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In the name of Allah the Merciful the Mercy givingyassarnalquran wordpress com 1the qur anyassarnalquran wordpress com 2.
PRESENTINGTHE GOLDEN RULESFOR MEMORIZING THE QUR ANThis presentation will Insha Allahmotivate me and you to .
Memorize the Glorious Qur an Understand it Live by its Guidanceyassarnalquran wordpress com 3 The Qur an has.
114 Suwar How many SuwarDo You Know Chapters Suwar Singular Surah yassarnalquran wordpress com 4.
Advantages BenefitsMemorizing the Qur anBeing a Hafizyassarnalquran wordpress com 5 Respect and Honour in this world An Hafiz is.
given Precedence in leading the Prayers Ref Sahih Muslim Noble Status in the Hereafter Ref Tirmidhi Abu Dawood Will enjoy the company of distinguished angels.
Ref Bukhari Muslim He She will be given a Crown of Honour and aGarment of Honour to wear in the Day of Ref Tirmidhi Qur an will intercede for him her with Allah.
Ref Muslim Bukhari Parents of an Hafiz will be crowned in the Day of Ref Al Tabarani Al Haakim yassarnalquran wordpress com 6 44 .
Our beloved Prophet 4 4 4 4 made this beautiful du aa O Allah Make the Qur an.
the spring of my heart yassarnalquran wordpress com 7 If indeed the Qur an was the Spring of our Our hearts would be in bloom always withthe freshness of nature s newness nature s.
the green that cools our eyes the fragrances that perfume our scent the fruits that delight our taste nurture ourbodies and the flowers that remind us of life s bounty.
and delicacy Written by Hamza Yusuf in one of his articles yassarnalquran wordpress com 8 So let us begin with this du aa 4 4 4 4 4 44 4 44 .
O Allah Make the Qur anthe spring of our heartsyassarnalquran wordpress com 9 1 Make your intention pure andIt should be only to seek the Pleasure.
of Allah and none else You should NOT have the motive toseek name fame or money REMEMBER one of the three peoplewho will become FUEL TO THE FIRE.
OF JAHANNUM according to a hadith are the Islamic scholars with badintention First Thing First yassarnalquran wordpress com 10.
2 After making your intention pure make Du aa to Allah WITHOUT the helpof Allah you can t do anything BELIEVE in the power of Du aa Allah Knows the secrets of our hearts If.
you sincerely seek Allah s help He willdefinitely open ways and make thingseasy for you This is in fact a Promise of Allah and Henever lets His Seekers down .
yassarnalquran wordpress com 11 3 Get a good Mus haf a good copy ofthe Qur an The Arabic Script must be clear and youmust be comfortable reading it .
4 Ensure that you keep this Mus haf tillthe end Changing the Mus haf especiallywhen you are determined to memorize isa bad idea yassarnalquran wordpress com 12.
5 DO NOT START memorizing withoutgetting to know the Rules of Recitationand Pronunciation Remember it is easy to memorize butdifficult to forget If you memorize an.
ayah and later you come to know that itwas a wrong pronunciation then learningthe right pronunciation and the right waywill be difficult yassarnalquran wordpress com 13.
YOU NEED TO CHECK YOUR WAY OFRECITATION PRONUNCIATION in frontof a scholar who is well versed in the artof Qur anic Recitation EVEN WHEN you want to memorize on.
your own through audio internet youSTILL NEED TO CHECK and cross checkyour way of Recitation This is veryimportant yassarnalquran wordpress com 14.
6 Wudoo ie Ablution and completepurity is necessary as you are going tomemorize the Glorious Book of Allah Your ATTITUDE APPROACH to theQur an must be entirely different from the.
approach you adopt towards otheryassarnalquran wordpress com 15 7 Place has its own impact on the mind Select a comfortable place where there isno distraction so that you can focus on.
memorization with utmost care andconcentration yassarnalquran wordpress com 16 8 Allot a particular time Select a time which suits you the most It is.
better to earmark early morning time as mind isfresh and receptive Moreover the Qur anrecited during Fajr is witnessed by theDon t do any work other than memorizationduring this time .
Strictly and sincerely stick on to your dailytime schedule This is a secret behind effectivememorization yassarnalquran wordpress com 17 9 Apportion the daily number of.
verses to memorizeYou should specify the amount you can beardaily be it a given number of verses one or twopages or a quarter juz After deciding the target try your utmost to.
achieve the target Due to some genuine reason if you are not ableto achieve the target don t get upset Instead tryto make it up the following day along with theday s quota .
yassarnalquran wordpress com 18 10 Recite loudlyYou should recite aloud first to follow theProphetic Sunnah and second to perfectyour memorization Intoning the Qur an is.
endeared to the hearing and helps inmemorizing as it gets the tongue familiarwith a given tune and an error is easilyidentified when the usual tune varies in oneway or another When this happens the.
tongue feels the variation and stops tocorrect the recitation yassarnalquran wordpress com 19 11 Do Not Move to the Next Portion TillYou Master the Present One.
You should not move to the next portiontill you master the previous one One way to perfect your portion is to makea habit to recite it during your daily Salah Prayers .
In this way memorizing the Qur an willbe easy and possible for everyone even if one seems busy yassarnalquran wordpress com 20 12 Connect its Beginning to its End.
You should connect a Surah from its beginningto its end and your tongue should move with itsmoothly and easily without exerting your mindin remembering the verses and continuing therecitation Rather your memorization should be.
as smooth as water and you should recite itwithout any faltering whatever It should be likethe case when one recites Al Fatihah withoutany effort and this of course is due to itsbeing frequently repeated and recited .
The point is that you should try to fix the whole Surahin your mind connected and smooth and not to moveto the next till you yassarnalquran wordpress comhave memorized it perfectly 21 13 Pay Attention to Similarities.
The Qur an has 6236 verses around 2000 of which are similar in oneway or another In some locations thesimilarity is exact while in others theremay be a difference of just one letter or.
one or a few words yassarnalquran wordpress com 22 Two examples of similaritiesOne must be very careful in noticing the wordsbeginning with waw and fa Note the.
difference in two consecutive verses of 44 44 4 444 44 44 4 .
444 44 44 Note the systematic addition of words inthree different verses of 44 44 44 .
4 444 44 4 4 4 4 .
44 4 444 44 4 4 44 4 4 444 44 4 .
44 yassarnalquran wordpress com 4 4 4 Hence one who memorizes the Qur an.
should pay great attention to the similarThe more one pays attention to thesesimilarities the firmer his memorizationyassarnalquran wordpress com 24 14 Follow Up Frequently.
After memorizing the Qur an if you leave itwithout revising and keeping in touch itwill flee from you and you ll rapidly forgetit So one must follow up frequently andcontinuously persevere in revising and.
recalling in order to preserve in one smemory The Prophet peace andblessings be upon him said The exampleof the person who knows the Qur an byheart is like the owner of tied camels If he.
keeps them tied he will control them butif he releases them they will run away yassarnalquran wordpress com 25 The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him also said Keep on reciting the Qur an for by.
Him in Whose Hand my life is the Qur an runsaway is forgotten faster than camels that arereleased from their tying ropes Narrated byAl Bukhari and Muslim This means that one who memorizes the whole.
Qur an should read at least a whole juz peryassarnalquran wordpress com 26 15 Understand What You MemorizeOne of the greatest aides in memorizing is tounderstand the verses and recognize the.
relationship between them CAUTION However you Must Not givemore emphasis on understanding during thecourse of memorization The one who dependsmostly on understanding is liable to forget and.
stop as soon as his mind is not attentive Thishappens mostly during long recitations yassarnalquran wordpress com 27 16 Try your utmost to put into practiceWhat you study and memorize of the.
Qur an try to practice it in your life The Qur an is Guidance par excellence The real meanings of the Qur an come tofore only when the believer implementsthe teachings in one s life .
yassarnalquran wordpress com 28 To summarize 1 Purity of motive 2 Sincere Du aa 3 Have a Mus haf with clear script.
4 Keep the same Mus haf till the end 5 Know the Rules of Recitation Pronunciation 6 Be with Wudhu 7 Select the right place.
8 Allot daily time scheduleyassarnalquran wordpress com 29 9 Specify the daily quantum 10 Read aloud 11 Don t proceed without mastering.
12 Connect from beginning to end 13 Pay attention to similarities 14 Keep in touch lest you forget 15 Understand 16 Practice.
yassarnalquran wordpress com 30 May Allah Guide us to learn His Bookby heart in the finest manner yassarnalquran wordpress com 31 Presented by.
MUQITH MUJTABA ALIFor Qur an resources visit http yassarnalquran wordpress ... For Hadith Seerah resources visit http islamcalling wordpress co... .
yassarnalquran wordpress com 32One way to perfect your portion is to make a habit to recite it during your daily Salah (Prayers). In this way, memorizing the Qur’an will be easy and possible for everyone, even if one seems busy. ... 15. Understand What You Memorize One of the greatest aides in memorizing is to understand the verses and recognize the relationship between ...

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