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Christopher TaylorUniversity of Trieste TranslationDuring the normal translation process lexisand syntactic structures are transformed from.
source language to target language This apparently linear process canberendered more or less difficult by the use ofidiomatic phrases obscure terminology .
elaborate phraseology Literary TranslationThen in literary translation other factors comeinto play non casual phonological syntactic and semantic.
equivalences metaphor symbolism historical reference Register.
Dialect sociolect agelect gend... The use of regional and social dialectforms in literature give a text a sense ofauthenticity and flavour but createsubstantial problems for the translator .
Lawrence Sons and Tha should get up like other womenhave to an wait on a man Never milord I d wait on a dog at thedoor first .
What s going on Sons and Lovers is a novel about classantagonism total lack of husband wifeunderstanding a socially destructiveenvironment a historical picture .
Walter and Gertrude Gertrude is socially aspirant but marriedto a miner She despises him because he isworking class but particularly because.
he is proud of being working class His use of language Nottinghamshiredialect offends her Her vicious irony is evident in the use of milord Otherwise she uses standard.
Morel is incapable of irony but uses the tha pronoun which harks back to an erawhen the tu voi distinction existed also inEnglish and he uses it subconsciouslyor otherwise to express contempt .
Language of conflict The langauge of conflict contains fear anger regret etc one of the more complex forms ofhuman behaviour Wallwork 1978 .
Translation Franca Ti potevi anche alzare e servirmi com era tuo dovere Poverino Servirei piuttosto un cane It is not literal and this is no criticism .
and largely admirable But Poverino does not adequatelyconvey the real meaning of Gertrude sirony She would like Walter to be a lordand he would shun the idea .
The drunkenhomecoming scene Good gracious coming home in hisdrunkenness Dio santissimo e te ne torni a casa in.
questo stato Good gracious is a rather genteelexclamation and would not be expectedfrom a miner s wife especially in thesecircumstances .
She deliberately uses a superior form oflanguage towards her verbally deeprived Dio santissimo is halfway there more comment Gertrude uses the third person singular.
to mock her husband cf Guardalo The translation does not capture thisaspect of the irony This house is filthy with you E tu il disonore di questa casa .
This is a monumental line crystallisingall the turmoil Gertrude feels The fact isthat Morel always and inevitably comeshome filthy To translate well.
a thorough knowledge of the grammar idiom andstyle of the English language BUT ALSO IN THIS CASE a knowledge of turn of the century attitudes tosocial class .
a knowledge of psychological reactions to theBritish class system a knowledge of the fierce independent mentalityof the British miner a historical perspective of contemporary British.
In a few minutes the train was running through thedisgrace of outspread suburbia Everybody in thecarriage was on the alert waiting to escape At last theywere under the huge arch of the station in thetremendous shadow of the town B shut himself together.
he was in now Di l a qualche minuto il treno percorreva gli squallidisobborghi della citt Tutti i passeggeri erano all erta inattesa di evadere il convoglio Finalmente entrarono sottol enorme arco della stazione nell ombra terribile e.
immensa della citt B si chiuse in se stesso ormai era Extravagant lexis disgrace Strange expression outspread suburbia Escape from what Shut himself together mediocre translation .
as against Standard language gli squallidi sobborghi della citt Evadere dal convoglio B si chiuse in se stesso standard Further comment.
Distinguish between poetic langage and poortranslation Lawrence is talking about tha tentacle likespread of the city it is too big and Disgrace refers to a kind of moral infamy .
not squalor Escape is from this whole concept of theuniform invasive city not from the train He was in in a psychological state James Joyce.
James Joyce provides a slightly differentproblem by using language andlanguages in a very particular way A joyceful of talka talka from friendshapes.
Dubliners Even in a relatively accessible work like Dubliners we find the use of Dublindialect This is deliberate and necessaryin the portrayal of the city and its people .
BUT it is actually unlikely that mothertongue English speakers English American Australian etc are familiarwith this terminology In translation.
It is interesting though perhaps not surprising thatwhen these terms are translated into say French orItalian they are generally rendered in standardtarget text terms These words and expressions generally refer to.
everyday items and the concept of equivalenteffect Newmark Nida would dictate that theybe translated by equally unfamiliar or at leastcolloquial equivalents As this tends not to happen the foreign reader has.
easier access to the text than a native speaker Translations Franca Cancogni 1958 Marco Papi 1976 Margherita Minoja 1980 e.
Annie ed Addano Lami 1971 four very big BARMBRACKS were ready to be handedround at tea The term BARMBRACK is a modification of BORREEN BRACK which derives from the Irish BAIRGHIN a cake una.
torta and BREAC spotted picchiettato and refers to a cakewith currants All four Italian translators opted for focacce The SEI Oxford dictionary gives focaccia a flat cake or bun Il Lessico Treccani gives focaccia nome di dolci tradizionali .
but points out that the meaning can change from region to However the term is easily understandable for any Italian Ivy Day in theCommittee Room Ivy Dav in th Committee Room is full of such usage .
The term SHONEEN describes aspiring and snobbishgentlemen In this case the translations vary sudici scrocconi leccapiedi.
scrocconi signorini The illocutionary intent is that of contempt and this isrendered well enough But again all four terms are easily understood .
and in French In the French translation of Dubliners by Fernandez et al The samephenomenon can be observed Barmbracks are galettes shoneen is.
pique assiettes possible solution This may be a fatuous proposal but we couldmake use of the Trieste connection and usesome Triestino terminology .
BARMBRACK pinza SHOEBOY tirapi Some other examples SPONDULICS schei HUNKER SLIDING trapolar .
GOSTER ciacole And in Croatian With the indispensable help of Croatian colleague LilianaAvirovic the translation into Serbocroat of The Encounter wasanalysed yielding the same results .
HUCKSTER bottegaio TOTTIES ragazze diverbi TO MICH marinare IT WOULD BE RIGHT SKIT la prima cosa sarebbe HUCKSTER piljarnica.
TOTTIES curice zurizze TO MICH klisnuti IT WOULD BE RIGHT SKIT da bi prva stvar bila Italian to English Carlo Sgorlon Il trono di legno 1973.
Da ragazzo vissi sempre con la testapiena di vento Vidi una volta unbambino che correva nel cortile con unstraccio sugli occhi e un estremasicurezza che fu distrutta bruscamente.
quando and a sbattere contro lapalizzata dell orto what to look at closely Da ragazzo vissi sempre con la testapiena di vento Vidi una volta un.
bambino che correva nel cortile con un straccio sugli occhi e un estrema sicurezza che fu distrutta bruscamente quando and a sbattere contro la palizzata dell orto .
leading to a possible As a boy I lived with my head in theclouds I once saw a small boy running playing in the yard with ablindfold on and with a supreme.
confidence that was suddenly shattered when he went crashing into the garden fence Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens SERIAL 1855 57.
NOVEL 1857 BBC SERIES 2008 DVD with audio description 2009 Adaptation AndrewDavies BBC .
Whilst adapting the story one imagewas dominant in my mind Little Dorritgoing out in the early morning emergingfrom the gates of the Marshalsea hurrying through the mean street with.
the dark gloomy buildings looming over from the novel An oblong pile of barrack building partitioned intosquallid houses standing back to back hemmed inby the high walls duly spiked at top .
She had begun to work beyond the walls to comeand go as secretly as she could between the free cityand the iron gates Her original timidity had grown and her light step and her little figure shunned thethronged streets while they passed along them .
This was the life of Little Dorrit turning at the end ofLondon Bridge Video Little Dorrit Little Dorrit born in A very nice little girl indeed said the.
doctor little but well formed Little Dorrit 1808 Marshalsea Debtors Prison subtitle The doctor shows the baby to a boy and girl Old discs spinning on lengths of thread in.
the darkness list of names BBC LittleDorrit by Charles Dickens 21 years later Little Dorrit cont A neatly dressed man in his 20s with short.
brown hair unlocks a small wooden door Wearing a smart grey dress and whitepinafore a straw bonnet and light blue cape Amy climbs through the door carrying awicker basket and walks into the busy.
streets outside She passes a horse drawn carriage and twomen in top hats on their way across a bridge A tiny figure dwarfed by its enormity .
The SEI/Oxford dictionarygives focaccia = a flatcake or bun. ... Italianto English. Carlo Sgorlon ‘Il trono di legno’ 1973. Da ragazzo vissi sempre con la testa piena di vento. Vidi una volta un bambino che correva nel cortile con un straccio sugli occhi e un’estrema sicurezza che fu distrutta bruscamente quando andò a sbattere contro la ...

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