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Literary Terms Irony A situation oruse of language Poetry involving some kind ofincongruity or.
discrepancyMrs Williams Difference Tone and Mood The writer s or speaker s The emotional feeling orattitude toward his subject atmosphere in a work of.
his audience or himself the literature sometimesemotional coloring or created by descriptions ofemotional meaning of a the setting Figurative Language Language employing figures of speech .
language that cannot be taken literally or only Simile Metaphor PersonificationSound Device.
Onomatopoeia A figure of speech inwhich an explicitcomparison is madebetween two things.
essentially unlike The comparison is madeexplicit by the use ofsome such word orphrases as like as similar.
to resembles or seems Metaphor A figure of speech in which an implicit comparison ismade between two things essentially unlike It may take one of four 4 forms.
1 That in which the literal term and the figurative term areboth named2 That in which the literal term is named and the figurativeterm is implied3 That in which the literal term is implied and the figurative.
term named4 That in which both the literal and the figurative terms are Personification Onomatopoeia Personification A figure Onomatopoeia The useof speech in which of words that.
human attributes are supposedly mimic theirgiven to an animal an meaning in their soundobject or concept Example boom click Repetition of Sounds Consonance.
The repetition at close intervals of the finalconsonant sounds of accented syllables orimportant words book plaque thicker Repetition of Sounds .
The repetition at close intervals of the vowelsounds of accented syllables or important1 hat ran amber2 vein made Repetition of Sounds .
AlliterationThe repetition at close Important words andintervals of the initial accented syllablesconsonant sounds of beginning with vowelsaccented syllables or may also be said to.
important words alliterate with eachother inasmuch as theyExamples all have the same lack ofinitial consonant sound map mood kill code .
preach approve Inebriate of air am I Rhyme Scheme Any fixed pattern of rhymes characterizing awhole poem or its stanzas.
Internal Rhyme Slant Rhyme External Rhyme End Rhyme Internal and External End Rhyme Internal Rhyme A rhyme in which External End Rhyme A rhyme.
one or both of the rhyme words in which the rhyme words occuroccur WITHIN the line at the END of the line Example Once upon a midnight dreary while Ipondered weak and weary Example .
Over many a quaint and curious volumeof forgotten lore Whose woods these are I think IWhile I nodded nearly napping know suddenly there came a tapping His house is in the village though .
As of some one gently rapping rapping atHe will not see me stopping heremy chamber door Tis some visitor I muttered tapping at To watch his woods fill up withmy chamber door snow .
Only this and nothing Robert Frost Edgar Allan Poe E Slant and Exact Rhyme Slant Rhyme A rhyme in Exact Rhyme A rhyme inwhich the rhyme words which the rhyme words.
approximate identical have identical sounds Example There stare Example There were main main sprain Example .
Example Hope is the thing with feathers Hold fast to dreamsThat perches in the soul And For if dreams diesings the tune without the Life is a broken winged birdwords And never stops at all That cannot fly .
Emily Dickinson Langston HughesLiterary Terms. Poetry . English 9. Mrs. Williams. Irony- A situation, or use of language, involving some kind of incongruity or discrepancy. Difference: Tone and Mood. Tone. The writer’s or speaker’s attitude toward his subject, his audience, or himself; the emotional coloring, or emotional meaning, of a work.

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