Late Modern Architecture and Post Modern Architecture

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Postmodernity in architecture is said to beheralded by the return of wit ornament andreference to architecture in response to theformalism of the International Style ofmodernism .
functional and formalized shapes and spacesof the modernist style are replaced by diverseaesthetics styles collide form is adopted forits own sake and new ways of viewing familiarstyles and space abound Postmodernism with.
its diversity possesses sensitivity to thebuilding s context and history and the client srequirements The Solution to Modernism Architects startedturning away from Modern Functionalism .
They viewed it as boring unwelcoming andeven unpleasant Postmodernists sought tocure this by reintroducing ornament anddecoration for its own sake Form was nolonger defined only by its functional.
requirements it now could be anything thearchitect pleased It replaced the functionaland formalized shapes seen in the modernistmovement by The use of diverse aesthetics different styles colliding form is adopted for.
its own sake and new ways of viewingfamiliar styles Postmodern architecturewas an international stylewhose first examples are.
generally cited as being fromthe 1950s and which continuesto influence present dayarchitecture Post modernity inarchitecture is generally.
thought to be heralded by thereturn of wit ornament andreference to architecture inresponse to the formalism ofthe International Style of.
modernism POSTMODERNISM TIME The term postmodernism is probably most specificand meaningful when used in relation toarchitecture where it designates an international.
architectural movement that emerged in the1960s became prominent in the late 1970s and80s and remained a dominant force in the 1990s The movement largely has been a reaction to theorthodoxy austerity and formal absolutism of the.
International Style Postmodern architecture is characterized by theincorporation of historical details in a hybrid ratherthan a pure style by the use of decorativeelements by a more personal and exaggerated.
style and by references to popular modes of Robert Venturi Robert Venturi was at the headof the Postmodern Movement He is known forre wording the famous saying of Mies van derRohe s Less is more to Less is a bore In his.
book Complexity and Contradiction inArchitecture he states Architects can bemoanor try to ignore them referring to theornamental and decorative elements inbuildings or even try to abolish them but they.
will not go away Or they will not go away for along time because architects do not have thepower to replace them nor do they know whatto replace them with Robert Venturi He goes on to explain the.
need for ornament in his second book calledLearning from Las Vegas published in 1972 Venturi states decorative elements accommodate existing needs for varietyand communication He stresses that the.
building needs to communicate a meaning tothe public Postmodernists in general striveto achieve this communication through theirbuildings This communication however is notintended to be a direct narration of the.
meaning Venturi goes on to explain that it israther intended to be a communication thatcould be interpreted in many ways Becausework of such quality will have manydimensions and layers of meaning .
Nonlinearity Multiple styles multiple goalsExamples a Commercialism vs anti commercialismvs equalityc Violence vs peace.
Influence of digital technology Inclusion of World cultures Visual culture Fine art craft advertising Visual studies Combination of visual cultureand social theory.
Postmodern Architecture rejects the notion of pure or perfect detail instead it draws from all methods materials forms colors available to architects Moves away from the neutral white colours seen inmodernism .
Took past components of different styles and melded themtogether to create new means of design It is known for there emergence of surface ornament reference to itssurrounding buildings and historical references It was a time of revival of traditional elements and.
techniques Post modernists did not believe to ignore pastarchitecture but looked to it in order to learn from it You willbegin to see classical designs such as pillars torches arches and domes used in new almost humorous ways just to senda message to the modernist people It favoured personal.
preferences and variety over objective truths and principles Postmodernism Vs Modernism Postmodernarchitecture was an international style that wasfirst cited in the 1950s but did not become amovement until the late 1970s .
It began as a response to the perceived blandnessof the Modern Movement which focused primarilyon perfection harmony of form and functiondismissal of unnecessary ornaments not looking toany past historical references or methods of.
construction Modernism did not account for thedesire of beauty They focused on functionalismand economical building This meant thatornaments were stripped away and as a resultbuildings came to have a stark rational.
appearance Postmodernists felt the buildings of modernarchitecture failed to meet the human need ofcomfort for both the body and the eye THANK YOU.
Postmodern architecture is characterized by the incorporation of historical details in a hybrid rather than a pure style, by the use of decorative elements, by a more personal and exaggerated style, and by references to popular modes of building.

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