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CIS 388 Internet Programming Review Sample PHP Detect IP address redirect based on local remote ip address function IPredirect .
ip SERVER REMOTE ADDR if substr ip 0 3 10 echo a href local htm Local Link a echo a href remote htm Remote Link a Advanced PHP.
PHP includes Including an external php or html file in your PHP page useful for reusingcode functions in many pages navigational columns databaseconnections session cookie retrieval and validation etc Syntax .
include filename php include footer php https www w3schools com php ph... PHP File Handling Open Read Create Modify and Upload files with PHP.
https www w3schools com php ph... fopen filename ext argument fread fwrite and the fclose areused with fopen echo readfile filename ext useful for including external data rss in your Uploading files with PHP https .
www w3schools com php php file... Advanced PHP PHP Cookies PHP cookies are just like cookies in javascript and are used to trore bitsof information on the client computer.
Syntax setcookie name value expire path domain secure httponly Value is COOKIE cookie name https www w3schools com php ph... PHP Session Variables.
PHP session variables are similar to cookies they store bits ofinformation on the server and they are open with each browser session that connects to the server A session is started with the session start function Syntax .
SESSION variablename value Favorite color is SESSION favcolor br https www w3schools com php ph... PHP and MySQL PHP allows the web page to get information from and update information.
stored in a MySQL database Database Connection Code Object Oriented servername localhost username username password password .
Create connection conn new mysqli servername username password Check connectionif conn connect error die Connection failed conn connect error .
echo Connected successfully https www w3schools com php ph... PHP and MySQL Create Database after MySQL Connection sql CREATE DATABASE myDB .
if conn query sql TRUE echo Database created successfully echo Error creating database conn error https www w3schools com php ph... Create Table after Database Created .
sql CREATE TABLE MyTable ColumnName1 TYPE if conn query sql TRUE echo Table MyGuests created successfully echo Error creating table conn error conn close .
https www w3schools com php ph... PHP and MySQL InsertData into Database sql INSERT INTO MyTable ColumnName1 VALUES samplevalue .
if conn query sql TRUE echo New record created successfully echo Error sql br conn error Select Display Data from a Database sql SELECT id ColumnName1 FROM MyTable .
result conn query sql if result num rows 0 output data of each rowwhile row result fetch assoc echo id row id Column Value row ColumnName1 br .
echo 0 results PHP and MySQL Delete Records from a Database sql DELETE FROM MyTable WHERE id 1 if conn query sql TRUE .
echo Record deleted successfully echo Error deleting record conn error Update Records in a Database sql UPDATE MyTable SET ColumnName1 NewValue WHERE id 1 if conn query sql TRUE .
echo Record updated successfully echo Error updating record conn error SQL Reference https www w3schools com sql sq... PHP Login Form form action method post name Login Form .
table width 400 border 0 align center cellpadding 5 cellspacing 1 class Table php if isset msg td colspan 2 align center valign top php echo msg td php td colspan 2 align left valign top h3 Login h3 td .
td align right valign top Username td td input name Username type text class Input td td align right Password td td input name Password type password class Input td td td .
td input name Submit type submit value Login class Button3 td PHP Login Authentification php session start Starts the session Check Login form submitted if isset POST Submit .
Define username and associated password array logins array Alex 123456 username1 password1 username2 password2 Check and assign submitted Username and Password to new variable Username isset POST Username POST Username Password isset POST Password POST Password .
Check Username and Password existence in defined array if isset logins Username logins Username Password Success Set session variables and redirect to Protected page SESSION UserData Username log... header location index php .
Unsuccessful attempt Set error message msg span style color red Invalid Login Details span PHP Session Variable php session start Starts the session if isset SESSION UserData User... .
header location login php Congratulation You have logged into passwordprotected page a href logout php Clickhere a to Logout PHP Logout Session.
php session start Starts thesession session destroy Destroy startedsession header location login php .
Redirect to login page Additional Resources W3 Schools PHP tutorial https www w3schools com php PHP scripts and code resources .
http www w3schools in php scri... ogin without using database www coderslexicon com really ... php login logout script exampl... .
Advanced PHP. PHP includes. Including an external phpor html file in your PHP page – useful for reusing code/functions in many pages (navigational columns, database connections, session/cookie retrieval and validation etc…)

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