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New Forms of Life A Brief HistoryOf Our Wireless FutureUCSD 40 40 Vision Lecture SeriesUCSD La Jolla CAApril 12 2001.
Supercomputers Give Usan Early View of the Mass Market FutureCray X MP SupercomputerLocated at National CenterCost 8 000 000.
No Built in Graphics56 kbps NSFnet BackbonePersonal ComputerLocated on DesktopsCost 2 000.
Interactive 3D Graphics56 kbps Laptop Modem From Supercomputer Centers to the NSFnetto Today s Commercial InternetImage Cox Patterson NCSA.
Tech Transfer From NCSAHas Enabled the Modern Web World100 Commercial The Internet is Poised to MoveThroughout the Physical World.
Radio Internet 1940s 1990s Broadband Wireless Internet is Here Today Create Wireless Internet Watering Holes Ad Hoc IEEE 802 11 Domains.
Real Broadband 11 mbps Going to 54 mbps Security and Authentication can be Added Home Neighborhoods Office Schools MobileStar Admiral Clubs Starbucks MajorHotels Restaurants .
UCSD Key Campus Buildings Dorms Coffee The future is already here it s just not evenly distributed William Gibson Author of Neuromancer Governor Davis Created New Institutes for.
Science Innovation and Tech TransferThe California Institute for Bioengineering Biotechnology and Quantitative Biomedical ResearchThe Center for.
Information Technology Researchin the Interest of Society Proposed UCB UCD UCSC UCM UCSF The CaliforniaUCSC NanoSystems Institute.
The California InstituteUCLA for Telecommunicationsand Information Technology The UCSD Living Grid Laboratory Fiber Wireless Compute Data Software.
Commodity Internet Internet2 Link UCSD and UCI High speed optical coreEng Cal IT 2 Campus Wireless.
Source Phil Papadopoulos SDSC MicroSensors Will Radically Alterthe Human Computer InterfaceValveless MicrofluidicsMechanical Stress and 0 1 mm.
Acceleration SensorsMicro Optical Assemblies Lenses and Mirrors MEMS structures fabricated and tested atthe UCI Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility.
The Perfect Storm Convergence of Engineering with BioMed Physics ITNanogen MicroArrayMagnification 2 mm400x IBM Quantum Corral.
Iron Atoms on CopperMagnification Human Rhinovirus5 nanometersNew Clean Facilities Complex Problems Require.
a New Research and Education Framework220 UCSD UCI FacultyWorking in Multidisciplinary TeamsWith Students Industry and the CommunityThe State Provides 100 M.
For New Buildings and Equipmentwww calit2 net The UCSD Cal IT 2 BuildingPreliminary DesignOccupancy 2004.
220 000 Gross SF New Media Arts Spaces Research Lab Visualization Labs Audiovisual Editing Facilities.
Gallery Space Helping Design Auditorium The Southern High Tech CoastIs Well Organized for Partnering From Bandwidth Bay to Wireless Valley.
70 000 Fiber Strand Miles Under Downtown SD Nation s Center for Wireless Companies San Diego Telecom Council www sdtelecomcouncil org 200 Member Companies.
SIGs on Optical Wireless Satellite etc UCSD CONNECT www connect org UCSD Program in Technology and Entrepreneurship Many Others.
BIOCOM Mayor s Science and Technology Commission UCI Chief Executive Roundtable A Broad Partnership Responsefrom the Private Sector.
Akamai Mission VenturesBoeing NCRBroadcom Newport CorporationAMCC OrinconCAIMIS Panoram Technologies.
Compaq PrintronixConexant Computers QUALCOMMCopper Mountain QuantumCommunications R W Johnson Pharmaceutical RIEnterprise Partners VC Software SAIC.
Entropia Sensors SciFrameEricsson Seagate StorageGlobal Photon Biomedical Silicon WaveIBM Startups SonyIdeaEdge Ventures Venture Firms STMicroelectronics.
Intersil Sun MicrosystemsIrvine Sensors TeraBurst NetworksLeap Wireless Texas InstrumentsLitton Industries Large Partners UCSD HealthcareMedExpert 10M Over 4 Years The Unwired Fund.
Merck WebEx 140 M Match From Industry Elements of theCal IT 2 Industrial Partnerships Endowed Chairs for Professors.
Start Up Support for Young Faculty Graduate Student Fellowships Research and Academic Professionals Sponsored Research Programs Equipment Donations for Cal IT 2 and Campus.
Named Laboratories in new Institute Buildings Pro Bono Services and Software The Wireless InternetCan Create Intelligent Transportation Institute Scope.
Sensor based real time monitoring of traffic cars Extension of the Internet into automobiles Mobile commerce Related Centers The High Performance.
Wireless Research and Education NetworkNSF FundedPI Hans Werner Braun SDSCCo PI Frank Vernon SIO45mbps Duplex Backbone.
http hpwren ucsd edu Presentat... The Wireless Internet Will Improvethe Safety of California s 25 000 BridgesNew Bay Bridge Towerwith Lateral Shear Links.
Cal IT 2 WillDevelop and InstallWireless Sensor ArraysCrisis ManagementControl Rooms.
Source UCSD Structural Engineering Dept Can Use of These Technologies Help UsAvoid the Downsides of Prolonged Growth Add WirelessSensor Array.
Build GIS DataHuntington Focus on Beach Pollution Water Cycle Earthquakes.
BridgesHigh Tech Coast Traffic Policy Work with theUCSD Community to.
Adapt to GrowthMission BaySan Diego Bay High Resolution Data Analysis FacilityLinked by Optical Networks to PACI TeraGrid.
Panoram Technologies SGI Sun TeraBurst Networks Cox Communications Global PhotonInstitute Industrial PartnersPlanned for Fall 2001 at SIO.
Support from SDSC and SDSU From Telephone Conference Calls toAccess Grid International Video MeetingsCreating a Virtual Global Research LabAccess Grid Lead Argonne.
NSF STARTAP Lead UIC s Elec Vis Lab Cal IT 2 Will Seek to FosterLinks Between Art Technology Science UCSD The Institute Facilitates Faculty Teams to.
Compete for Large Federal GrantsProposal Form a National Scale Testbedfor Federating Multi scale Brain DatabasesUsing NIH High Field NMR CentersNCRR Imaging.
and ComputingResources UCSD HarvardSDSC Cal IT 2Surface WebWireless Pad .
Web InterfaceSource Mark Ellisman UCSD Why Not Constantly Computeon Federated Repositories Currently.
Instrument Coordinates Virtual Human NLM Project Transformations to Organ Coordinates Surgical View of Body Define Differences in Organs.
Eg UCLA Human Brain Mapping Project Art Toga Fly Through Organs Virtual Colonoscopy www vitalimaging com .
Future Train AI Software on Millions of Human Image DataSets Define Distribution Functions Thresholds for Medical Attention.
Life Cycle of Single Individuals Automatic Early Warnings As Our Bodies Move On LineBioengineering and Bioinformatics Merge New Sensors Israeli Video Pill.
Battery Light Video Camera Images Stored on Hip Device Next Step Putting You On Line Key Metabolic and Physical Variables Wireless Internet Transmission.
Model Dozens of 25 Processors and 60Sensors Actuators Inside of our Cars Post Genomic Individualized Medicine Combine Your Genetic Code Imaging with Your Body s Data Flow.
Use Powerful AI Data Mining Techniqueswww givenimaging com How Will You Knowif The Kids Are on the Internet It connects to the audio piece and.
works like a tiny monitor thatprojects an image through thereally cool bug eye monocle intomy eye It has lots of serious applications but my favorite is to.
watch Buffy My mom has already realized that when the video ison the lenses become less transparent That wayshe knows if I m really paying attention to her orreading my email She s caught on quickly .
http wearables www media mit e... projects wearables mit ideo Multiplayer Computer Games FormInteractive Fantasy Worlds Persistent Evolving Worlds.
Players Build Cybertowns 3D Multiplayer Worlds EverQuest The online real time fantasy world letsplayers assume the roles of warriors and wizards for dayson end As the decade closed this was the nearest you.
could get to being on a Star Trek holodeck www everquest com The Future Will Not Resemble the PastThe emergence of Peer to Peer computingsignifies a revolution in connectivity.
that will be as profound tothe Internet of futureas Mosaic was to the Web of the past Patrick Gelsinger VP and CTO Intel Corp Broadband Will Connect 30 Million Homes.
and Small Businesses in Three Years PCs Always On High Bandwidth Access Corporate Drivers Ford Motor Co is Buying.
Cable ModemsUS Installed Millions Home PCs for All its12 Employees IBM Is Using SBC to.
Supply 12 0008 Employees with HomeDSL InternetConnections4 Stage is Set for.
Explosion of Internet0 Tie PCs Together as1997 1999 2001 2003 Virtual MegacomputerSource Kinetic Strategies Inc Gilder Technology Report.
Pioneer Consulting SETI home Demonstrated that PC InternetComputing Could Grow to Megacomputers Running on 500 000 PCs 1000 CPU Years per Day Over Half a Million CPU Years so far .
22 Teraflops sustained 24x7 Sophisticated Data Signal Processing Analysis Distributes Datasets from Arecibo Radio TelescopeRadio TelescopeNext Step .
Allen Telescope Array Extending the Grid to Planetary DimensionsUsing Distributed Computing and StorageAutoDock Application Software Has Been Downloaded to Over 20 000 PCsNearly 3 Million CPU Hours Computed.
In Silico Art Olson Drug Design TSRI Why Will a Million Processor ComputerBe Different Individual Processors Running at Gigaflops.
One Million Means a Collective Petaflops One Petaflops is Roughly a Human Brain Second Morovec Intelligent Robots and Mind Transferral Koza Genetic Programming Kurzweil The Age of Spiritual Machines.
Joy Humans an Endangered Species Things Are About to Get Very Interesting 1 Million x Will the Grid Become Self Organizing.
PoweredSource Hans Moravecwww transhumanist com volume1 ... New Forms of Life: A Brief History Of Our Wireless Future UCSD 40/40 Vision Lecture Series UCSD, La Jolla, CA April 12, 2001

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