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Microfinancing the reduction of indoor air pollution an access initiative for improved cookstoves in GuatemalaNancy K Etzel1 and Justin Schram2University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing1 University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine2Funding GAPSA Provost s Award for Interdisciplinary Innovation.
Problem Local Setting Project Goals and Methods Local Partnerships Future Direction Indoor combustion of biomass fuels Guatemala has the third lowest life Use Participatory Action Research Cojoly a women s weaving Continue to integrate knowledgesuch as wood and crop residues is expectancy and the third highest PAR via interviews and focus cooperative promoting traditional across the health disciplines the second most important infant mortality rate in Latin groups to integrate the ideas of local Mayan textiles and economic business engineering environmental risk factor for disease America7 community members and NGO stability in Santiago10 Cojoly has environmental studies and.
worldwide The prevalence of acute respiratory leaders distributed subsidized Onil Stoves to anthropology to innovate a healthillnesses among children age 6 is Increase access to the Onil Stove a around 100 of its members prevention program thatestimated to be 51 in rural areas7 plancha which produces less smoke HELPS International nonprofit simultaneously promotes A 2005 community health and uses up to 70 less wood than organization working to improve the economic development efficientassessment8 in Santiago Atitl n a the traditional comal or commonly quality of life of Guatemalans energy use and environmental.
Maya community in the Guatemala used plancha9 Such a stove will through development oriented sustainability highlands adapted the WHO World promote better health and reduced projects such as the production of Consider local stove production toHealth Survey to reflect local energy costs Onil Stoves9 spur economic activity priorities community input and Puente de Amistad a nonprofit Restrictions currently exist in localculturally salient issues Findings microcredit institution with a portfolio engineering knowledge .
include of 16 000 loans totaling 16MM in Use partner networks e g with Pulmonary disease ranks second Guatemala Secondary educational Puente de Amistad to expandoverall in a combined measure of opportunities in health and finance access to the Onil Stove Using a comal gives me respiratory infections andthroat infections My infant always stays with me when I self reported burden of disease promote empowerment of female throughout the region .
am cooking Due to the smoke he always gets sick 49 of households cook over a clients and their children11 Use existing structure to expand More than two billion people access to additional healthcomal or a metal cooking plateworldwide use biomass fuel for Microcredit Plus promoting technologies such as.
placed on rocks over an open fire cooking and heating purposes1 water purification 46 used a plancha a masonry Women will form small credit groups Chronic exposure to smoke Continue to encourage economicwood burning stove with a chimney or grupos de confianza and each.
constitutes a major risk factor for Partner with established institutions receive an Onil Stove empowerment for women via In focus groups women report arespiratory diseases such as in Santiago Atitl n to build upon and credit mechanisms strong preference for the plancha Social guarantee among members asthma2 and acute respiratory synergize with pre existing local Encourage wider cross .
infections1 3 in developing countries Perceived benefits include plus reduced fuel expense will helpdevelopment expertise promote reliable weekly repayment disciplinary involvement in theThis burden disproportionately respiratory and eye health Create a business plan in of microloans community and the University affects impoverished women and household cleanliness comfort .
durability cooking efficiency and coordination with local partners to Microcredit Plus integrates healthchildren Referencesfuel savings increase access to an improved education and loan payments into The single greatest cause of death cookstove among the poorer of the 1Ezzati J and Kammen DM 2001 Indoor air pollution from biomass combustion and.
globally among children under five group solidarity meetings A local acute respiratory infections in Kenya an exposure response study Lancet 358 poor health worker will act as educator 2Schel MA Hessen JO Smith KR et al 2004 Childhood asthma and indooryears is pneumonia and 800 000 woodsmoke from cooking in Guatemala Journal of Exposure Analysis and Adapt established microcredit loan officer and project liaison .
Environmental Epidemiology 14 S110 S117 or forty percent of these deaths Smith KR Samet JM Romieu I and Bruce N 2000 Indoor air pollution in developingcountries and acute lower respiratory infections in children Thorax 55 518 532 are attributable to the adverse practices usually used for Successful group repayment ofWorld Health Organization Global burden of disease due to indoor air pollution http .
www who int indoorair health i... impacts of indoor air pollution4 generative loans to fund a project stove credit will open access to aWorld Health Organization Attributable deaths by risk factor and WHO subregion 2000 http www who int quantifying e... that will reduce household World Health Organization Attributable DALYs by risk factor and WHO subregion .
Indoor smoke is responsible for 1 6 larger portfolio of generative loans 72000 http www who int quantifying e... Gragnolati M and Marini A 2003 Health and poverty in Guatemala World Bankexpenditures Research Policy Working Paper 2966 million deaths per year5 and 2 7 of ENVIRONMENT http www interaction org files... .
Schram J and Etzel N 2006 Assessing community health in a Tz tujil Maya village In all form a preventive healthupon the reconstruction of Hospitalito Atitl n Unpublished report University ofthe worldwide burden of disease6 Pennsylvania School of Medicine intervention to help break the cycle 9.
Helps International The Onil stove www helpsintl org programs sto... Use of open fires contributes to high Fuel wood costs 1 to 2 dollars a Cojoly Association of Maya Women Weavers Our story of poverty illness and http www cojolya org about sto... day about a third of daily expenses Friendship Bridge Our programs household fuel costs and environmental degradation .
http www friendshipbridge org ... greenhouse gas release due to poor when using an open fire burning efficiency The principal barrier to obtaining a POVERTY HEALTHplancha is the cost 50 to 100 .
Guatemala has the third lowest life expectancy and the third highest infant mortality rate in Latin America7. The prevalence of acute respiratory illnesses among children <age 6 is estimated to be 51% in rural areas7. A 2005 community health assessment8 in Santiago Atitlán, a Maya community in the Guatemala highlands, adapted the WHO World ...

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