Living things and nonliving things

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Living things and nonlivingthings part I Bell RingerLet s watch a video clip http www youtube com watch v W... .
Is the thing in the video alive or not Explain why So how do you know if athing is alive or not What are the characteristics.
Properties of life1 Organization order 2 Energy metabolism 3 Homeostasis4 Growth and development.
5 Reproduction6 Response and adaptation7 Evolution8 Genetic code Properties of life con t.
1 Organizationhttp faculty uca edu johnc lev... 2 Energy Metabolism 3 Homeostasis Organisms regulatetheir metabolic processes .
Ex Blood sugar is maintainedat a certain level http plaza ufl edu mirenu proj... 4 Growth and developmenthttp www kidsgeo com geography... .
http ikhsanblog12 wordpress co... 5 Reproductionhttp janarupnowtherapy com Thi... http www b4fa org biosciences ... http www biology resources com... .
6 Response and adaptation Organisms respond to stimuli http www meritnation com ask a... stimulus and excretion the liv... 7 Evolve Populations change .
http www hras org sw sw11 04 h... 8 Genetic codehttp ghr nlm nih gov handbook ... 9 Cellshttp schoolworkhelper net plan... .
http montessorimuddle org 2010... Living thingsLiving things are similar in that theyrely on many of the same processesto stay alive yet are different in the.
ways that these processes arecarried out Examples of life processes nutrition transport respiration regulation reproduction and locomotion.
Nonliving thingsNonliving things lack certain featuresof living organisms such as theability to maintain a cellularorganization carry out metabolic.
processes while maintaining internalstability homeostasis and pass onhereditary information throughreproduction Exit ticket.
The video you watched at thebeginning of the class was mercury Obviously mercury is not alive Now explain why mercury is not alivementioning at least three properties.
HomeworkWrite an essay explaining why humansare living organisms Use at least fiveproperties of life you learned in classto support your essay .
Living things. Living things are similar in that they rely on many of the same processes to stay alive, yet are different in the ways that these processes are carried out.. Examples of life processes: nutrition, transport, respiration, regulation, reproduction, and locomotion

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