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Mary Astell If all Men are born free how is it that all Womenare born Slaves B Y A L E X I S S A R A TA Y L O R A N D A L L I S O N Who Was She .
Mary Astell was born onNovember 12 1666 in She died on May 11 1731 Her Father died when shewas twelve and her Mother.
and Aunt died in 1688 She had two brothers William who died in hischildhood and her otheryounger brother Peter.
She had a informaleducation from her Uncle The First English Feminist Mary Astell was a verysmart and opinionative.
She thought that womenwere in need of a proper That women were just asequal as a man to a man With her opinions at hand .
her theories werediscarded by men butsome believed her She also got other womento follow her theory.
Her Books Astell had two famousbooks A Serious ProposalTo the Ladies 1694 ASerious Proposal Part II.
1697 And another bookthat she wrote called Forthe Advancement of TheirTrue and Greatest Interestand Some Reflections Upon.
Marriage 1700 Her books explain heropinion on how women areequal to men Her Life.
Left without a father she didnot have a dowry whichmeant she did not get After her Aunt and Motherdied she moved to Chelsea .
London and became anacquaintance for a group ofliterary and influential ladies The group assisted Astell inher development and.
publication for her work Wrote a few books In 1709 she retired andthen supported a charity aschool for girls in Chelsea.
Don t Forget Letters Concerning theLove of God 1695 was notwritten by Mary Astell butby John Norris.
Astell was not mentioned inthe book but later heridentity was revealed Even though the book wasnot written by Mary Astell .
those are her letters thatshe sent back and forthbetween her and Norris This book explains Astell sopinion on God and.
That women were just as equal as a man to a man. With her opinions at hand, her theories were discarded by men, but some believed her ... Part II (1697). And another book that she wrote called For the Advancement of Their True and Greatest Interest and Some Reflections Upon Marriage (1700) Her books explain her opinion on how women are equal to ...

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