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Welcome to the Back toSchool Meet Greet August 20 2019Mr FisherMatthew Fisher lcps org.
8th Grade Civics and Economics About Mr Fisher It is my 6th Year at Harper Park This is my 3rd yearteaching Civics B S in Secondary Education Social Studies from Millersville.
University Millersville PA M A in Education from Gratz College Melrose Park PA At Harper Park I am also involved in Fellowship of ChristianAthletes FCA Yearbook and have been on the PBIS team Approach to Civics.
6th Grade 7th GradeU S History to 1865 U S History from 1865Foundation People Places and Events8th Grade Civics and EconomicsDraws on past and present to consider how .
Does the government adapt Is good citizenship practiced Preserve freedom Balance power Is power derived Civics Topics1st Quarter The Lawmaking Process.
Fundamental Principles The Executive BranchCitizenship 3rd QuarterElectoral Process Federal and State CourtsPublic Opinion Public Policy Introduction to EconomicsHistorical Foundations Circular flow investing and.
2nd Quarter 4th QuarterFederalism Federal ReserveSeparation of Powers Public and Private GoodsChecks and Balances Global EconomyAmending the Constitution Career Opportunities.
Course Components Interactive Student Notebook Organizational toolfor students to record testable information right side and process their learning left side Classwork Homework Non weighted assignments.
will be formatively assessed on a 0 2 point scale 0 not turned in 1 incomplete 2 Complete or arating of satisfactory or unsatisfactory will apply Weighted class assignments will have a rubric andassigned point values .
Checkpoints Students will be aware of checkpoints inadvance these will be used to assess concepts thatmay need to be re taught before tests quizzes Projects Rubrics will be provided These allow for morecreative and in depth interaction with course content.
Tests Quizzes As assigned Students are expected to record all assignments in their agenda at the start of class Phoenix will be used for grades and class calendar Keep in touch We keep an up to date Civics homework.
calendar in VISION and in Phoenix Go to school website Click on Staff Click on Fisher VISION In the know .
Homework is due at the Log inbeginning of class Grades will be posted in Phoenix Points are deducted for late.
Check your child s agenda work until the assignmentreaches 50 Contact me Matthew Fisher lcps org Per school policy studentshave an equivalent number.
of days to make up work as Civics in Short The Civics and Economics Notebooks hold the keys tosuccess for this class Graded assignments will be listed on the Phoenix Calendar.
ParentVue and StudentVue are the APPs VISION has class notes practice tests vocabulary andtextbook access study guides Guest Access to Civics is Harper Park Parent case sensitive Remind may be helpful for the kids and you .
Hershey Park Please plan to chaperone It s a goodtime for you and the kids Mark you calendars for Friday Stay in TouchEach class should text the messageassociated with their block to enroll .
BLOCK 1 BLOCK 5 fisher 1 fisher 5BLOCK 3 BLOCK 7Send a text to 81010 using yourclass code in the message field to fisher 3 fisher 7.
enroll in the class You will be ableto receive individual and class BLOCK 4 BLOCK 8reminders from the teacher fisher 4 fisher 8The Civics and Economics Notebooks hold the keys to success for this class. Graded assignments will be listed on the Phoenix Calendar –ParentVue and StudentVue are the APPs. VISION. has class notes, practice tests, vocabulary and textbook access, study guides. Guest Access to Civics is . Harper Park Parent (case sensitive) Remind

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