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LITERARY DEVICESENGLISH IV 1 EDITORIAL A piece of writing that can be found innewspapers and magazines and its purpose.
is to persuade 2 FEATURE ARTICLE A piece of writing that can be found innewspapers and magazines and its purposeis strictly to inform .
Ancient story often Greek that explainsnatural occurrences happenings in the world A brief story poem usually with animalcharacters that teaches a moral lesson 5 FOLK TALE.
A story first composed orally and passeddown by word of mouth A three line Japanese poem with 17 syllables 7 TEXT FEATURES Pictures side bars bold print graphs charts .
and captions 8 MONOLOGUE A long formal speech made by a character in HAMLET Speaking to Horatio Let me see Takes the skull Alas poor Yorick I knew.
him Horatio a fellow of infinite jest ofmost excellent fancy he hath borne me onhis back a thousand times and now how abhorred in my imagination it is A play on the multiple meanings of a word or.
on two words that sound alike but have twodifferent meanings HAMLET speaking to his uncle stepfather Not so my Lord I am too much in the sun play on the word sun son .
A horse is a very stable animal Time flies like an arrow Fruit flies like a 10 SOLILOQUY A long speech in which a character who isusually alone onstage expresses his or her.
private thoughts or feelings HAMLET to himself To be or not to be PROCTOR speaking to the night sky Peace It is providence and no greatchange we are only what we always were .
but naked now Aye naked And the wind God s icy wind will blow 11 OXYMORON A figure of speech that combines apparentlycontradictory or incongruous ideas.
cruel kindness or living death open secret or tragic comedy seriously funny or awfully pretty 12 ASSONANCE The repetition of similar vowel sounds.
followed by different consonant sounds inwords that are close together Men sell the wedding bells I feel depressed and restless The engineer held the steering to steer the.
13 DOUBLE ENTENDRE A word phrase etc that can be interpretedin two ways especially one having onemeaning that is indelicate HAMLET Get thee to a nunnery .
Marriage is a fine institution but I m notready for an institution Mae West 14 CONSONANCE The repetition of final consonant sounds afterdifferent vowel sounds .
All swell that ends well A blessing in disguise All mammals named Sam are clammy 15 ASIDE Private words that a character speaks to the.
audience or to another character that are notsupposed to be overheard by others onstage POLONIUS To himself Though this bemadness yet there is method in t to HAMLET Will you walk out of the air .
A character who sets off another characterby strong contrast Milton s Paradise Lost Book I is based onthe comparison of two contrastingcharacters God and Satan .
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Hyde is an evildouble of the honorable Dr Jekyll 17 SYMBOLISM A literary movement that advocates the useof highly personal symbols to suggest ideas .
emotions and moods The dove is a symbol of peace A red rose or red color standsfor love or Black is a symbol that represents evil or.
YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW Conflict Dialogue Protagonist Antagonist Figurative Language Foreshadowing Setting Simile.
Resolution Flashback Dialect Metaphor Meter Extended Metaphor.
Onomatopoeia Apostrophe Imagery Allusion Hyperbole Alliteration Paradox Mood Irony Personification.
2. Feature Article. A piece of writing that can be found in newspapers and magazines and its purpose is strictly to inform.

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