ways I had no epiphany no singular.
revelation no moment of truth There was no particularday on which I said Henceforth I will devote myself tothe liberation of my people instead I simply foundmyself doing so and could not do otherwise District 9.
Christy Lemire Associated Press District 9 has the aesthetic trappings of science fictionbut it s really more of a character drama an examinationof how a man responds when he s forced to confront hisidentity during extraordinary circumstances .
Clips Scene 3 12 26 At what point does Wikus become the Other What are the symbols of this metamorphosis physical mental emotional How is the film presented .
How to write a self reflective journal The journal should show evidence of avariety of approaches to creative learning and where possible the use of differentliterary forms from different cultural.
contexts in the context of the classroom How to write a self reflective Use anecdotes about particular placementexperience Critical reflection what perhaps didn t.
work so well but why you think it didn t Analysis what would you have donedifferently Samples of previous journals are available.
IWIS South African Literature: Metaphors and Metamorphosis

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