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Literary Conflict External vs InternalExternal InternalExternal Conflict takes place Internal Conflict takes placeoutside of the body inside of the body mind.
ExternalThere are three types ofexternal conflict ExternalMan vs Man.
The most straightforward type of conflict pits theprotagonist directly against another characterwith apparently opposing aims ExternalMan vs Nature.
This type of conflict pits a story s main characteror characters against a natural force such as aflood predatory animal or disease epidemic ExternalMan Against Society.
In many stories the protagonist battles an unjustelement of government or culture InternalThere is one type ofexternal conflict.
InternalMan vs SelfSome literary conflicts take the form of acharacter struggling to overcome fear addiction emotional damage or other crippling.
personal issue PracticeDecide what type of conflict isbeing illustrated in thefollowing pictures.
1 Man vs 2 Man vs 3 Man vs 4 Man vs 5 Man vs .
6 Man vs 7 Man vs 8 Man vs PracticeNow that you have mastered.
pictures let s try some text 9 Man vs If she had only proceeded more slowly If she had only taken the Southerly route avoiding the icebergs If only the watch.
had had a pair of binoculars news story about the Titanic 10 Man vs Charles decided to break all the rules theday he decided to steal that car He was.
immediately arrested and sent to jail toawait his trial He should have knownbetter than to mess with the rules 11 Man vs I don t care who you talk.
to screamed Sarah toWest I just wish I hadnever met you 12 Man vs After lowering himself into the damp and.
dark cave Tom began to reprimandhimself for not having replaced hisflashlight batteries Tom s terror slowlybegan to take over as the light aroundhim grew dimmer and dimmer and.
13 Man vs After the light in the cave wascompletely gone Tom began tostumble through the cave blindlycutting his hands on what.
appeared to be sharp rocks 14 Man vs Tom found a dry spot to sit down inthe dark and began to obsess overan argument he had had earlier.
in the day with his mother inwhich he had said I hope Inever see you again 15 Man vs Tom s mother was upset that he wanted to.
skip going to college in order to gospelunking in all of the world s greatestcaves before he turned thirty Tom didn tunderstand the big deal he didn t reallybelieve in structured learning anyway .
Literary Conflict * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * External vs. Internal External External Conflict takes place outside of the body Internal Internal Conflict takes place inside of the body/mind External There are three types of external conflict External Man vs. Man The most straightforward type of conflict pits the protagonist directly against another character with apparently opposing ...

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