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Knowledge Management Systemin Healthcare Industry Introduction Healthcare professionals are always insituations where they have to think fast.
and process an array of diagnostic testresults medications and past treatmentresponses in order to make decisions Knowledge Management KM holds thekey to proper patient care in these.
often complicated situations Introduction cont Knowledge management systems inHealthcare will streamline information forthe best most efficient patient care .
Many Healthcare facilities have yet to fullyutilize all the benefits of KM systems It could make a the difference when forinstance your chance of survival for openheart surgery can go from 2 to 16 with.
the proper knowledge and procedures Collaboration Agenda How certain roles within your organization such as case managersand contact center staff can use instant messaging and othercollaboration software to communicate more effectively in real.
How social software such as wikis and blogs can be used to linkstaff with the experts and information they need to better serveproviders and members How you can use Web portals to develop a single view of amember s account where staff can access their medical data .
demographics claims and all other information from one screen How Web portals can also empower members providers and staffto access data and interact more effectively How case managers can use communications software forseamless real time information sharing to better research .
communicate and manage risk Connected Home Health Utilizes sensors to take vital sign datasuch as Blood pressure.
Weight Glucose level Temperature This data is wirelessly transmitted tothe medical staff where it is analyzed.
Enterprise Health Analyticsfor Healthcare Providers Aggregates and analyzes informationfrom clinical and business applicationsystems as well as data collected from.
sensors patient monitoring systems medical instruments and handheld Helps healthcare staff answer questionssuch as how the organization isperforming the clinical results being.
achieved and patient satisfaction Health Information Collects identifies and aggregates patientinformation from all source systems Enable sharing of documents and images among.
healthcare enterprises regardless of source locationor format in support of improved patient care Serve as a data repository and searchable registry ofclinical documents Record audit events generated by all exchange.
interactions Establish a standards based data sharingmethodology vital to the creation and adoption of Asset Management calibration of instruments.
tools and special equipment support for electronic signatures records and audits support for asset related corrective and preventive action Real Time Location Systems RTLS tags.
IBM WebSphere Process Server IBM WebSphere Portal Server IBM Maximo IBM Cognos IBM WebSphere Sensor Event Server with Location Awareness.
IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Types of Data Patient information Population studies including diet and Research evidence.
Clinical results Medical effectiveness and errors Applications of Data Accountability to national standards andtransparency of medical errors.
Greater collaboration including over Easier transfer of best practices Tracking of performance Bridge Examples Communication between researchers.
and clinicians Ease the difficulties of using researchdata in clinical settings Researchers informed of clinical results Overcoming local variable and ethnicity.
Transfer of data over wide geographic Procedures of KM Knowledge may be accessed at three different times before during or after the event The most beneficial and obvious times would be before and.
during the moment it is needed The KM process goes through several stages analysis segmentation correlation clustering of the data andinformation and forecasting Procedures of KM cont .
The aspects of the diagnosis and care are analyzed andmodeled Relationships and interrelations between themare analyzed and classified in the KM systems Asinformation is built up over time patterns of similarcharacteristics come together .
The KM process involves documenting knowledge ofprocesses that require improvement methods toachieve improvement and ways to measureoutcomes of the change Procedures of KM cont .
These procedures will continually help ensure thatthe best quality of information is archived KM resources enables us to see the wholepicture and recognize the care and or forecast forthe involved cases .
Knowledge Management Knowledge ManagementSystem ResearchersIn order to develop knowledge managementsystem researchers behind the KM systems.
are required to do years of research fromsimple item such as FAQs to extremelycomplex databases at a research hospital Knowledge ManagementSystem Developers.
Software Design Engineer Assists in defining specifications forsoftware programming applications and or oversees themaintenance of existing programs to ensure continuedperformance and compliance with current guidelines andstandards .
Coding Compliance Specialist Under general direction of theAssistant Director of Coding and Clinical Documentation and withlimited supervision the Coding Compliance Specialist is primarilyresponsible for the development implementation and maintenanceof an effective compliance program related to the documentation.
and coding of medical records within the scope of the HealthInformation Management Department System Analysts are IS professionals who understand bothbusiness and technology They are active throughout the systemsdevelopment process and they integrate the work of the.
programmers testers and users Knowledge ManagementSystem UsersA KM system is to enable employees tohave ready access to the organization s.
documented base of facts sources ofinformation and solutions In a hospital KM system helps a doctor ora nurse instantaneous access to apatient s medical history and provides.
better knowledge of medication effectsand side effects Knowledge ManagementSystem SecurityGood security and good security.
awareness depend upon managementsupport in generating communicating and implementing the security plan In addition to these KnowledgeManagement System also needs a.
person who is certified IS securityprofessional CISSP and have beentrained to incorporate the managementsupport into security programs Conclusion.
Knowledge Management in Healthcare has obvious benefitsthat could really make the difference in people s lives There are still many healthcare facilities that still need tofully utilize these systems We are drawing a predictive conclusion that over the next.
decade there will be significant improvements in physiciancare based on medical knowledge management Each of the five components in these information systemswill undergo technological improvements to ensure thebest most efficient information is available .
References http www kmworld com http www ibm com John Gabbay and Andr e le May Evidence basedguidelines or collectively constructed mindlines .
Ethnographic study of knowledge management inprimary care BMJ Oct 2004 329 1013 http www bmj com cgi content f... rer www clickfind com auGuptill Janet Knowledge Management in Health.
Care J Health Care Finance 31 3 2005 10 14 Academic Search Premier EBSCO Web 8 Mar 2010 http www kmatwork com images J... rticle 4 05 pdf.
In a hospital, KM system helps a doctor or a nurse instantaneous access to a patient’s medical history and provides better knowledge of medication effects and side effects. Good security and good security awareness depend upon management support in generating, communicating, and implementing the security plan.

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