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IntroductionExaminationAssessment Why do I need toknow Physical.
Assessment What is yourreason forcoming here Assessment.
Collectionof data about anindividual s health state Subjective Data Client history Objective Data.
Inspection Percussion Palpation Auscultation Data Base.
Allthe information obj subjective client s record lab andtest results Study and cluster data Diagnosis.
Purpose of assessment is to makea diagnosis or judgement Nursing Process Assessment Diagnosis.
outcome identification Planning Implementation Evaluation Critical Thinking.
Problem solving the puzzle thebig picture Processing information usetheory learned experience intuition intellectual and manual.
Priority Setting First level problems ABC s Vital Signs Second Level.
Mental Status changes LOC Acute pain Acute urinary elimination Untreated medical problems Abn Bld Values.
Risks of infection safety security Third Level Priority Knowledge deficit Activity rest Coping.
4 Types of Data Base1 Complete Total 2 Episodic or Problem Centered3 Follow up4 Emergency.
Consideration of Developmental States Cultural Assessment Beliefs values practices The Interview.
Spend more time listening Open Closed ended questions Interpreter Family professional Communication Skills.
Collectinginformation withunderstanding Verbal Nonverbal Factors that impact onCommunication.
Internal Personal attributes acceptance ofclient Nonjudgemental Respect Empathy.
Listening Factors that impact onCommunication External Factors Privacy.
Interruptions Comfortable environment temp noise lunch bloody mess 10 Traps of Inteviewing pg1 False Assurance.
2 Unwanted Advice3 Using Authority4 Avoidance language dead is dead5 Engaging in distance the Friend 6 Professional jargon.
7 Leading or biased questions youdon t 8 Too much talking9 Interrupting Threat of Violence .
CPI trainingIntroduction Physical Examination Health Assessment ... Threat of Violence!!!! CPI training Introduction Physical Examination Health Assessment Why do I need to know Physical Assessment? “What is your reason for coming here today?” ... experience, intuition, intellectual and manual skills Priority Setting First level problems ABC’s Vital ...

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