Lipid Linebackers: Tackling Diabetes One Fatty Acid at a Time

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Lipid Linebackers TacklingDiabetes One Fatty Acid at a TimeKayla Johansen and Tiffany SweetIntroduction to Engineering and DesignApril 2013.
Nanotechnology Tiny but Mighty What is it Molecular scale Bottom up Atomic precision.
Molecular manufacturing Personal nanofactories Richard Feynman I want to build a billion tiny factories models ofeach other which are manufacturing.
simultaneously Robert Feynman Bottom Up Philosophy Building up Not cutting down Allows for smaller items.
Layer by layer Atom by atom Like construction of a house 3D printer Just How Small is This .
Unseen Fingernail growth in one second Eyelash 9 000 000 nm Where s it Being Used Medicine.
Sunscreen Tennis rackets Cell phones Frying pans Computers.
TV screens Limitations Without Nanotechnology Top down method Size limits Light waves.
Now you can Build up Atom by atom Smaller than microscopic Nanoparticles.
Less than 100 nm Transmission electron microscope Magnifies 1 000 000 times Mechanochemistry Vacuums.
Comparable to enzymes Problems Bad natured uses Grey goo Another Cold War .
Disruption of economy Damage to environment Black market trade My Definition Revolutionary tactic Atom based.
Innovative Spin on chemistry Divergent thinking Build not cut Smaller than small Countless benefits World changing Lots of issues Life changing Monitoring needed.
How Could it Impact my Lifestyle Convenience Cheaper computers Better processors Improved medicines.
Improved research Faster diagnostics Improved health Less pollution Solar energy.
Nanotechnology is on the Horizon The principles of physics as far as I cansee do not speak against the possibilityof maneuvering things atom by atom Richard Feynman.
RE It is something in principle that can beE PA done but in practice it has not beendone because we are too big PR Richard Feynman Diabetes The Mount Everest of the Medical.
An Introduction Type 1 or Type 2 High glucose Low insulin Lots of people affected.
Eye damage Kidney damage Nerve damage Treatments Type 1 1 4 injections of insulin per day.
Type 2 several insulin injections per day Specific Problem for Those with Type 2 Lipid build up Heart malfunction Domino effect.
Lipid Linebackers How Nanotechnology isGoing to Tackle Diabetes One Lipid at a Time Grand Challenge Engineering Better Personalized Monitors individual needs.
Not generalized Prevents some major diabetes problems Journey Through a Vein Inserted in thigh Travels through vein.
Lodges in capillary bed in spleen Detects oxygen Begins detecting fatty acids And Down to the Stomach Hops on artery.
Travels to stomach and surrounding area Deposits fatty acid Travels back to spleen The Design The Design Continued.
Design With Parts Labeled The Main Body The Attachment The Latch All Together Now.
Now for Marketing Ceramic tile Surface area 13 5 square centimeters Non porous Production Phases.
Supplier RAK Ceramics for tile and Biophanfor actual nanobot Manufacturer Biophan Distributor Hospitals No wholesaler or retailer.
Consumer Patient Overall Impact Prevents major problems Improves health Helps large number of people.
My own judgment is that the nanotechnology revolution has thepotential to change America on a scale equal to if not greater than thecomputer revolution U S Senator Ron Wyden Works Cited.
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Size of the nanoscale n d Retrieved from http www nano gov nanotech 101... Where is nanotechnology used n d Retrieved from http www which co uk campaigns... nanotechnology where is nanote... Nanotechnology basics for students and other learners n d Retrieved from www crnano org basics htm Hochella M 2007 June 14 How do we see and study nanoparticles in the clark fork river Retrieved from.
Pulseplanet com sci diaries sd... Nanotechnology dangers of molecular manufacturing n d Retrieved from www crnano org dangers htm Nanotechnology benefits of molecular manufacturing n d Retrieved from www crnano org benefits htm Maher E 2012 October 3 Blue light effected technology Backgrounds PPT Backgrounds Retrieved April 25 2013 from http www ppt backgrounds net powerp... .
Maher E 2012 October 1 Modern Tech Effect Presentation Backgrounds PPT Backgrounds Retrieved April 25 2013 from http www ppt backgrounds net techno... Rak Ceramics retains No 1 ranking as the world s largest ceramic tile manufacturer RAK Ceramics Retrieved May 1 2013 fromwww rakceramics com pressrelea... Company Overview Biophan Technologies Inc Retrieved May 1 2013 from.
www biophan com index php opti... Diabetes Myths American Diabetes Association Retrieved May 6 2013 from www diabetes org diabetes basi... loc DropDownDB mywths Ledbetter C 2013 September Biomolecules .
My aunt was just one of the many people across the globe who fight against this disease. Treatments. Type 1: 1-4 injections of insulin per day. Type 2: several insulin injections per day. Their fights are aided by treatments that are available to them, though. These treatments are insulin injections, and people with diabetes might have to give ...

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