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NW regional audit ofCA125 requesting inprimary care NW Audit meeting formatStart of collaborative NW regional audit.
Using RCPath template http www rcpath org clinical ... audit templates htm Ovarian Cancer2 lifetime risk for women in England and Wales.
Poor survival rate advanced stage at presentationApril 2011 NICE published guidelines on Ovarian Cancer the recognition andinitial management CG122 Analysis of CA125 in primary care patients with symptoms suggestive of ovarianAid detection at an earlier stage of disease.
Aiming to improve outcomes for patients Audit aimsTo determine Whether CA125 is being requested in women with symptoms suggestive ofovarian cancer.
If ultrasound is being carried out in appropriate cases Changes in the above parameters in the two years after NICEData for CA125 requests in a one month period March 2012 was extractedfrom the laboratory system and analysed in ExcelElectronic patient notes were used to extract further clinical information and.
The audit was repeated one year later March 2013 Only the first request from any patients with multiple requests was includedThis audit was carried out at six Trusts across the North West NW ACB regionMid Cheshire Lancashire Teaching Royal Blackburn Trafford Royal Bolton andAintree Hospitals.
Appropriateness of clinicalRate of test appropriateness is consist across the NW regionPelvic abdominal painMean of 66 of requests 54 72 range Abdominal distensionConsistent across 2012 and 2013 Pelvic Multiple symptoms.
Pie chart shows clinical details classed as Weight los sFamily historyAppropriate from 2012pain Urinary symptomsAbdominal Mass.
distension Change in bowel habitAppetite lossHigh CA1 25 Inappropriate symptoms Temporal pattern of US CA125.
Patients with raised CA125Raised CA125 2012 2013No ultrasound 17 23 No imaging of any kind 2 4 9 8 Patients with raised CA125.
5 total requests in 2013 Raised CA125No specific cause63 had abnormal ultrasound features identified13 Ovarian cancer Cancer of other originData was consistent across both years Ovarian Unknown.
Fibroids cystscancer causeOvarian cancerOther pathologyUndeterminable.
Patients without raised CA125CA125 not raised 2012 2013Ultrasound 46 41 Abnormal features on 30 30 ultrasound.
Patients without raised CA125but abnormal ultrasoundNo ovarian cancer Across the NW region 66 primary care requests for CA125 are appropriate If abnormal bleeding were regarded as an appropriate symptom compliance.
with this standard would be improved Several studies in a systematic review refer to abnormal bleeding as an ovariancancer symptom 83 of patients with raised CA125 had ultrasound in 2012 this fell to 77 in This may reflect clinicians loosing confidence that a raised CA125 always.
requires investigation References1 NICE Clinical Guidance CG122 Ovarian cancer The recognition and initialmanagement of ovarian cancer http guidance nice org uk cg12... 2 British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2005 Symptoms associated.
with diagnosis of ovarian cancer a systematic review 112 857 865 Acknowledgements Lance Sandle Natalie Hunt Rebecca Allcock.
Mandy Pickersgill Anthony Beardsmore Andrew Hutchesson Emily Stratta Carrie Chadwick.
Sally Hanton Sarah RobinsonMethods. Data for CA125 requests in a one month period (March 2012), was extracted from the laboratory system and analysed in Excel. Electronic patient notes were used to extract further clinical information and imaging

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