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MANUEL JARA ELEMENTARYCreating a Culture of Excellence Manuel Jara El is a TITLE I Campus serving 679 students in grades 1 5The school has MET STANDARD for each of the last two years of STAAR Minority enrollment is 98 Hispanic.
Attendance rate is 96 LEP 497 students 73 Economically Disadvantaged 672 students 98 Special Education LINC 37 students 05 Dual Language program 490 students 72 .
If we empower the parent we change the home life if we change the home life we empower our kids 2016 Graduates The Vision Use a research based curriculum that empowers parentsto be full partners.
in their student s educational success Parent University was established in 2013 byPrincipal Marta Plata to help parents atManuel Jara Elementary learn skills that willenable them to become a part of their.
student s educational success It is our desire that what parents learn byattending Parent University will help theirchildren succeed now and for the rest of their Imagine parents coming to school committed to learn together across all.
cultures to improve their children s education 101 Raising Highly Capable Kids Curriculumby RezelientKids org Raising Highly Capable Kids serves as the introductorycourse for MJE s Parent University It is the first course.
parents take and it is a prerequisite for all other courses Raising Highly Capable Kids course 101 is a 13 weekcurriculum that is based on the Search Institute s 40Developmental Assets The Search Institute has foundthat there are 40 building blocks that every child needs.
to mature and succeed in life The more of these assetsthat a child has in their life the more successful they willbe in school and in life Search Institute has identified 40 building blocks of healthy development known asDevelopmental Assets that help young children grow up healthy caring and responsible .
These Assets are embedded in Raising Highly Capable Kids Curriculum Positive 0 10 11 20 21 30 31 40 NEGATIVE 0 10 11 20 21 30 31 40Behaviors Assets Assets Assets Assets Behaviors Assets Assets Assets Assets48 66 78 87 Alcohol 45 26 11 3 Leadership Use.
27 48 69 88 62 38 18 6 Illicit Drug39 60 76 89 Use 38 18 6 1 9 19 34 54 Activity 34 23 11 3 Raising Highly Capable Kids Program.
EvaluationPublic Information BriefParents considered Raising Highly Capable Kids to be a high quality parent program On both surveys and in focusgroups parents rated the program as highly informative and enjoyable and would recommend the program to afriend Parents particularly saw the value of promoting commitment to learning promoting positive values through.
communication and modeling and understanding the importance of having neighbors and other adults in theirchildren s lives who care about them Parents increased their knowledge and skill level of all eight assets as shown inthe graph below Support 3 84Empowerment 3 79.
Boundaries and Expectations 3 87Constructive Use of Time 3 88Commitment to Learning 3 90Positive Values 3 93Social Competence 3 89.
Positive Identity 3 92Not really To a large extentChildren whose parents participated in the program were observed by their parents to have changed andacquired assets as a result of parents changing their behaviors Parents reported their children used timemore constructively were more motivated to learn had stronger positive values learned to plan ahead felt.
better prepared to resist peer pressure and assumed a more positive identity First Parent University Graduation 29 Graduates 19 with Perfect Attendance Catch The Vision Imagine a school that not only prepares children for success but also.
empowers parents to raise successful children Imagine parents sitting with their kids as they learn together how to live a more healthy caring and responsible family life 201 Second Year Continuing ParentsParent Child Application of 101.
This is the second level of courses in MJE s ParentUniversity The classes were written and designed byMarta Plata and intended to facilitate good parent childcommunication while applying concepts learned in 101Raising Highly Capable Kids .
The first ten classes are for parent and one or two childrenlearning together to create trust that will in turn allow forbetter parent child communication The last three classes are designed for parents only Intervention techniques will be discussed for common.
problems that children face Parent University GraduationYear Two 2014 2015 41 Graduates 101 kids 21 Perfect Attendance Imagine parents coming to school committed to improve their.
own education 301 Third Year Continuing ParentsMJE TCC Parent Leadership Academy This is the third level of MJE Parent University The 13week course was written and designed by Marta Plata to.
facilitate parent leadership skills that will empowerparents as leaders of their school and community Theclasses are facilitated at MJE on the same night as the restof Parent University classes Parents are dual enrolled as MJE and Tarrant County.
College students This provides the added opportunity forcontinuing education credit through Tarrant County TCC PartnershipRobert Mu oz Ed D Vice President for Continuing Education.
TCC FIELD TRIP Manuel Jara ElementaryPARENT UNIVERSITY Class Patches Designed by Participants 57 Parents in course 101.
Attendance18 Parents in course 201 15 Parents in course 301 Testimonials from Parents Kids We have been attending for two yearsand we love it We have learned how to.
help our kids and how to discipline them I have Dyslexia and my parents didn t Our kids are getting better grades andknow how to help me and now that they they like to see us at school come to parent university they help meand my grades are better .
Parent Enrollment TrajectoryCOURSE 101 Raising COURSE 201 Parent COURSE 301 YEAR Highly Capable Kids Child Application of MJE TCC Parent Total 101 LeadershipEnrollment.
2013 14 29 292014 15 20 21 412015 16 57 18 15 90 21 parents returned after the first year 36 returned after the second year.
Enrollment almost doubles each year 100 of 301 graduates will continue their education at Tarrant County Continuing education career plans 4 Associates Degrees 401 Parent Leadership Academy Graduates Give Back.
Parent to Parent Learning Success StoriesRichard Perez 3 years Perfect AttendanceSara Perez 3 yrs Perfect Attendance Spelling Bee Champion Luz Vallejo Success Story.
Diamond Hill Elementary Success Story NewBeginning Parent University StudentI SIP Reading DataAbove grade level 81 66.
On reading level 19 15Total Number of Students 81 DisciplineDiscipline DATAfor PUCentral Office Hearings Student Suspensions.
2012 2013 2013 2014 2014 2015 2015 2016 Imagine community partners like churches therapists or thecity soccer team working alongside the schools to help parentslearn parenting skills Zoricelis Davila MA LPC.
Our Faith Based Business Partners INCENTIVESATTENDANCE RAFFLES DOOR PRIZES Manuel Jara Elementary NeighborhoodFamily Partners.
Jo Linda Jara Amador Molina Family Scholarship Community SupportMayor Betsy Price Mark Snell Head Coach ManpowerParent University Cost Analysis.
40 volunteersApprox 180 per participant for 13 weeks Itemized cost per class per 100 parents 15 Classroom supplies 10 Class Shirt 140 children.
15 Cap Gown 10 Patch Stole 5 Certificate Tassel 25 Snacks 80 00 Individual Course materials.
Course 101 Raising Highly Capable Kids Maximum 15 participants per class 25 English Teachers Guide 26 Spanish Teacher s Guide 18 English workbook 20 Spanish WorkbookCourse 201 Parent Child Application of 101 Maximum 10 families per class 5 workbook.
8 Taking the 40 Assets Home Resource 2 Conversation Wheel Resource 100 set of children s booksCourse 301 MJE TCC Parent Leadership Academy No maximum 5 workbook.
120 Field Trip bus feeLogistical Costs Childcare 300 13 weeks of activities 65 per volunteer for 13 weeks of light dinner snacks 1 volunteer per 15 kids we had 40 volunteers 2600 26 per child for snacks we had 140 children 3640 .
Incentives 100 Wal Mart gift card Perfect Attendance Raffle 1040 4 20 value Attendance Door Prizes per classThe Vision= Use a research based curriculum that empowers parentsto be full partnersin their student’s educational success . Parent University was established in 2013 by Principal, Marta Plata to help parents at Manuel Jara Elementary learn skills that will enable them to become a part of their student’s educational success.

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