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MSIS 635 DATABASEDatabase SystemsThomas Connolly and CarolynThird Edition 2002 Addison Wesley PART I BACKGROUND.
Chapter 1 Introduction toChapter 2 DatabaseEnvironment Introduction SomeDatabase Applications.
Purchases from Supermarket Purchases using Credit Card Booking a holiday at the travel agents Using the local library Taking out Insurance.
Using the Internet Studying at the University Introduction TraditionalFile Based Systems A collection of application programs that.
perform services for the end users such asthe production of reports Each programuses and manages its own data Limitations of file based approach Separation and isolation of data.
Duplication of data Data dependence Incompatible file formats Fixed Queries proliferation of application 1 3 Database Approach.
Database A shared collection of logicallyrelated data and a description of the data designed to meet the information needs ofan organization Centralized Vijay pp 15 Database Management System DBMS A.
software system that enables users todefine create maintain and control accessto the database Components of the DBMS Hardware.
Software Procedures Log on Use a DBMS facility for application Start and stop the DBMS etc .
Roles in the DatabaseEnvironment Data and Database Administrators Database Designers Application Developers.
Advantages of DBMSs Control of data redundancy Data Consistency More Information from the same data Sharing of data.
Improved data Integrity Improved Security Enforcement of Standards Advantages of DBMSs Economy of Scale.
Balance of Conflicting Requirements Increased Productivity Improved Maintenance through dataindependence Improved Concurrency.
Improved backup and Recovery of Disadvantages of DBMSs Complexity Cost of DBMS Cost of Conversion.
Performance Higher Impact of failureMSIS 635 DATABASE MANAGEMNT Database Systems Thomas Connolly and Carolyn Begg Third Edition – 2002 – ©Addison Wesley PART I – BACKGROUND Chapter 1- Introduction to Database Chapter 2 – Database Environment Introduction – Some Database Applications Purchases from Supermarket Purchases using Credit Card Booking a holiday at the travel agents Using the local library Taking out ...

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