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ECHO HECTOR GARZA ECHO ANDREA CANTU PHP is a scripting language that bringswebsites to life in the following ways PHP is a scripting language that brings websites to life in.
the following ways Sending feedback from your website directly to your mailbox Uploading files through a web page Generating thumbnails from larger images Reading and writing to files.
Displaying and updating information dynamically Using a database to display and store information Making websites searchable PHP Basics PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.
Reduces all the clutter and commands of HTML by embeddingcodes that do specific tasks Start and end processes are php Allow you to jump in and out of php mode Code executed on server side and sent to client.
The client receives the results but doesn t know the underlying code Like a hidden code embedded into HTML page PHP History Started as Personal Home Page Tools PHP Tools in 1995 with agoal to create a guestbook by gathering information from an.
online form and displaying it on a web page The ability to communicate with a database was later added With v3 in 1998 the name dropped since it sounded more of ahobbyist s term As of Sep 19 2013 the latest version is PHP5 5 4 PHP 5 now supports object oriented programming OOP .
Easy scripting language with no need of learning lots of theory PHP is the language that drives the highly popular ContentManagement Systems CMSs Drupal Joomla .
WordPressAlso some of the most heavily used websites Facebook Wikipedia How PHP makes pages dynamic.
PHP was originally designed to be embedded into the HTML which is still used as so For Example o Display current year in a copyright notice you place this in the footer o p php echo date Y PHP Copyright p o Code is automatically processed in the server.
o After your New Year s party you won t worry because it will automatically be changed o Unlike JavaScript to display date the processing is done on the web server so it doesn t relyon JavaScript being enabled in the user s browser o Date is calculated by web server not affected by user s clock on computer What Software do I need to write.
What to look for PHP syntax checking PHP syntax coloring PHP code hints Line numbering.
A balance braces feature parentheses brackets curly braces General Purpose Web Development Tools Dreameweaver CS5 adobe com Expression Web Microsoft com Dedicated script editors.
Zend Studio zend com PhpED nusphere com PHP Development Tools eclipse org What Software do I need to writePHP continued .
What you need Web server Apache All in one Package XAMPP for Win apachefriends org WAMP for Win wampserver com .
MAMP for Mac mamp info How to Write PHP Scripts PHP is a server side language Meaning the webserver processes your PHP codeand sends only the results usually in HTML to the browser Every page must have a PHP filename extension filename php.
Enclose all PHP code within PHP tags Opening tag php and closing is 2 echo Hello World A typical PHP page will use someor all of the following elements Variables to act as placeholders.
Arrays to hold multiple values Conditional statements to make decisions Loops to perform repetitive tasks Functions or objects to perform preset tasks Naming variables.
variable value name Pancho year 2013 Always begin with a dollar sign First character after dollar sign cannot be a number.
No spaces or punctuation marks except for underscore Case sensitive thisYear and thisyear are not the same PHP predefined variables superglobal arrays begin with an underscore GET Making Decisions2 time date H .
3 If time 20 5 echo Have a good day 9 echo Have a good night Using Loops1 while condition is true .
2 do something5 for i 1 i 100 i 6 echo i br Advanced PHP PHP Arrays Multi.
PHP Date PHP Include PHP File PHP File Upload PHP Cookies.
PHP Sessions PHP E mail PHP Secure E mail PHP Error PHP Exception.
PHP Filter PHP Database Includes que The ability to include the contents of one file inside another is oneof the most powerful features of PHP .
Every page shares common elements Header Footer Navigation Connecting to MySQL with PHP.
AssignmentCreate a PHP page with two PHP includes Your submission should have at least the following or similar 1 Index phpa Add header php using PHP s include.
b Add footer php using PHP s include2 Header phpa Navigation linksb Horizontal image banner3 Footer php.
a Navigation linksb Copyright info example Pancho Villa 2013 Submit in Zip Rar file to Email assignment to hsgarzaz broncs utpa edu Helpful PHP links.
http www w3schools com php http www w3schools com php php... http php about com od tutorial... http www youtube com watch v q... .
PHP History. Started as Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools) in 1995 with a goal to create a guestbook by gathering information from an online form and displaying it on a web page. The ability to communicate with a database was later added. With v3 in 1998, the name dropped since it sounded more of a hobbyist’s term.

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