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Literary Devices Techniques the author uses to convey meaning deliberate choices of language or construction Foreshadowing Flashback.
Mood Tone Allusion Symbolism Dialogue Characterization.
ForeshadowingHint of events that will comein the story Foreshadowing Example From After Twenty Years .
Bob says You ve changed lots Jimmy I never thought youtall by two or three inches Flashback Presentation of an event.
or situation that occurredin the past to helpexplain something in the A memory in the story Flashback Examples.
From Seventh Grade Mr Bueller remembered hiscollege years when he dated agirlfriend in borrowed cars Shethought he was rich because each.
time he picked her up he had adifferent car When events turn out opposite of whatyou expect e g saving a lifeguard fromdrowning Irony can be situational as.
with the lifeguard example or verbal Sarcasm is an example of verbal irony Examples of SituationalFrom Harrison Bergeron Harrison Bergeron has escaped from jail If.
you see this boy I repeat do not try to reasonwith him the photograph of Harrison wasgone A living breathing Harrison filled thescreen From After Twenty Years .
The man we thought was Jimmy Wells turns out to be aplainclothes policeman The original policeman turnsto be Jimmy Wells Mood is a state of mind how youfeel your emotional response when.
you read the story The author usesstrong verbs and dramatic images toelicit mood Example of Mood From Harrison Bergeron .
In a explosion of joy and grace into the air theysprang They reeled whirled swiveled gamboled and spun They leaped like deer on the moon Strong verbs Dramatic images What if the authorsimply said they danced .
Mood can be romantic gloomy or sad pessimistic optimistic fanciful or imaginary etc The style or manner of expressionin speaking the tone shows the.
author s attitude Tone can be Positive happy cheerful playful Negative angry contemptuous sarcastic sad gloomy.
Neutral indifferent matter of fact formal resigned Example of Tone From Harrison Bergeron Moon Glampers came into the.
studio with a double barreledgauge shotgun She fired twice the Emperor and the Empressdead before they hit the floor Dialogue.
Conversation between characters Can be used instead of expositionto reveal the characters or otherelements in the story Example of Dialogue.
From After Twenty Years Silky Bobspeaking to Jimmy before he realized theoriginal policeman was his old friend tellsus about Jimmy as well as Bob himself He Jimmy was a plodder though a good.
fellow I ve had to compete with some ofthe sharpest wits going It takes the Westto put a razor edge on a man Characterization Techniques writers use to.
create develop their characters Direct characterization writer tellswhat the character is like as inexposition Indirect characterization writer shows.
what a character is like by telling whatthe character says and does and bywhat other characters say about and doin response to the character e g Symbolism.
Using something to representsomething else Highlights what the author wants toemphasize or adds levels of Example of Symbolism.
From Harrison Bergeron The dance of Harrison and the ballerinasymbolizes freedom And then in an explosion of joy andgrace into the air they sprang .
Not only were the laws of the landabandoned but the law of gravity andthe laws of motion as well Allusion A reference to a well known person .
event place literary work or work Allusions express complex ideaswithout spelling them out Example of From Harrison Bergeron .
He flung away his rubber ball nose revealed a manthat would have awedThor the god of thunder refers to Harrison s size.
and his acting as aprotector for the people DoMicrs cumentofWrdCharacter who provides a strikingcontrast to a main character The foil.
helps to make the main charactersqualities apparent to the reader Example Silky Bob although very likeJimmy friends from NYC same age makes Jimmy s good qualities e g .
honesty more apparent Foreshadowing Example From “After Twenty Years”… Bob says, “You’ve changed lots, Jimmy. ... dialogue Symbolism Using something to represent something else. Highlights what the author wants to emphasize or adds levels of meaning. Example of Symbolism From “Harrison Bergeron:” The dance of Harrison and the ballerina symbolizes ...

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