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How does the core message of Islamcompare with that of Christianity 1 PLEASE PLACE YOUR ANSWERS ONTHE BOARD 2 PICK UP CLICKERS .
1 Before the birth of Islam the Arabianpeninsula was all accept a was occupied by nomadic b contained areas with village based agriculture .
c was on an important traderoute between the Indian Oceanand the Mediterranean Sea d was a strong kingdom thatdominated its neighbors .
2 The name Muslim literally means one who a worships Muhammad b has made thepilgrimage to Mecca c obeys the teaching of.
d submits to God 3 Which if any of these ideas was not taughtby Muhammad s religion a Men may have four b Moses was a prophet of.
c Jesus was the Son of d After death people go to 4 Which if any of these ideas was not taughtby Muhammad s religion a Men may have four.
b Moses was a prophet of c Jesus was the Son of d After death people go to 5 Which if any of the following are amongthe five Pillars of Islam .
a Sharia Islamic law b Hajj pilgrimage c Jesus was the Son of d Caliph successor ofOutcomes The Rise of.
Islam Beliefs of Islam Aim How does Islam influence the life of its believers Do Now Matching The Arabian Peninsula The Rise of Islam.
1 Setting the Stage The Arabiana Connection to 3 Continentsi Africa Asia and Europeii Mostly desert with few oases for littleagriculture.
iii Desert inhabited by nomadic Arab herders The Rise of Islamb Bedouins Arab nomads organized into tribesi Had ideals of courage loyalty tothe family.
ii Possessed warrior skillsiii Would become part of Islamic way of The Rise of Islamc Mecca City in Western Arabia Modern daySaudi Arabia .
i Ka aba ancient shrine people came toworship at1 Black stone built by Abraham and son2 Contained 360 idols worshipped by many The Ka aba.
Ka aba An ancient black stone cubestructure that was built by prophetAbraham as a house of worship in 5 FEB AGENDA PLACE YOUR ANSWERS ON THE.
BOARD TO THE FOLLOWINGQUESTIONS 2 In what ways was the rise ofIslam revolutionary both intheory and in practice .
3 Why were Arabs able toconstruct such a huge empire so PICKUP CLICKERS FOR READING Reason One Muhammad s Ability to BreedRage in His Followers.
The apostle said Kill any Jew that falls into your power Thereupon Muhayyisa bin Mas ud leapt upon Ibn Sunayna aJewish merchant with whom they had social and businessrelations and killed him Huwayyisa was not a Muslim at thetime though he was the elder brother When Muhayyisa killed.
him Huwayyisa began to beat him saying You enemy of God did you kill him when much of the fat on your belly comes fromhis wealth Muhayyisa answered Had the one who orderedme to kill him ordered me to kill you I would have cut yourhead off He said that this was the beginning of Huwayyisa s.
acceptance of Islam The other replied By God if Muhammadhad ordered you to kill me would you have killed me He said Yes by God had he ordered me to cut off your head I wouldhave done so He exclaimed By God a religion which canbring you to this is marvelous And he became a Muslim 2 .
Reason Two baffle them with When Abdullah bin Salama heard of the arrival of the Prophet the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him at Madina hecame to him and said I am asking you about three thingswhich nobody knows but a prophet What is the first portent of.
the Hour What will be the first meal taken by the people ofParadise Why does a child resemble its father and why does itresemble its maternal uncle Allah s Apostle the blessing andpeace of Allah be upon him said Gabriel has just now told meof their answers The first portent of the Hour will be a fire.
that will bring together the people from the east to the west the first meal of the people of Paradise will be extra lobe offish liver As for the resemblance of the child to its parents If aman has sexual intercourse with his wife and gets dischargefirst the child will resemble the father and if the woman gets.
discharge first the child will resemble her On that Abdullahbin Salam said I testify that you are the Apostle of Allah 3 Reason Three Boundless Greed Muhammad said The example of a Struggle in Allah s Cause .
and Allah knows better who really strives in His Cause is like aperson who fasts and prays continuously Allah guarantees that Hewill admit the Struggler in His cause into Paradise if he is killed otherwise He will return him to his home safely with rewards andwar booty 4 .
Muhammad said Khosrau will be ruined and there will be noKhosrau after him and Caesar will surely be ruined and there willbe no Caesar after him and you will spend their treasures inAllah s Cause 5 Ifa 7th century pagan Arab rejected Islam he was guaranteed nothing .
He may be poor all his life and he wouldn t know what would happen tohim when he died But Muhammad guaranteed that if a person diesfighting Islam s enemies he will enter Paradise and that even if hesurvives he will return home safely with rewards and war souvenirs Reason Four Fear of.
instance Muslim writings report a large number ofconversions that took place after the assassination of a womanwho had criticized Islam When the apostle heard what she had said he said Who will rid me of Marwan s daughter Umayr bin.
Adiy al Khatmi who was with him heard him and thatvery night he went to her house and killed her In themorning he came to the apostle and told him what hehad done and he said You have helped God and Hisapostle O Umayr When he asked if he would have to.
bear any evil consequences the apostle said Twogoats won t butt their heads about her so Umayrwent back to his people The day after BintMarwan was killed the men of B Khatma becameMuslims because they saw the power of Islam 9 .
POLYGAMY IN ISLAM One of the most important questions that we must first answeris this Does Islam encourage polygamy The answer is no Islam merely allows it but does not encourage it In fact Islamdiscourages from polygamy because it teaches that a man.
who is married to more than one woman must achieve aperfect balance between his wives financially and in terms ofhis time The Quran explicitly instructs Muslim men that if theyare afraid they will not be able to be just between their wives then they are to marry only one woman This justice is only.
achieved if the man is able to provide the same amount oftime to each of his wives and the same material lifestyle Forexample they must live in similar accommodations have asimilar amount of financial support and the same level ofmaterial possessions Islam prohibits polygamy if a man is not.
able to achieve this or if he even fears that he will not be ableto achieve this POLYGAMY IN ISLAM But the question remains even after theserestrictions and conditions why does Islam allow.
men to marry more than one woman The fact is thatIslam recognizes the reality of the human existence Islam does not ask people to do something that theyare not able to do This is one of the basic principlesof Islam because it is a religion that is to be fully.
implemented in a Muslim s life It is a complete wayof life that covers every aspect of the life of theMuslim and it is suitable for every person living inevery place and in every generation and period of http www questionsaboutislam c... .
in islam why islam allows poly... The Rise of Islamii Muhammad1 Orphaned at age 6 and raised by grandfather2 At age 25 Muhammad became a businessman.
and trader3 Married Khadijah a businesswoman4 Life changes While meditating in a cave he isvisited by angel Gabriel who proclaims toMuhammad to preach message that there is.
only one true god5 Began to preach and spread Islam6 Not seen as divine having extra power The Rise of Islam Islam Submission to will of Allah.
Muslim One who has submitted The Arabian Peninsula The Rise of Islamiii Hijrah Return to Mecca1 in 622 AD Mohammad and followers leave Mecca.
for Medina and continue to spread Islam known asthe Hijrah2 Becomes year 1 for Muslims3 First mosque established for Islam4 630 AD Muhammad returns to Mecca and.
destroys the idols in the Ka aba5 Ka aba becomes the most sacred site in6 Muhammad dies 2 years later at age of 62 Great Mosque in MeccaFIVE PILLARS OF ISLAM.
WHAT IS A PILLAR IMPORTANT BELIEFS VALUES1 There isno god butALLAH who 4 Fast 5 Visitspoke 2 Pray 3 Give Mecca at.
five to the during thethrough the holy month least oneprophet times a poor in yourMohammed day lifetimeMUSLIMS DO NOT GAMBLE DRINK ALCOHOL OR EAT PORK.
Beliefs of Islam1 Five Pillarsa Faith There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is themessenger of Allahb Prayer Pray 5 times a day towards Mecca.
c Alms Give alms money for the poor d Fasting During holy month of Ramadan Muslims fastbetween dawn and sunsete Pilgrimage Must visit Mecca at one point in lifetime ifcapable Known as the Hajj .
Beliefs of Islam2 The Qur ana Allah is the source of authorityb Written in Arabic only true version Beliefs of Islam.
3 Links to Judaism and Christianitya To Muslims Allah is the same god that is worshipped inChristianity and Judaismb Muslims view Jesus as a prophet not the Son of Godc Qur an is the word of Allah as revealed to Muhammad in the.
same way that Jews and Christians believe the Torah and theGospels were revealed to Moses and the New Testamentd All three religions believe in heaven and hell and day ofe Muslims Christians and Jews trace ancestry back tof All three are people of the book due to their use of a.
Shiite and Sunni What are the differences Both sects are Muslim They believethe Koran is the direct word of God passed down to the prophet.
Muhammad in a series of revelationsbefore his death They pray in thedirection ofMecca and share thesame dietary and general socialrestrictions .
Shiite and Sunni What are the differences Their schism lies in disputes over whowould succeed Muhammad as leader ofthe faithful after his death in 632 The.
Shiites thought the prophet s son in lawand cousin should lead as caliph particularly given his blood relationshipto Muhammad Their opponents theSunnis thought Abu Bakr one of.
Mohammad s first converts should betheir leader Shiite and Sunni What are the differences The Shiites lost a series of wars for.
power in the early years of Islam andtoday are the clear minority in globalIslam making up about 15 percentof adherents They are in themajority in Iraqand Iran .
1 All of the following statements would be made by atraditional Muslim believer about Jesus Christ ACCEPT He was the son of God b He was a prophet from c He did not have a real.
human father d He will return to earth atsome time in the future 2 Orthodox Islamic teachings forbidsMuslims to do ALL ACCEPT .
drink alcoholicbeverages b eat pork c charge interest on d divorce a faithful wife.
3 The Muslim calendar sets the yearnumbered One at thedeath of Muhammad b event called the c Muhammad s.
departure from Mecca d birth of Muhammad 4 Within 100 years ofMuhammad s death Muslimscontrolled the areas ACCEPT .
a Iran b France c Spain d Israel 5 In the event that Muslims call the Hijrah.
a the angel Gabriel spoke forthe first time to Muhammed b Muhammed fled frompersecution in Mecca c the black stone fell from.
Allah to earth d the Muslim calendar ends 6 Which if any of these things were Christians living inthe Muslim empires in the 700s and 800s permitted to do a Worship in their own.
b Talk against theMuslim faith c Marry Muslim women d Serve in the army 7 Within Islam the Shiites are.
distinguished from the Sunnitesin that the Shiites a are more orthodox than the b have a recognized clergy c teach that any believer could.
become the caliph d honor Caliph Ali and hisdescendants 8 Which if any of the following statements correctly describe theform of Islam that was known as Shia or the Shiite faction .
a It treated Muhammad as a deity indistinction from Sunni Islam b It was the principal form of Islam thatwas embraced in Russia c It claimed that the only true caliph.
was a descendant of MuhammadThe Rise of Islam. Muhammad. Orphaned. at age 6 and raised by grandfather and uncle. At age 25 Muhammad became a . businessman. and . trader. Married . Khadijah, a businesswoman. Life changes: While meditating in a cave, he is visited by . angel Gabriel . who proclaims to Muhammad to preach message that there is only . one true god. Began to ...

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