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Pho Empire will represent the culmination of our top chefs talent heritage and culinaryexperience introducing a Southeast Asian inspired like no other to the region You canfind in one dish that held an intoxicating mix of temperatures flavors and textures naturally flavored delicious soups with the choicest meat and seafood to give you acomplete nutritious and well balanced meal .
S80 M G X i M Kh 8 99Spice roasted Cornish hen with egg noodle S81 M G X i M N cS77 Spice roasted Cornish hen with egg noodleS82 B nh t c Bi t.
Steamed Rice Sheet noodle with pork ham Nem shrimp paste fried cake served withsteamed bean sprout fried onion and basilS83 Ph p Ch o 7 99Fried flat noodle top with combination.
S78 meats seafood and vegetables S70 B n B Hu 7 79 S84 Lo mein X o Th p C mSpice Hu beef noodle soup 7 99The classic soup of central Vietnam This Stir fried lo mein with a combination oflemon grass flavored soup is served spicy meats seafood and vegetables .
hot and is a combination of beef shank porkhocks lemon grass and herbs Wonderful S85 Lo mein X o Bi nS71 M Th p C m N c Stir fried low mein with seafood and7 79 vegetables Egg noodle soup with combination of pork.
and seafood S86 H Ti u X o Th p C mS72 M T m N c Flat noodle stir fried with combination7 79 meats seafood and vegetables Shrimp egg noodle soup S87 Ho nh Th nh S p 6 99.
S73 B nh Canh 7 79 Wonton soupRound clear rice noodle soup with pork andshrimp S88 M Ho nh Th nh 7 79Egg noodle and Wonton SoupS74 H Ti u M Tho 7 79.
Crystal noodle soup with combination of S89 H Ti u M 7 79pork and seafood Combination crystal noodle Egg noodleS75 H Ti u C 7 79Fish noodle soup S76 B n C Ki n Giang.
Ki n Giang style vermicelli soup with fishand shrimp S77 M X o D n Th p C m 7 99Combo crispy egg noodle Fried egg noodle top with pork chicken .
seafood and vegetables S78 M X o M m Th p C m 7 99Combo soft egg noodle Stir fry egg noodle with pork chicken beef and vegetables .
Spicy Disheswww PhoEmpire comS79 M Th p C m Kh 7 79S80. Mì Gà Xối Mở Khô 8.99. Spice roasted Cornish hen with egg noodle. S81. Mì Gà Xối Mở Nước 8.99. Spice roasted Cornish hen with egg noodle soup.

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