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NeurotologyFellowshipFELLOWSHIP CANDIDATE VISITJULY 2018 START DATEACGME Initial Accreditation 2013.
1 Fellow per 2 year CycleFellowship Graduates Sam Spear MD Completed fellowship June 2015 LtCol USAF currently practicing at San Antonio MilitaryMedical Center.
Rahul Mehta MD Advanced Otology Rhinology 1year completed June 2014 now LSU Otolaryngology Joshua Sappington MD Completed fellowship June2017 faculty member at St Louis University The LSU Neurotology .
Skull Base FellowshipComprehensive skull base experienceFull spectrum of otology neurotologySignificant experience with Rhinologic endoscopic transfacial skull base.
approaches Craniofacial techniques Neurosurgical aspects of care Neuroradiology skull base histopathology Skull base reconstruction.
Program SitesLSU New Orleans Sponsoring Institution Otolaryngology Residency with 17 residents inOur Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center.
Primary InstitutionAdditional sites West Jefferson Medical Center Children s Hospital New Orleans Ochsner Medical Center New Orleans.
Neurotology Core Additional ProgramFaculty FacultyMoises A Arriaga MD Frank Culicchia MD Fellowship Program Director Neurosurgery Chairman Neurotology West Jefferson cases.
Alexander Sevy MD Kelly Scrantz MD Neurotology Neurosurgery NMC Baton Rouge casesLaura Hetzler MD Residency Director Rahul Mehta MD.
Facial plastic surgery Advanced Otology Rhinology Facial reanimationDaniel Nuss MD Chairman Endoscopic skull base.
The LSU ENT ClinicalPhillip Allen MD Jeffrey Joseph MDMoises Arriaga MD Sohit Kanotra MDHenry Barham MD Kevin McLaughlin MDR Graham Boyce MD Andrew McWhorter MD.
Bradley Chastant MD Rahul Mehta MDJennifer Daigle MD Daniel Nuss MDMichael DiLeo MD Robert Peden MDMichael Dunham MD Laura Pelaez MDCeleste Gary MD Anna Maria Pou MD.
Michael Hagmann MD Justin Tenney MDLaura Hetzler MD Rohan Walvekar MDJeffrey Hotaling MD Fellowship PhilosophyNeurotology clinical training Excellence in all.
aspects of surgical and office neurotology asoutlined by the ACGMEAnterior Endoscopic Skull Base training Skills in true three dimensional tumormanagement.
Robust research opportunities Clinical basicand translational science related to neurotologyRegional MedicalBaton Rouge South Louisiana s major academic hospital.
OLOL Pediatrics Residency 5 LSU residencies EM IM surgery psychiatry ENT rotate here as well as OMFS and several outside programs Schools of Nursing PA Resp Therapy Rad Tech PT Assist Over 600 beds.
Largest hospital in Louisiana LSU Voice Center OLOL Mary Bird Perkins Head and Neck Gamma Knife Icon Extensive commitment to education Clinical Resources .
Baton RougeOLOL Hearing and Balance Center Adult and Pediatric Neurotology Skull Base Active Vestibular Team 6 Audiologists and 2 Vestibular Physical Therapists.
Facial Rehabilitation Team Adult and Pediatric CI Center OLOL Head and Neck Center Oncology and Anterior SkullBase Surgery Gamma Knife ICON.
NeuroMedical Center PartnershipFellow Activities Clinic OR and most conferences West JeffersonMedical CenterNew Orleans.
Adult Neurotology Skull Base Active Vestibular Team 3 Audiologists and 2 Vestibular Physical therapists Part of Neurosurgery Neurology Group Adult CI Center.
Pediatric CI through Children s Hospital New Orleans Close collaboration with LSU Neurosurgery and AnteriorSkull Base Surgery with Dr Nuss CyberknifeFellow Activities OR Neurosurgery Rotation Cyberknife.
Research ResourcesBasic Science collaborators Jennifer Lentz PhD Ham Farris PhD School of Allied HealthAnatomic Collaboration.
Center for Advanced PracticeClinical Studies Prospective Otonomy Balloon Retrospective ClinicalFellowship Specifics PhD Research Coordinator.
PhD Research Audiologist Funding for Statistician Research Rotation or Research Time MD Fellowship Coordinator Fellow Research.
Presentations Publications SCD v Thin Torok Award ANS SCD in Pediatrics AOS Temporal Bone Encephalocele Repair NASBS EAC Carcinoma with parotid and facial nerve.
involvement NASBS Skull Base Adenocystic CA NASBS CI and Cautery CI Trajectory MRI Prediction in DSC.
Encephalocele Repair Technique MRI Techniques in Acoustic Neuroma Pediatric Skull Base Tumors Fellow ResearchPresentations Publications.
Unusual Temporal Bone Carcinoma CSF Leak Prevention in AN Hydroxyapatite Cement Removal Hearing Preservation in AN Haste Imaging Pitfalls.
Carotid Resection in SBS Muscle Nerve Muscle Grafting for Facial Reanimation in Ultrasonic Bone Aspirator in Endoscopic Ear Surgery Endoscopic Carotid Occlusion for ICA Resection CI Electrode Length and Long term Hearing.
Preservation Three Annual Temporal Bone Courses with National Faculty The Russell Klein MD Center for Advanced Practice LSU Temporal Bone Dissection Course December 7 8 2012 2015 2017 Fellow operative.
experienceApproaches for Skull Base SurgeryMiddle fossa approach for removal of tumor Reconstruction After Resection of Neurotologic TumorsPosterior fossa approach for removal of 69 By tissue graft fat fascia etc 83Combined approach for CPA 2 By local or regional vascularized flap 4.
Decompression of IAC 2 Total Reconstruction After Resection ofRepair encephalocele Neurotologic Tumors 87Total Approaches For Skull Base Surgery 118 Vestibular SurgeryResection of Neurotologic TumorsEndolymphatic sac surgery 21.
Paraganglioma tumor surgery 7Extradural petrous apex Labyrinthectomy transcanal 1IAC lesions 10 Labyrinthectomy transmastoid 11Cavernous sinus extradural 1 Middle ear perfusion 4Kawase triangle intradural 1 Semicircular canal dehiscence repair 2.
Facial nerve tumor 1Vestibular nerve section 3Retrosigmoid extradural 2Retrosigmoid intradural 27 Total Vestibular Surgery 42Translabyrinthine 37 Repair CSF Leak.
Total Resection of Neurologic Tumors 88 Middle cranial fossa 23Temporal Bone Resection 10 Transmastoid 5Total Repair CSF Leak 28 Fellow operative experience continued Facial Nerve Surgery.
Rehabilitative Surgery Decompression lateral to geniculateganglion 6Congenital aural atresia 8Cochlear implantation Decompression total transtemporal 4Facial nerve repair intratemporal 2.
Auditory brainstem implant 0 Facial nerve repair extracranial 1Electromagnetic hearing device 1 XII VII anastomosis 0Electromagentic hearing device Nerve graft harvest 1removal repair 0 Facial nerve repair medial to geniculate 0Osseointegrated implant 26 Total Facial Nerve Surgery 14.
Osseointegrated implant replacement 5 Middle Ear and MastoidStapedectomy 28 Tympanoplasty 96Total Rehabilitative Surgery 129 Tympanomastoidectomy 82Mastoidectomy 108Stereotactic Radiation for Skull Base Lesions Revision mastoidectomy 33.
One complex lesion 18 Mastoid obliteration 0Application of stereotactic frame 0 Middle ear exploration 1Total Stereotactic Radiation for Skull Base Perilymph fistula repair 11Lesions 18 Ear canal procedures 6Total Middle Ear and Mastoid 337.
GRAND TOTAL 871Paraganglioma tumor 5Vestibular schwannomas 71Facial nerve tumors 4 Rotations Schedule.
Daily Scheduleo M AM Clinic OLOL or Surgery Vista LSUHealth BR or surgery Children s NOo T AM PM Surgery OLOLo W OLOL Clinic or Endoscopic Surgery.
o Th WJMC Surgeryo F Research Surgery Clinic Rotations Schedule Off Service Rotationso One or two week rotations .
Neurology NeuroMedical Center Baton Rouge Radiation Therapy Cyberknife WJMC Gamma Icon OLOL MBP acquired October 2016 Neuroradiology OLOL Baton Rouge.
Neuro ophthalmology New Orleans or LSUBR Audiology Electrophysiology OLOL BR Physical Therapy Vestibular Facial OLOL BRo One month rotation Neurosurgery WJMC New Orleans.
Rotations Schedule DidacticsConferences Textbook Review Weekly Otolaryngology Didactic Day Monthly.
Journal Club Quarterly Multidisciplinary Neurology Neurosurgery PT Radiology Mondays at Neuromedical Center Neuroradiology Monthly Otopathology Quarterly.
Otology Lectures for Residents Monthly Cochlear Implant Conference q2 months Vestibular Conference q2 months Rotations Schedule Responsibilities.
Call Service Telephone Call Primary Backup ResidentsResident Fellow Interactions Otology .
Residents Primary OLOL Two Rooms Tuesday Fellow Primary WJMC Resident Case Coverage Vista Neurotology Fellows Primary Neurosurgery Residents WJMC Only collaborative.
LSU Otolaryngologyo 70 Otolaryngologists in Louisianao 3 City Residency Programo 2 City Fellowshipo Post Katrina Evolution.
Practical matters this is aregional fellowship Fellow lives in Baton Rouge A studio apartment is provided in NewOrleans at no cost to the fellow.
o Comprehensive Training Clinical Surgical All Aspectso Integrated into Larger Head and Neck SBS Programo Key Clinical Responsibilitieso Abundant Research Opportunities.
o Progressive Responsibility in OR and Patient CareOverview. ACGME Initial Accreditation 2013. 1 Fellow per 2-year Cycle. Fellowship Graduates. Sam Spear, MD – Completed fellowship June 2015; Lt Col, USAF, currently practicing at San Antonio Military Medical Center

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