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Welcome to Physics 2015 General Physics Lab 1 Spring 2013 Contact Information see also in lab manual on website Lab Director .
Gernot LaicherSouth Physics 410801 585 5553gernot physics utah eduTeaching Assistant .
See course website http www physics utah edu gern... Overview The Physics Labs Physics 2015 2025General Physics Labs 1 and 2 .
Physics 2215 2225Physics Lab for Scientists Engineers 1 and 2 Physics 1809General Physics Lab a combination of Physics 2215 and 2225 1 semester course for chemical metallurgical engineering students .
Prerequisites for Physics 2015 Algebra Trigonometry no Calculus Physics 2010 or equivalent course Are You Ready for Physics 2015 Buy the lab manual University book store If it is not yet.
available Go to the website click on Manuals and findIntroduction homework 1 and lab 1 as a pdf file Understand the course policies introductory pages of thelab manual Do homework 1 .
Due at the beginning of lab 1 Look at the course website address in lab manual http www physics utah edu gern... Activities for Physics 2015 Homework.
Due at beginning of lab activity Individual homework not a group homework Lab Activity Group activity 2 students per group Group lab report Submit only one report per group .
Answer questions fill out data tables usually highlighted asgray fields etc directly into the lab manual Print out graphs as required Write both names on the report Submit at the end of the lab before you leave .
Instructional Material and Help Lab manual Syllabus with lab dates Homework assignments Lab instructions .
Excel tutorial Capstone tutorial Teaching Assistant Introduction to lab activity at the beginning of the lab Help during lab activity .
Grades your assignment Office hours for homework help you can go to any TA that teachesa Physics 2015 section Instructional Material and Help Website 2015 2025 2215 2225 1809 combined .
Detailed schedule of all labs TA information email office hour Power point presentations given by TA at start of lab Links to other sites with Physics background material Capstone activities for download during lab .
First few pages of lab manual includes HW 1 and Lab 1 Most up to date Excel and Capstone tutorial Canvas For online discussion and for checking whether your HWand Lab scores were recorded correctly There is a link to Canvason website .
Capstone Software Activities Data acquisition and processing Contains some instruction on how to use equipment software Homework 10 points maximum .
Every homework counts Due at the beginning of the lab session If you miss a lab Due date extended by 1 week Lab reports 20 points maximum .
Only 10 best labs count Due at the end of the lab activity before you leave Flow Chart of HW Lab ReportsTurn in assignment Do assignment Grades assignment.
hw lab report Review grading Keep for 1 week Resolve grading Keeps assignmentdisputes with TA Return assignment to TA until end of semester.
Talk to lab directorabout unresolved Give all assignmentsdisputes to Lab DirectorLab Director Assigns final course grade Lab Attendance Rules.
Do not attend other lab sections Exceptions only with written email permission by the lab director One missed lab activity can be made up during your regular labhours in the last week of classes April 22nd April 23rd You must sign up to make up a lab .
You cannot repeat a lab you have already done before If you forgot to turn in the homework related to the lab activity you aremaking up you can still do so now but only for a 50 credit University sponsored activities athletic competitions etc Contact the lab director as early as possible to arrange for attending.
other sections Prerequisites for Physics 2015 Algebra/Trigonometry (no Calculus) Physics 2010 or equivalent course Are You Ready for Physics 2015? Buy the lab manual (University book store). If it is not yet available: Go to the website, click on “Manuals” and find Introduction, homework 1 and lab 1 as a pdf file.

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