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Measuring Blood Pressure Blood pressure isindicates your heart It is determined by thecontractions of the heart.
Your pressure variesdepending on thecondition of your heartand blood vessels Pressure is measured in.
millimeters of mercury What is Blood Pressure Blood pressure is theforce that bloodexerts against blood.
vessel walls The pumping actionof the heart generates Pressure occurswhen the flow is met.
by resistance fromblood vessel walls Laminar Flow Blood flows faster inthe center of a blood.
vessel because theblood near the sidesare hitting the walls ofthe vessels Is caused by the.
friction resistance between the bloodand the vessel walls Blood Pressure GraphPulse Pressure.
Dicrotic AverageSystolic Notch Diastolic Pressure By taking your pulse you can feel that bloodpressure fluctuation with each heartbeat The pulse which you feel is actually a pressure.
wave that travels from your heart though your Systolic Pressure Systolic pressure is the maximum pressureexerted by the blood against the artery walls It results when the ventricles contract .
Normally it measures 120 mm Hg Dicrotic Notch TheDicrotic Notch represents the interruption ofblood flow due to the brief backflow of blood thatcloses the aortic semilunar valve when the.
ventricles relax Diastolic Pressure Diastolic Pressure is the lowest pressure in the It result when the ventricles are relaxed and isusually around 80 mm Hg .
Blood Pressure Sounds A cuff is inflated to constrict an artery sothat no blood flows As the cuff pressure is slowly released butthe artery is still partially constricted blood.
flow begins again Sounds can be heard because the bloodflows violently causing audible sounds When the artery is fully open the bloodflows freely and the sounds disappear .
Checking Blood Pressure The first sounds that are heard indicatesystolic pressure top number When the sounds stop diastolic pressurehas been reached bottom number .
Average blood pressure is Measuring Blood Pressure Blood pressure is indicates your heart health ... because the blood near the sides are hitting the walls of the vessels. Is caused by the friction (resistance) between the blood and the vessel walls. ... Blood Pressure Graph By taking your pulse, you can feel that blood pressure fluctuation with each heartbeat. The ...

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