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Interesting when you read useful when you write DEVICES A figure ofspeech is arhetorical devicethat achieves a.
special effect byusing words ina distinctive FIGURATIVELanguage that has.
meaning beyond theliteral meaning alsoknown as figures ofspeech is an expression comparing one.
thing to another using the words like or as He ran like a cat lightly andHer blue mood passed as quicklyas an afternoon rain shower .
OR of two unlike thingsis a comparisonwithout using the words like orHe was a statue waiting tohear the news .
She was a mother hen trying totake care of everyone aroundis an obvious exaggeration oroverstatement I m so hungry I could eat a horse .
PERSONIFICAwhen a writer gives humanqualities to animals or objects My car drank the gasoline inThe cat laughed .
The newspaper headline glared ONOMATOPis a word that imitates the sound itrepresents is when a writer invokes the.
five senses The smell reminded him of rottingThe fence was uneven like babyteeth growing awkwardly in also a FORESHADO.
Important hints that an author drops toprepare the reader for what is tocome and help the reader anticipatethe outcomeA pipe is going to burst but before it does the.
author writes a scene where the familynotices a small dark spot on the ceiling butignores it ALLITERATION of the same consonant.
is the repetitionsound in words occurring near one Peter Piper picked a peck ofpickled peppers Sally sells seashells by the.
Come and clean the chaos inyour closet The big bad bear scared allthe baby bunnies by the Shut the shutters before the banging sound.
is a casual reference to a famoushistorical or literary figure or event If it doesn t stopraining I m going tobuild an ark .
My sister has so manypets I m going to callmyself Old McDonald I was surprised his nosegrowing like Pinocchio s .
When she lost her job sheacted like a Scrooge andrefused toOX true which atreveals something.
first seems contradictory He was a brave coward When you win all the time you lose You can save money byspending it .
I know one thing that Iknow nothing This is the beginning of Deep down you re reallyis using an object or action that.
means something more than its literal Pink the fight againstbreast cancer The Statue of Liberty Roses stand for.
Violets represent Lilies stand for beautyis an expression with a meaningdifferent from the literal meaning ofthe words .
I got cold feet before my was scaredmy boss gave me the green light my boss said yesdraw the curtains .
close the curtainsput the lights outtwo oppositea peaceful wara generous cheapskate.
dark sunshinetragic comedy onlunbiased opinion choicvirtual reality copiesis a politeSM.
word or phrase used inplace of one that may be toodirect unpleasant orembarrassing pass away die.
let go fired pre owned preloved used Pregnancy termination instead of abortion On the streets instead of homeless Differently abled instead of handicapped or.
Fell off the back of a truck instead of stolen Disabled handicapped to physicallychallenged fat to vertically challenged ignorant to mentally challenged.
poor to working classis an expression that has lost itspower or originality fromtalking a mile aminute quiet as a.
easy as pieThey all lived happilyever after Read betweenFall head over healsis a humorous play on words .
often involving double A man stole a case of soapfrom the corner store Hemade a clean getaway I really wanted a camouflage.
shirt but I couldn t find one The grammarian was very logical He had a lotof comma sense A bicycle can t stand onits own because it is two .
A pessimist s blood type isIn writing or speech thedeliberate repetitionfirst part of the sentence inorder to achieve an.
artistic effect is known as Every day every night in every way Iam getting better and better My life is my purpose My life ismy goal My life is my inspiration .
This figure ofNCEspeech is similar to alliterationbecause it also involves repetition of sounds But this time it s vowelsounds that.
rhymingAssonancesentencesphrases or vowel sounds that are EXAMPLES Fireaatproud round cloudthe private in white.
eye hired high nighin my business It beats as it sweeps as itcleans I must confess that in my quest I.
felt depressedIn literature apostrophe is a figure of speechsometimes represented by an exclamation suchas Oh A writer or speaker using apostrophe speaks directly to someone who is not present or.
is dead or speaks to an inanimate object Is this a dagger which I see beforeme The handle toward my hand Come let meclutch thee I have thee not and yet I see thee.
Feet don t fail me now Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what WORK PERIOD LITERARY DEVISESUPER MARIO BROTHERS ESCAPE ROOM.
HELP SAVE PRINCESS PEACH YOU have to defeatfive villains in order tohelp Princess Peach the princess of.
alliteration escape theevil clutches ofWHO WILL ESCAPE DIRECTIONSThere are 5 locks that you must unlock to save Princess.
Peach Each lock can be found in the pdf or word documentlocated on the LMS OneNote site or your teacher s blog site YOU MUST COMPLETE THE PUZZLES IN ORDER Write down your answers on a sheet of paper then go to theform link and enter your answers .
You can refer back to this ppt for clues GOOD LUCK consonant sound in words occurring near one . another. Examples: Peter Piper picked a peck ofpickled peppers. Sally sells seashells bythe. seashore. Come and clean the chaos in yourcloset. The big, bad bear scared all the baby bunnies by thebushes. Shut the shutters before the banging sound makes you shudder. Go and gather the green leaves on ...

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