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Literary Analysis What is a thesis statement The most important sentence in your paper The last sentence of your introduction A one sentence summary of your entire paper.
Not a factual statement but a claim that has to beproven throughout your paper Almost every paper you write will be thesis driven A good thesis statement Expresses the main topic of the essay.
Is a complete sentence that is concise States an opinion States the author s name and the title of the play Is the final statement of the introduction Does not use I or We pronouns.
Avoids phrases like I believe or I think Sample thesis statements In William Shakespeare s tragedy Hamlet the character Hamletshows how pursuing revenge will ultimately bring about one sThe repression of individualism has a great effect on society in the.
novel 1984 by George Orwell The character Molly changes significantly throughout the course ofChristina Baker Kline s novel Orphan Train Christianity plays an important role in the novel Uncle Tom s Cabin by Writing the essay .
Use 12 point Times New Roman font 3 5 pages Double spaced Use PRESENT TENSE verbs Do not use I or you .
Make sure to cite quotations from the novel Use transitions between paragraphs and ideas Use the proper MLA heading MLA Heading Pollito Paez.
Pre AICE English12 October 2018 Quotations You should have 1 2 quotes from the book play in eachparagraph .
Quotations from a play should look like this After Romeo kills Tybalt Romeo exclaims O I am thyfortune s fool 3 1 131 Act Scene Line Quotations from a novel should look like this Stowe criticizes northerners for ignoring the injustice of.
slavery when she states Northern men northernmothers northern Christians have something more to dothan denounce their brethren at the South they have to Quote sandwich As you write your paragraphs avoid.
placing quotes at the beginning or end ofthe paragraph Place quotes in the middle of theparagraph sandwiched in betweenyour own words .
Structure Introduction ending with your thesis statement Body paragraphs Topic sentence Information supporting your point.
Conclusion Restate your thesis in different words and explainhow your thesis statement has been proven 1984 . by George Orwell. The character Molly changes significantly throughout the course of Christina Baker Kline’s novel . Orphan . Train. Christianity plays an important role in the novel . Uncle Tom’s Cabin . by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

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