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Leadership in PublicAdministrationState Government for State Oral Health Program DirectorsBob Russell DDS MPH CPMIowa Department of Public Health.
Dental Director and Bureau ChiefOral Health Delivery SystemsAugust 23 2017 General Reminders This webinar will be recorded and archived on the.
ASTDD website We would like to hold any questions until the end so ifyou have questions please make a note of them When we are ready for questions if you wish to askone please click on the Set Status icon which is the.
little man with his arm raised on either the upper left orthe top of your screen Click on raise hand We willthen call on you to ask your question over the phone Please respond to the polling questions at theconclusion of the webinar .
This presentation was supported byCooperative Agreement NU58DP004919 04 00 from CDC Division of Oral Health Itscontents are solely the responsibility of theauthors and do not necessarily represent.
the official views of CDC Challenges for New State Dental Program Leaders Lack of prior exposure or preparation for state level public service Failure to understand the culture and rules of state government Assuming leadership means your directions are followed.
Lacking competence in avoiding pitfalls and political entanglements Assuming you have the resources to carry out your duties Assuming support for your SOHP role because you were hired Administration and bureaucracy That leadership is earned not assumed.
Blurred lines of communication and responsibilities Preparation for Public Service Leadership Do not assume your prior education equips you for public health serviceleadership no matter the degrees you ve earned Seek leadership training as early as you can and a mentor for guidance.
Many state agencies have a list of training opportunities in house andcontracted outside Start with the basics like project management state employment policies leading a team procurement contracts Equal Opportunity Employment and discrimination sensitivity courses these are known as Applied.
Management Courses Many states have contract courses with local universities an example iscalled the Certified Public Managers CPM programhttp cpmconsortium org Being Knowledgeable about Dental Services Isn t Enough .
Dealing with employee conflict and the origins of conflict Effective communications and appropriate signs of respect towards leadership Employment policies and procedures Contract negotiations and state policies Negotiations.
Collective Bargaining policies Extent of real authority Working with leadership to build credibility Compromise Realistic expectations verses idealism.
Expectations of multi generation employees New Paradigms in State Government Competing with the private sector Doing more with less stretching yourself and your staff Taxation and public opinion constant conflict.
Working in the Executive Branch of government what does that mean Looking more like a business outsourcing activities Avoiding the hot potatoes that go with a leadership title Shifting from rigid job locations and schedules towards flexibility Changing payment and benefit paradigms.
Putting your foot down when and how to discipline staff Certified Public Management Program 300 hours of structured training in Personal and Organizational Managing Work.
Leading People Developing Self Systemic Integration Public Service Focus Change Leadership.
Capstone Project demonstrationof application of principles learned Examples of Capstone Projects to a real job situation https cpmacademy org awards as... Benefits of the CPM Program Enhance your personal leadership strengths for both your work life and.
personal life Broaden your intergovernmental networks and communication Increase your personal awareness and effectiveness Evaluate and implement innovative solutions Become a leader in promotion of quality in public services .
Take advantage of competency based learning that you can take back towork with you the next day and apply In some states participants can earn undergraduate and graduate creditupon completion of the program Successful graduates are eligible for membership in the American Academy.
of Certified Public Managers Questions Leadership in Public Administration. State Government for State Oral Health Program Directors. Bob Russell, DDS, MPH, CPM. Iowa Department of Public Health . Dental Director and Bureau Chief. Oral & Health Delivery Systems. August 23, 2017

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