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Literary PoeticA comparison of two or more unlike thingsusing the words like or as Just like dust wesettle in this town .
Metaphor New York concrete junglewhere dreamsare made of Jay Z Alicia Keys .
Empire State of Mind A comparison between two unlike things in which onething is spoken of as if it were anothercontradict A literary.
device thatreaders expectations irony occurswhen what is.
turns out todifferent fromwhat actually And that was how he came to look afterthe doomed lad who was sacrificed to the.
village of Umuofia by their neighbors toavoid war and blood shed The ill fatedlad was called Ikemefuna Chinua Achebe Things Fall ApartDramatic Irony.
A form of Irony in which the reader or audienceknows more about the circumstances or futureevents in a story than the characters within it Verbal IronyOccurs when a speaker or narrator says one thing.
while meaning the oppositeE A P The Cask ofAmontillado Montressor Drink I said presenting.
him the wine I drink he said to theburied that repose aroundMontressor And I to your long life .
SituationalOccursIronywhen an event contradicts the expectationsof the characters or the reader Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart.
As the man who had cleared his throat drew up and raised hismachete Okonkwo looked away He heard the blow The pot felland broke in the sand He heard Ikemefuna cry My father theyhave killed me as he ran towards him Dazed with fear Okonkwo drew his machete and cut him down .
A pattern of stressed and unstressedsyllables in poetry My trunk is far too powerful no sooner do I sneezethan windows crack and shatter.
from the impact of the breeze Jack Prelutsky It s Hard to Be an Elephant Rhyme SchemeA consistent pattern of rhymethroughout a poem.
Because I could not stop forDeath a He kindly stopped for me b The carriage held but justourselves a .
And Immortality b We slowly drove he knew nohaste c And I had put away c My labor and my leisure too .
For his civility b Emily Dickinson Because I Could Not Stop for Death 712 A writer s central idea or mainmessage about lifeExample Universal Themes Ideas.
Experience vs Youth The coexistence of good and evil Coming of Age Loss of Innocence The fall from grace and or fortune Allusion.
A reference to a well known person event or placeTh ous vicec r l y W HYAnything that represents itself and alsostands for something else figuratively.
A writer or speaker sattitude toward a Hyperbole Exaggeration An exaggeration used to suggest.
strong emotion or create comic PersonificatiA figure ofspeech thatgives human.
qualities toan animal object orLuck let a gentleman seeJust how nice a dame you can be.
I know the way you ve treated other guys you vebeen with Frank Sinatra Luck Be a Lady Quoth the Nevermore A regularly repeated line or.
group of lines in a poem or We let the worldknow we wereeverything we did We laid a lot of.
memories down Like tattoos onthis town Jason Aldean Tattooson this Town .
AlliterationRepetition of initial consonant sounds inwords that are close togetherA verbal expression of sensoryexperience descriptive or figurative.
language used to create word picturesThe writer s choice of words that helps toconvey voice and tone formal informal ConnotationAssociations.
of meaningthat affectmeaning ofword words Extended Metaphor.
A metaphor extended over several lines Words whosesounds suggesttheir meaningThe repetition of sounds at the end of.
lines of poetry T Two roads diverged in a yellow wood Andsorry I could not travel both And be onetraveler long I stood And looked down one asfar as I could To where it bent in the.
undergrowth FrostCentral idea or message about life I wanna goI wanna goI wanna go.
The repetition of same words or group ofwords at the beginning of 2 or more linesrepetition Assonanceof similar Consonance.
The repetition of final consonant soundsAnd it took so long just to feel alright Remember how to put back the light in my eyes I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed Cause you broke all your promises .
Literary/ Poetic Devices. ... he came to look after the doomed lad who was sacrificed to the village of Umuofia by their neighbors to avoid war and blood-shed. The ill-fated lad was called Ikemefuna.” ... Secret Service Code: Olympus. WHY? Symbol. Anything that represents itself and also stands for something else, figuratively.

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