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September 6 2018Science StarterPart 1 Pick up WorkbookPart 2 Copy the learning target and success criteria inyour workbook.
Learning Target I will learn that radiant energyis transformed through photosynthesis intochemical energy Success Criteria I will explain how plants absorbradiant energy and use it to power chemical.
reactions 1 Good Things2 Photosynthesis Notes3 Activity Photosynthesis Foldable4 Reflection Question.
Plants are made of plant cells that are box like andare surrounded by a cell wall to support protectplants differ from animal cells Why do plants carry out photosynthesis Plants make their own food and leaves are the major food .
producing organs of plants Photosynthesis is how plants make their own foodThis means that leaves are the sites ofPhotosynthesis A series of chemical reactionsthat convert light energy H20 and CO2 into the.
food energy molecule glucose simple sugar give Plants do not breathe with lungs but do undergorespiration taking in carbon dioxide CO2 expellingoxygen O2 3 Photosynthesis.
A Closer LookChloroplasts are only found in plant cellsPhotosynthesis occurs inside thechloroplasts of mesophyll cellsI am here because.
I love to givepresentations Photosynthesis can take can findplant part that has chloroplasts Leaves and Photosynthesis.
Mesophyll cells are locatednear the top surface of leaf Mesophyll cells captureenergy from sunlight useit to convert CO2 to glucose.
The stoma allows CO2 tomove into leaf O2 to Capturing Light Energy MakingA form of radiant energy Chloroplasts contain theMost plants appear to be green pigment.
green because chlorophyll chlorophyll that canreflects green lightabsorb and reflect light Chlorophyll moleculestrap energy from the sun.
use it to transform CO2and H20 into glucose Oxygen is released intothe atmosphere Let s Summarize.
Radiant EnergyCO2 H2O Glucose sugar O2 from sunlight Plants need 3 Major items for photosynthesis to work Carbon dioxide.
Radiant energy from sunlightThese 3 items combine together to produce glucose a sugarused as a food source for the plant and oxygen This process occurs in chloroplasts of each plant cell Activity Photosynthesis.
1 Cut and paste the cell chloroplast in a lined sheet of paper asflip flaps use tape 2 Write information from your notes under each flip flap3 Cut out the plant sun gluing down into your papera Label all the parts of photosynthesis needs byproducts .
with arrows around the diagram4 After you re finished respond to the writing prompt paste this prompt on the same piece of paper ReflectionWhy is Photosynthesis Important .
Do the right thing even when no one is LOOKING Radiant . Energy (from sunlight) Glucose (sugar) + O. 2 + Plants need 3 Major items for photosynthesis to work: Carbon dioxide . Water. Radiant energy from sunlight . These 3 items combine together to produce glucose (a sugar used as a food source for the plant) and oxygen. This process occurs in chloroplasts of each plant cell

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