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Materials ResearchK J KURZYD OWSKIK J KURZYD OWSKIDeputy ChairmanDeputy Chairman of of the.
State Committeefor Scientificfor Scientific Research Warsaw UniversityWarsaw University ofof Technology .
Technology Department ofDepartment of MaterialsMaterials Scienceand Engineering.
and Engineering National ProjectsNational ProjectsCentres andCentres and Network.
Indywidual ProjectsIndywidual Projects400 year Research ProjectResearch Project.
PBZ KBN 096 T08 2003P BZ KBN 096 T08 2003New TechnologiesTechnologies forfor Manufacturing.
Manufacturing ofofnanostructured metalsnanostructured metals andalloyss productproductss .
Centre ofof AdvancedAdvanced MaterialsMaterials andTechnologies CAM.
Technologies CAMAATT andand SilesianSilesian UniversityUniversity ofTechnology.
TechnologyCoordinator prof Coordinator prof KrzysztofKrzysztof J J Kurzyd owskiKurzyd owski.
Main objectivesMain objectives ofof projectTechnology SPD Technology SPD .
IMPLEMENTATIONIMPLEMENTATIONaterials ApplicationsApplicationsStructure and.
Structure and propertiesproperties TechnologyRefinement methods Refinement methods.
Equal ChannelEqual Channel AngularAngular Pressing CyclicC yclic extrusion.
extrusion compressioncompression High PressureHigh Pressure Torsion Cumulative plastic.
Cumulative plastic deformation deformation varyingvarying pathpath MAX Extrusion and.
Extrusion and rollingPowder consolidation Powder consolidation ModellingModelling 1 00 mln.
Raw materialsRaw materials characteristiccharacteristic 0 15 mln Refinement methodsRefinement methods ofof metals.
metals structure Consolidation nanocrystallization Consolidation nanocrystallization eettc Structure andStructure and properties.
properties investigationsinvestigations 1 50 Production technologyProduction technology work0 75 mlnmln.
ImplementationImplementation 0 60 mln TOTALTOTAL 8 25 mln Research Project.
Research ProjectPBZ KBN 09P BZ KBN 0955 T08 2003 PolymerPolymer materials.
materials modifiedmodified nanoparticles nanoparticles Technology PropertiesTechnology Properties Applications .
Applications Coordinator prof Coordinator prof LudomirLudomir lusarski Polymer materials.
Polymer materials modifiednanoparticles Technologynanoparticles Technology PropertiesProperties Applications.
Applications 26 Research26 Research Centres Budget 8Budget 8 mln.
Applications forApplications for SMEs ObjectivesObjectivesNew polymers.
New polymers modifiedmodified byby nano particlesnano particles layers.
fibres bulk forbulk for constructionconstruction bulk functional.
bulk functional Research ProjectResearch ProjectP BZ KBN 08282 T08 200.
T08 20022New MaterialsMaterials aandnd TechnologiesTechnologies ffor.
Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering Coordinator prof Coordinator prof JanCh opek.
ObjectivesObjectivesMetallic biomaterialsMetallic biomaterials with with surfacesurface layers.
Improvement of Improvement of biologicalbiological andand tribologicaltribological properties.
properties ofmetallic implantsmetallic implants by by modificationmodification theirtheir microstructure.
microstructureand the surfaceShaping of Shaping of structurestructure of of the.
shape memorymemory alloysalloys andthe hyperelasticthe hyperelastic alloys.
alloys intendedintended forfor medicalmedical applicationsapplications.
Preparation of Preparation of TiTi basednew metallicmetallic biomaterials.
biomaterials withthe appropriatedthe appropriated modulusmodulus of of elasticityelasticity covered.
covered withceramic ceramic polymer ceramic ceramic polymer passive carbon passive carbon oxidesoxides and.
nitrides layers nitrides layers havinghaving improvedimproved corrosioncorrosion resistance.
resistanceand biologicaland biological activity ObjectivesObjectives.
Resorbable polymersResorbable polymers and and compositescompositesElaboration of Elaboration of new.
new methodsmethods of of biodegradablebiodegradable polymerspolymers synthesisusing non toxic.
using non toxic initiatorsinitiatorsModeling of Modeling of carboncarbon and and resorbable.
resorbable polymerspolymers scaffoldsmicrostructure formicrostructure for tissuetissue regeneration.
regenerationShaping of Shaping of structurestructure and and usefuluseful properties.
properties ofof constructionalconstructionalimplants madeimplants made fromfrom resorbable.
resorbable polymerspolymers modifiedmodified withthe fibresand particles.
and particles asas biomaterialsbiomaterials forfor thethe controlledcontrolled osseointegration.
osseointegrationBioactive phosphate siliceousBioactive phosphate siliceous materialsmaterialsCalcium phosphates Calcium phosphates based.
based multifunctionalmultifunctional ceramicsManufacture and Manufacture and shapingshaping ofof the.
the propertiesproperties ofnew bioglassbioglass andglass ceramics as.
glass ceramics as highlyhighly bioactivebioactive materialsBioactive ceramic Bioactive ceramic layers.
Ceramic bone Ceramic bone cements Metallic CeramicMetallic Ceramicand Organic.
and Organic Nanomaterials Nanomaterials Processing StructureProcessing Structure PropertiesProperties Applications.
Applications NNanoano crystallinecrystallinematerials EExcellent.
TThehighdensitygrainboundariesboundaries SStrong.
trong exchangeexchange interactionsinteractions withinwithin highlyhighly refined.
microstructuremicrostructureNovember 2000 November 2000 TheState Committee.
Committee forfor ScientificScientificResearch KBN Research KBN launchedlaunched aa national.
national programCo ordinated by Co ordinated by FacultyFaculty ofof MaterialsMaterials Science.
Science andEngineering WarsawEngineering Warsaw UniversityUniversity ofof Technology.
Technology EEnds Aimed to stimulatestimulate researchresearch andand collaboration.
collaboration onnanomaterials innanomaterials in Poland NanomaterialsNanomaterials.
15 scientific 15 scientific institutionsinstitutions fromfrom 77 cities cities mostly.
mostly fromcentral andcentral and southernsouthern Poland RResearch.
esearch withinwithin 26 2614 projects 14 projects relatedrelated toto.
12 to ceramicDistributionDistribution oflaboratorieslaboratories taking.
taking partthe projectproject 14 NanomaterialsNanomaterials.
Tough and strongstrong metallicmetallic andand ceramicceramic materials.
Soft and hardhard magneticmagnetic materialsElectronic materials Electronic materials.
Biomaterials Biomaterials 12Project NumberProject NumberBasic phenomena.
Basic phenomena 8Processing methods Processing methods 4New experimental New experimental techniques.
techniques 0DistributionDistribution ofof projectsprojects between.
between threethree typesof materials Other ProjectsOther Projects.
Intermetallic 2001 Intermetallic 2001 Materials forMaterials for Bio medicalBio medical application.
application 2002 Design andDesign and fabricationfabrication ofof functionalfunctional gradient.
materials 2004 materials 2004 Novel methodsNovel methods op op plasticplastic forming.
forming of of super hardsuper hardmaterials 2004 materials 2004 New materials.
New materials basedsilver alloyfor applicationapplicationin modern industry.
industry 2004 NanomaterialsN anomaterials Network NN BIOMATERIALS prof .
BIOMATERIALS prof JanCh opek tissuetissue engineering engineering .
implantsNANOMATERIALS prof NANOMATERIALS prof KrzysztofKrzysztof J J KurzydKurzyd owski.
nano metals nano metalsnano ceramics nano ceramicsceramic metal composite.
ceramic metal compositePOLYMERS prof POLYMERS prof LudomirLudomir lusarskilusarski .
nanoparticle modification nanoparticle modificationMATERIALS CHARACTERIMATERIALS CHARACTERIZATIONZATION prof .
Jan Cwajnaquantitative analysis quantitative analysissimulation simulation.
Marek Danielewski Danielewski NanomaterialsN anomaterials Network NN .
Main objectivesMain objectives PParticipationarticipation in in thethe EUEU 66 Framework.
Framework ProgrammeProgramme Integrated IntegratedProjects IPs Projects IPs Networks.
Networks of of Excellence Excellence NoEs integration of integration of nationalnational research.
research unitsnew contacts new contacts and and exchangeexchange of of researchresearch experience.
experienceon the EuropeanEuropean level CCriticalritical mass.
mass ofof researchresearch groupsEuropean network European network on on thebasisis of.
of nationalnational networkAssisting in Assisting in developmentdevelopment of of intellectual.
intellectual potentialand infrastructureand infrastructure of of PolishPolish researchresearch units.
Participation in Participation in creationcreation ofof knowledge basedknowledge based economyeconomy inin Poland.
Strengthening of Strengthening of PolishPolish economyeconomy by by involvinginvolving participation.
participationof innovatingof innovating Smalland MediumMedium Size.
Size EnterprisesEnterprises SMEs esearch groupsparticipating inparticipating in the.
the Network 18 Universities18 Universities 4 Institutes4 Institutes of.
Polish AcademyAcademy ofof Sciences 22 R D22 R D Units.
3 Companies3 Companies NanoCentreNanoCentreNanocrystalline Materials .
Nanocrystalline Materials Fabrication Fabrication Structure Structure Modelling Modelling .
Properties andProperties and ApplicationsApplicationsProject No Project No G5MA CT 2002 04043.
G5MA CT 2002 04043Warsaw University Warsaw University ofof TechnologyTechnology.
Faculty ofFaculty of MaterialsMaterials ScienceScience andand Engineering.
EngineeringCoordinator Prof Coordinator Prof TadeuszTadeusz Kulikul Wo oska.
ul Wo oska 141 141 02 50702 507 Warsaw Warsaw PolandNanoCentre inmat pw edu pl.
NanoCentre inmat pw edu pldiscipline materials discipline materials sciencescience andand engineering .
engineering nanomaterials technologynanomaterials technologykeywords materials keywords materials science .
science nanomaterials nanomaterials structure Research focusResearch focus ofthe Centre.
Investigated materials Investigated materials Propertiescharacterization Properties characterization permanent magnetpermanent magnet materials.
materials mechanicalpropertiesmechanical properties microsamples microsamples soft magneticsoft magnetic materials.
materials corrosionresistancecorrosion resistance intermetallicsintermetallics magneticpropertiesmagnetic properties.
Al based structuralAl based structural materialsmaterials termalpropertiesMaterials Research in Poland K.J.KURZYDŁOWSKI Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Scientific Research, Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering ... Ceramic and Organic Nanomaterials: Processing – Structure – Properties – Applications Nano-crystalline materials Excellent physical and ...

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