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INDICATORSJosefina T NaguitPlanning Officer IIISchools Division of Bataan What is an indicator .
A tool used to evaluate theperformance of theeducation system A tool used to report thestatus of the education.
system to the community to the whole country and tothe global community What are the functions of anindicator .
Measures how far or howclose one is from an Identifies problematic orunacceptable situation Meets policy concern.
Compares its value to areference value to astandard or to itself PERFORMANCEINDICATORS.
1 Gross Enrolment Ratio inEarly ChildhoodDevelopment Programs measures the general levelof participation in early.
childhood development indicates the capacity of theeducation system to prepareyoung children forelementary education.
Gross Enrolment Ratio inPreschool Enrolment x 100Population Ages 4 52 Percentage of Grade 1.
Pupils with Early ChildhoodDevelopment Programs G1 ECD Exp measures the level of grade 1pupils in ECD programs.
G1 Enrolment with ECD x 100G1 Enrolment3 Apparent Gross Intake Rate reflects the general level of.
access to primary education indicates the capacity of theeducation system to provideaccess to grade 1 for the officialschool entrance age population.
G1 Enrolment x 100Population Age 64 Net Intake Rate NIR gives a more precise.
measurement of access toprimary education of the eligible primary school entrance agepopulation than the AIR GIRG1 Enrolment Age 6.
x 100Population Age 65 Gross Enrolment Ratio shows the general level ofparticipation in a given level.
of education can be used together withthe NER to measure theextent of over aged andunder aged enrolment.
can also be used in place ofthe NER when data onenrolment by single years ofage is not available Gross Enrolment Ratio.
Elementary Total Enrolment Grades 1 6 xPopulation 6 11years oldSecondary .
Total Enrolment Years I IV xPopulation 12 15 years old6 Net Enrolment Ratio NER or Participation.
provides a more precisemeasurement of the extentof participation in a givenlevel of education belongingto the official school age.
Net Enrolment Ratio orParticipation RateElementary Enrolment 6 11 x 100.
Population 6 11 Secondary Enrolment 12 15 x 100Population 12 15 .
7 Cohort Survival Rate CSR computes the percentage of acohort of pupils students whoare able to reach grade 6 year 4 assesses the internal efficiency.
and wastage in education is vulnerable to migration andcaution should be used incomputing at the school level Simple Cohort Survival.
Elementary G6 Enrolment current SY x 100G1 Enrolment 5 years ago Secondary .
Y4 Enrolment current SY x 100Y1 Enrolment 3 years ago 9 Years Input PerGraduate YIPG .
assesses the number ofyears it takes for anaverage pupil studentto graduate fromelementary secondary.
Years Input Per GraduateElementary Pupil Years grades 1 6 Total G6 Promotees including.
repeaters Secondary Student Years years 1 4 Total Y4 Promotees including.
repeaters 10 Promotion Rate PromR assesses the extent ofpupils students who arepromoted to the next.
grade year levelPromotees current year xEnrolment previous year 11 Graduation Rate GR .
The G6 Y4 promotion rate is thegraduation rate for the elementary secondary level G6 or Y4 Graduates x 100.
G6 or Y4 Enrolment12 Repetition Rate RepR determines the magnitudeof pupils students who repeata grade year level.
Repeaters current year xEnrolment previous year 13 School Leaver Rate covers both pupils students.
who do not finish a particulargrade year level as well asthose who finish but fail toenroll in the next grade yearlevel the following school year.
should be computed forevery grade year except forG1 of the elementary leveland Y1 of the secondary level School Leaver Rate.
SLR 1 Promotion Rate Repetition RateElementary G1 Enrolment previous SY G2 Enrolment G2 Repeaters current year G2 SLR x.
Grade 1 Enrolment previous SY Secondary Y1 Enrolment previous SY Y2 Enrolment Y2 Repeaters current year Y2 SLR x.
Year 1 Enrolment previous SY 14 Simple Dropout Rate calculates the percentage ofpupils students who do notfinish a particular grade year.
does not capturepupils students who finish agrade year but do not enroll inthe next grade year of thefollowing school year.
Simple Dropout RateDropouts current year x 100Enrolment previous year 15 Transition Rate TR .
assesses the extent bywhich pupils are able tomove to the next higherlevel of education i e primary to intermediate.
and elementary tosecondary Transition RatePrimary to Intermediate G5 Enrolment current year .
xG4 Enrolment previous year Intermediate to Secondary Y1 Enrolment current year x.
G6 Enrolment previous year 16 Completion Rate CR measures the percentageof grade 1 year 1entrantswho graduate in elementary .
secondary education can be usedinterchangeably with survivalrate and retention rate Completion Rate.
Elementary G6 Graduates current year xG1 Enrolment 5 years ago Secondary .
Y4 Graduates current year xY1 Enrolment 3 years ago 17 Failure Rate FR evaluates the extent of.
pupils students who failed agiven grade yearG1 Failures current year xG1 Enrolment previous year .
18 Retention Rate RR determines thedegree of pupils studentsin a particular school yearwho continue to be in.
school in succeeding year is also vulnerable tomigration and is notadvisable to compute atthe school level.
Retention RateElementary G2 6 Enrolment current year xG1 5 Enrolment previous year .
Secondary Y2 4 Enrolment current year xY1 3 Enrolment previous year 19 Basic Simple Literacy Rate.
is the percentage of population 10years old and over who can read writeand understand simple messages in anylanguage or dialectNumber of literates ages 10 over .
xPopulation ages 10 over 20 Pupil Student Teacher is the average number ofpupils students per teacher in.
elementary secondaryeducation in a given school Total Number of Teachers21 Pupil Student Classroom.
is the average number ofpupils students per classroom inelementary secondaryeducation in a given school year .
Total Number of Classrooms22 Pupil Student Armchair is the average number ofpupils students per armchair inelementary secondary.
education in a given school year Total Number of Armchairs23 Textbook Pupil Student is the average number of.
usable textbooks per pupil studentin elementary secondary level in agiven subject in a given schoolNumber of Usable Textbooks .
24 Per Pupil Student Cost is the ratio of the total educationexpenditures to the total enrolment ina given yearTotal Expenditures PS MOOE .
Total Enrolment25 National Achievement Rate is being measured by MeanPoint Score MPS by subject area.
Mathematics Filipino Hekasi Araling Panlipunan Thank you .
- covers both pupils/students who do not finish a particular grade/year level as well as those who finish but fail to enroll in the next grade/year level the following school year - should be computed for every grade/year except for G1 of the elementary level and Y1 of the secondary level

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