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Literary DevicesThe Art Of Writing What Are Literary Devices Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet has an edge of the seatplot full of murder love feuding and betrayal Driving.
this tragic play forward is the fast paced witty andconvoluted dialogue of the script Effectively capturing theaudience s attention Shakespeare has used a number ofimportant literary devices which serve to amuse guide and hypnotize the viewer of this production .
A pun is a joke based on the use of a word or more than one word thathas more than one meaning but the same sound Mercutio and Romeooften exchange puns with one another in the play Mercutio Nay gentle Romeo we must have you dance Romeo Not I believe me You have dancing shoes With nimble soles I have a soul of.
lead I iv 13 5 Romeo has used the word sole when referring to Mercutio s shoes thenmade a pun by referring to his own soul examples I am reading a book on anti gravity .
How did you escape Iran What was Forrest Gump s password Why was Cinderella thrown off the basketball team Sheran away from the ball I can t believe I got fired from the calendar factory all I.
did was take a day off ForeshadowingForeshadowing describes when a piece of dialogue or action in a workrefers to events that will happen later in the story even though thecharacters have no prior knowledge such events will occur In the following.
quote Benvolio is consoling Romeo on his loss regarding Rosaline Benvolio Take thou some new infection to thy eye And the rank poison of the old will die I ii 49 50 Here Benvolio unknowingly foreshadows the fact that as soon as Romeosees Juliet the new infection the rank poison of Rosaline dies and he.
can think only of his new Capulet love MetaphorA metaphor is a comparison in which an object or person is directlylikened to something else that could be completely unrelated The mostfamous metaphor in Romeo and Juliet is Romeo s monologue outside the.
Capulet orchard Romeo But soft what light through yonder window breaks It is the east and Juliet isthe sun II ii 2 3 Here Juliet is metaphorically compared to the sun despite the fact thatshe has nothing physically in common with a glowing star hundreds of.
thousands of miles away Similes are one of the most commonly used literary devices referring to the practice of drawing parallels orcomparisons between two unrelated and dissimilar things people beings places and concepts By using similes a.
greater degree of meaning and understanding is attached toan otherwise simple sentence The reader is able to betterunderstand the sentiment the author wishes to convey Similes are marked by the use of the words as or such as or like .
PersonificationPersonification occurs when an inanimate object or concept is given thequalities of a person or animal This is exemplified when Juliet is waitingfor her lover Romeo to come to her windowsill in the Capulet orchard Juliet For thou wilt lie upon the wings of night Whiter than new snow on a raven s back .
Come gentle night come loving black brow d night III ii 18 20 Obviously the night does not have wings nor does it have a brow butgiving it these qualities adds a mystique to Juliet s monologue and apoetic quality to the language Oxymoron.
An oxymoron describes when two juxtaposed words have opposing or verydiverse meanings In the following quotation Juliet has just learned thatRomeo murdered her cousin Tybalt and she is venting her feelings of angerat her lover for hurting her family Juliet Beautiful tyrant fiend angelical III ii 77 .
When Juliet refers to Romeo as a beautiful tyrant she is expressing anoxymoron because the acts of a tyrant will rarely be referred to as beautiful examples Jumbo Shrimp Act naturally.
Living dead Pretty ugly Only choice Alone togetherA paradox is a statement or situation with seemingly contradictory or.
incompatible components On closer examination however the combination ofthese components is indeed appropriate For example see how Juliet describesRomeo in the following quote Juliet O serpent heart hid with a flowering face III ii 75 While Juliet knows that Romeo is not a serpent nor does he have a face full of.
flowers her use of these descriptions show how paradoxically he is her loverand the murderer of her cousin at the same time HyperboleA hyperbole is a literary device wherein the author usesspecific words and phrases that exaggerate and.
overemphasize the basic crux of the statement in order toproduce a grander more noticeable effect The purpose ofhyperbole is to create a larger than life effect and overlystress a specific point Such sentences usually convey anaction or sentiment that is generally not practically .
realistically possible or plausible but helps emphasize an Examples It s so cold I saw some polar bears wearing jackets My dad is always working My dress shoes are killing me .
Carrie never stops talking It is so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk The use of irony in literature refers to playing around with words such thatthe meaning implied by a sentence or word is actually different from theliteral meaning Often irony is used to suggest the stark contrast of the literal.
meaning being put forth The deeper real layer of significance is revealed not bythe words themselves but the situation and the context in which they are placed Situational irony The opposite of what you think https www youtube com watch v ... verbal irony https www youtube com watch v ... That s dramatic irony https www youtube com watch v ... .
Character FoilA foil is another character in a story who contrasts with themain character usually to highlight one of their attributes Example Harry PotterWho would be a Character that may fit this .
You may also think of other books films TV shows In the popular book series Harry Potter the character ofHogwarts principal Albus Dumbledore who portrays good is constantly shown to believe in the power of true love ofall forms and types and is portrayed as a strong .
benevolent and positive character while the antagonist LordVoldemort who depicts the evil and bad in the series isconstantly shown to mock and disbelieve the sentiment oflove and think of it as a foolish indulgence a trait that isfinally his undoing.
SoliloquiesA soliloquy from Latin solo to oneself loquor I talk isa device often used in drama when a character speaks tohimself or herself relating thoughts and feelings therebyalso sharing them with the audience giving off the illusion.
of being a series of unspoken reflections Example from William Shakespear s Hamlet https www youtube com watch v ... Comic ReliefThe use of a comic scene to interrupt a succession of.
intensely tragic dramatic moments The comedy of scenesoffering comic relief typically parallels the tragic action thatthe scenes interrupt Comic relief is lacking in Greektragedy but occurs regularly in Shakespeare s tragedies Shakespeare uses the comic roles of Mercutio and the.
Nurse to develop the roles of Romeo and Juliet as youngtragic lovers Prior to Tybalt and Mercutio s deaths theNurse had served primarily as comic relief Blank Verseunrhymed verse especially the unrhymed iambic.
pentameter most frequently used in English dramatic epic and reflective verse The theme of any literary work is the base that acts as afoundation for the entire literary piece The theme links allaspects of the literary work with one another and is.
basically the main subject The theme can be an enduringpattern or motif throughout the literary work occurring in acomplex long winding manner or it can be short andsuccinct and provide a certain insight into the story he main theme in the play Romeo and Juliet was love with.
smaller themes of sacrifice tragedy struggle hardship devotion and so on In the popular book series, Harry Potter, the character of Hogwarts principal Albus Dumbledore, who portrays ‘good’, is constantly shown to believe in the power of true love (of all forms and types) and is portrayed as a strong, benevolent and positive character while the antagonist Lord Voldemort, who depicts the evil and ‘bad’ in the ...

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