Modern Challenges to Liberalism

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Modern Challenges to Liberalism Classical liberalism vs Modern liberalism Negative vs Positive Environmentalism.
Neo Conservatism The overarching theme of this chapter is thatliberalism is not a static unchangeable Rather it is an ideology that evolves it isopen to revision reprioritization and.
reassessment Historically this has been the case andliberalism will likely continue to evolve partlyin response to challenges posed by alternativecurrents of thought .
Classical vs Modern Liberalism 274 Classical freedom Modern No gov t Significant gov tinterference Industrial intervention hands off .
Revolution Great Depression All individuals Wealth Gap of valued equally Govt to protect nations creating.
Emphasizeslife liberty economic instabilityprograms to help Rise of alternativeproperty ideologies such as the disadvantaged.
Emphasizes communism fascism Promotes ideas toeconomic share the benefitsfreedom role of developmentof entrepreneur.
Negative vs Positive FreedomsNegative Freedoms Individuals free to make choices Equality of opportunity Freedom from government interference.
Positive Freedoms Freedom to make choices Progressives Government provides supports to help ensureequality of outcome not just opportunity Welfare Liberalism Evolves 280 .
Environmentalism protection of theenvironment has become ever more popular and In recent decades people have becomeincreasingly aware and concerned about theimpact that human activity has on the.
environment There is mounting evidence that pollutants areaffecting the global climate Environmentalism runs counter to liberalism It seeks to place restrictions on the way people.
use or consume their own property It promotes government interference in theeconomy to protect the environment from It is in many ways a collectivist ideology since itplaces limits on personal freedoms in order to.
achieve a common goal Supporting the environment is a great goalhowever environmentalism comes witheconomic and social costs that liberal societieshave been reluctant to pay .
Liberalism still evolving political platformsCanada the Carbon Tax Emission reduction targets Carbon Tax with income tax reductions More Evolution maybe.
Neo Conservatism Reaction to modern liberalism and how it fails toaddress contemporary political social andeconomic realities Major influence is on foreign policy it favours a.
proactive approach Was popular during the Cold War andneoconservative politicians fully supportedAmerican interference in foreign nations in orderto support anti communist groups or regimes .
More Evolution maybe Neo conservatism regained popularity afterthe terrorist attacks of September 11 2001 The United States gov t has toppled tworegimes Afghanistan Iraq that is deemed.
hostile or dangerous to the United States Economically many neoconservatives arecomfortable with the modern welfare state although they are inclined to opposegovernment interference in the economy .
Neoconservatives Some Neoconservative economists such asMilton Friedman advocate a return toclassical liberal economics Minimum taxation.
Few if any social programs Complete deregulation of industries servicesBecause neoconservatives favour proactiveforeign policy they tend to favour increasedmilitary spending .
Classical vs. Modern Liberalism (274) Classical (freedom) No gov’t interference (hands off) Govt to protect life, liberty & property Emphasizes economic freedom & role of entrepreneur Modern Significant gov’t intervention All individuals valued equally Emphasizes programs to help the disadvantaged Promotes ideas to share the benefits of ...

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