Modern Israel and Modern Babylon Compared and Contrasted

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Modern Israel and ModernBabylon Compared andContrastedAlberta Prophecy School 2019Tess Lambert.
notes taken by Lana Segizbayeva Dan 11 40 part A Papacy rules for 1260 y dies resurrected Pope was KoN is coming out of thelead into bottomless pit Who do you putcaptivity in a pit a dead man.
pit grave Dan 11 40 part B Death and resurrection of KoS SU died but head is still there Russia KoS Comparing and contrasting KoN and KoSIn terms of apostasy and captivity KoS cannot be compared to the KoS because.
KoS cannot be in apostasy to a boss they don t have They are rebellious toreligion no matter whether it s Satan s or God sThat s why in Dan 2 statues is the KoN as opposed to the mountain which is theKoN vs true KoN God Since we can t compare and contrast in terms.
of apostasy and captivity we have to compareIsrael and Babylon Modern Israel1AM Raising up of studyinga messenger Bible with.
31 begins WM san honest concordanto preach messagehearted farmer ce for 233 get his ends in.
credentials GD True Israel1 1AM WM an honest hearted farmer2 1816 bought concordance to study Bible3 Studied for 2 years and by 1818 message is formalized 1798 to 1844 is a gathering time 46 y .
1816 1818 Inc Kn Formalization of the message 1844 to 1850 scattered 4 1831 begins to preach and 1833 gets credentials5 SS joins Oct 22 1844 2nd Advent WM doesn t acceptexact date vague about date Both are half right half6 Ends in Great Disappointment Millerite.
history history of failure True Israel September 23 the Lord showed me that He had stretched out His hand thesecond time to recover the remnant of His people and that efforts must beredoubled in this gathering time In the scattering Israel was smitten andtorn but now in the gathering time God will heal and bind up His people In.
the scattering efforts made to spread the truth had but little effect accomplished but little or nothing but in the gathering when God has setHis hand to gather His people efforts to spread the truth will have theirdesigned effect All should be united and zealous in the work I saw that itwas wrong for any to refer to the scattering for examples to govern us now.
in the gathering for if God should do no more for us now than He did then Israel would never be gathered I have seen that the 1843 chart was directed by the hand of the Lord andthat it should not be altered that the figures were as He wanted them thatHis hand was over and hid a mistake in some of the figures so that none.
could see it until His hand was removed 1st attempt to gather His people 1798 18441798 to 1844 is a gathering time 46 y 1844 1850 scattering1844 to 1850 scattered In RH Nov 1 1850 par 9 1850 onward another attempt to gatherWhen was the 1st time he recovered His remnant God lead the designing of the 1843 chart.
Millerite history of 46 years They are to construct another chart True IsraelOutcome Between 1863 and 1989 there is a second attempt to Chart was created finish the work People fell in Laodicean condition and instead of In 1888 message was brought to sort out the.
work taking off like it should have it brought them problems of the churchto 1863 1888 message rejected due to internal dynamics ofWhat is happening in 1863 2 things the church Organization of the church Prophetic message rejected NB on one level in our.
history it is the otherway around the churchthat was organized isdissolved but theprophetic message.
What is the problem with church In 1886 Butler writes a pamphlet In 1888 who is the leadership Butlerattacking Waggoner s position on Waggonner is a newcomer Galatians Butler opposes the Waggoner s message Who is right and who is wrong .
It is 50 50 They are both right and they are both9MR 2018 1 He Ellen White s angelic guide stretched out his arms toward Dr Waggoner and to you Elder Butler and said in substance as follows Neither have all thelight upon the law neither position is perfect Light is sown for the righteous andgladness for the upright in heart Psalm 97 11 There are hundreds that know not why.
they believe the doctrines they do Omega history of the modern IsraelIn general history of modern Israel has 2 parts They come out of the scattering time ofThey are right and wrong.
captivity into gathering in 1798 Alpha history1989 markes the beginning of the Omega history Dan 11 40 part BEnds in Great DisappointmentOmega starts 1989 with bypassing of the Adventist leadership andIn 1850 Failed attempt to gather.
the beginning of the increase of knowledge of the Dan 11 by ElderIn 1863 they organize but reject propheticJeff laid out in the Time of The End magazine This corresponds tothe 1833 in Alpha 1888 another attempt in the middle of the.
scattering time Butler and Waggoner Counterfeit Never Perfect Consider modern Babylon 1850 s influential Italian family of catholic lawyers see that theIt has 2 parts A and B Alpha and Omega Catholic church is in captivity 1 1798 they go into captivity By living in voluntary poverty they illustrate that the church is in.
2 In True WM does not have an open captivity Family has 2 grandsons vision EW does A cardinal of 1900s cardinal Gaspari begins to work with 2WM should be Lucia but it is EW grandsons of the Pacelli family Francesco and EugenioNever perfect counterfeit Not the same They believed that the Catholic church will come to power butvalue needs restructuring and needs introduction of new code of canon.
Counterfeit Never Perfect Francesco Pacello writes Lateran treaty and later organizes 1899 Eugenio Pacelli is made priest negotiations with Mussolini begins to have an Increase ofEugenio Pacelli works on Code of Canon law And later introduces Knowledge once he becomes priestit to Germany and dedicates his time to study the.
Francesco s job take Italy and Eugenio s job to take Germany code of canon law with Gaspari Eugeio later negotiates the Code with Hitler The work finished in 1917Becomes Pope Pius XII The 1st pope to accept Fatima Before than In the same year 1st vision of Fatimathey were all in rebellion and did not accept messages of Fatima 2 messages Vision of Fatima restructuring of the Church.
Counterfeit Never Perfect On May 13 1917 Eugenio Pacelli was promoted to archbishop for When Adolf Hitler is coming tothe specifi purpose to send on a mission to Germany to power there is one democratic partyrestructure the Church s relationship with the German left that is standing in Hitler s way togovernment absolute control of the government .
On the same day May 13 1917 Lucia had the 1st vision of Fatima That is the Catholic centre party From that day on Eugenio saw himself connected to Fatima They are the last party restrainingHis negotiations are without much success He needs a leader the Nazi party that he can work with He finds that leader in Adolf Hitler .
Counterfeit Never Perfect Adolf Hitler says to Eugenio Pacelli I ll sign your Code of Canon The code of Canon law brought alllaw if you remove the Catholic antibody and give me total control the catholic churches under theof the government In January 1933 Eugenio does that This Pope It unified the church undermarks Hitler taking control of the government him He had to fight his own church.
In 1945 it ends in Failure Counterfeit of the great to do that as they saw it as adisappointment What was Eugenio Pacelli s problem dictatorship He chose the wrong beast Hitler won t be worked with They were trying to work with the U S but it was too slow Theybecame inpatient Hitler s Pope That history is also 46 years .
Counterfeit Never Perfect At the 2nd VC pope specifically wants Russianorthodox church to be present but the R Orthodox church doesn t do anything withoutthe government s approval 2 months before the.
2nd VC in a secret meeting the Catholicsnegotiated with the Russians that if they were toallow the orthodox church the pope had topromise that there would be no loudcondemnation of the Soviet Union or.
communism They agreed thus rejecting theprophetic message of Fatima EW RH 1850 Nov1 God showed me the necessity to draw another chart 1950 is a Catholic Jubilee year Pacelli uses the messages of Fatima and the message of Mary to unify gather the church Uses Papal infallibility to make Dogma of the Assumpation official Catholic teaching and irrefutable by the decree on Nov.
1 1950 counterfeit of Nov 1 1850New Pope comes in and attempts to reorganize the Church 2 nd Vatican Council Counterfeit Never Perfect In that history the Pope Pius XIII is dismissive ofIn 1960 the 3rd secret of Fatima is to be made.
Lucia says Mary told me that the 3rd secret to bemade public He read the secret and locked itaway open rebellion to the instructions ofAll the popes in the successive history rejectedthe messages of Fatima .
Counterfeit of 1888 1989 Pope John Paul II accepts message of Lucia and Fatima was shot on May 13 1981 almostdies after operation asks for the 3rd secret of Fatima He read about the judgement and he applied that judgement tothe failure to dedicate Russia He unites with Raegan in attempts totake down SU Consecrates Russia but makes mistake 1st time Lucia tells him of his mistake and tells him repeat it with all the bishops .
What does JPII wants to do For Russia to become Catholic But upon fall of the SU Russia chooses capitalism Counterfeit Never Perfect Angry Pope He would tear people apart forturning to capitalism His speeches were vile Hewas angry .
After the Fall of the Berlin Wall Raegan wants togo to war with Iraq Pope tells him not to Bush senior and junior neither of them listen toJPII has another problem Jesuits Jesuts are liberal woman s role in the church .
contraceptive etc and JPII conservative JPII has a close ally Malachi Martin who writesagainst the Jesuits The same problem as in Butler Waggoner case JPII Jesuits are right and wrong 1996 St Galen s group formed against JPII powerful cardinals a k a St Galen Mafia Their goals is to install liberal Jesuit.
pope They are meeting from 1996 2001 In 2001 cardinal Bergoglio from Argentina made a cardinal St Galen group meet him and they know they have their Counterfeit Never Perfect 2005 JPII and Lucia die Mafia wanted to get Bergoglio in but Ratzinger.
who was trained by JPII was picked a pope 2013 Pope Benedict steps aside and Mafia hastheir 2nd chance Bergoglio becomes PopeFrancis open Civil war in the Catholic church split in the church between liberal and.
conservatives Counterfeit Never Perfect What is the conclusion of thiscomparison Alpha is failure.
What is the conclusion of this comparison Alpha is failureOmega is success Omega Successdoesn t look like.
what they expect itto look like but it istotal and completeWe can t take history of failure and lay it over the history of success and make it a direct application Elder Jeff took history of 1844 and 1888 and said Miller Snow were half right and half wrong and.
Butler Waggoner were half right and half wrong therefore Parminder and Jeff were half right and halfThis is mistake Can t take Failure and use it in Success Why is it mistake to assume thatParminder and Jeff repeated theWM SS and B W case .
What is 1945 in our line Panium It s victory in our line asKN defeatedIn the Millerite history if you say that Oct 22 is the2nd Advent are you right or are you wrong .
Wrong because these two aren t equal in Mill History this is what failure looks like To say that 2012 was failure because it didn t includelight that had not yet opened up would be to saythat 1996 is a failed message right wrong.
polluted message It was not All it needed was expanding upon Notcorrection Russia was the head of the KS Russia Why is it mistake to assume thatParminder and Jeff repeated the.
WM SS and B W case If we take the concept in the history of success that the message is right wrong then we have to assume that theMC message is also right wrong We cannot do that We have to know firmly why we believe that it is truth that there are no built in mistakes If we accept that MC is right wrong then we are repeating the history of failure .
In the history of Christ what methodology are the disciples using Why is it mistake to assume thatParminder and Jeff repeated theWM SS and B W case They re combining the history of Moses and history of.
Babylon to see how their deliverance is going to look like They thought that a Moses is going to kill all theRomans and they are going to walk out of Babylon andrebuild their nation They were making the same mistake as elder Jeff .
Omega history of the modern Israel. In general history of modern Israel has 2 parts: They come out of the scattering time of captivity into gathering in 1798 – Alpha history. Ends in Great Disappointment. In 1850 Failed attempt to gather. In 1863 they organize, but reject prophetic message.

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