Physics 2170 Foundations of Modern Physics

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Physics 2130Foundations of Modern PhysicsQuantum Mechanics Part IV ApplicationsClicker Questions.
Lecture SlidesProfessor John Price Spring 2019 Applications of Quantum MechanicsMulti electron atoms and the periodic table TZD Ch 10 Metals insulators semiconductors TZD 13 1 13 6 14 2 .
Nuclear spin NMR MRI TZD 16 1 16 2 9 3 9 4 9 5 9 8 Quantum ComputingJ Preskill https arxiv org abs 1801 00862A Helwer on Youtube https youtu be F Riqjdh2oM Screened Coulomb Potential.
1 H ydrogenradial probability distributions for the outermost electron B 1 other electronsD Z electron being.
solved forE Z 1 eClicker Slide 120 Physics 2130 Spring 2019 for the innermost electron .
other electronselectron beingE Z 1 solved forClicker Slide 121 Physics 2130 Spring 2019.
other electrons nucleusWe are often interested invalence electrons so1 2 e.
electron beingsolved for W is the electronic configuration of nitrogen C 1s22s22p1D 1s22s22p2.
E 1s22s22p3Clicker Slide 122 Physics 2130 Spring 2019 E stimate for helium Clicker Slide 123 Physics 2130 .
Spring 2019 2p states n 2 l 1 m 1 statesCaSO4 2H2ORed Oxygen.
Yellow SulferSelenite crystals Niaca Mine Pink Oxygen in H2OBravais lattice An elementary Crystal A Bravais lattice plus a set orrepeating pattern that can fill all of basis of atoms associated with everyspace Every point has exactly the lattice point In this case on Na and.
same environment on Cl diffractionAgilent Supernova XRDSources Dual Cu Mo X ray sources for protein and small molecule work Quickand easy switching between sources .
135mm Atlas CCD detector on extended two theta arm Oxford Instruments Cryojet HT Provides liquid nitrogen cooling giving atemperature range of 90 490K Glasses SiO2quartz glass or fused crystal.
Two particle correlationProbability to find an atom or molecule a distance r from another Bonding in Fermi surface of Electron normal Zeeman effect orbital angular momentum .
0 Clicker Slide 124 Physics 2130 Electron normal Zeeman effect orbital angular momentum What is f .
0 m 1 f E hA 14 GHz TB 12 MHz T l 0.
C 28 GHz TD 42 MHz TE 18 kHz TClicker Slide 125 Physics 2130 Electron anomalous Zeeman effect spin angular momentum .
What is f 0 s 1 2 f E hA 14 GHz T.
B 12 MHz TC 28 GHz TD 42 MHz TE 18 kHz TClicker Slide 126 Physics 2130 .
Proton NMR spin angular momentum What is f 0 s 1 2 f E h.
A 14 GHz TB 12 MHz TC 28 GHz TD 42 MHz TE 18 kHz T.
Clicker Slide 127 Physics 2130 continuumA B C D E FWhat system corresponds to each sketch Some options harmonic oscillator free particle hydrogen spin 1 2 particle.
in a magnetic field infinite square well finite square wellEvery system must have a ground state NMR TodayNO Spatial Resolution YESFrequency Resolution .
TD NMR oil content in seed crops Functional MRI of the human brainStructure of bio molecules by multi dimensionmulti nuclear NMR spectroscopy MRI spectroscopy of the human brain Energies for proton NMRchemical bonds electrostatic.
45 MHz 1 GHzproton Larmor freq magnetic dipole dipolechemical shiftsJ couplings.
100 105 1010 1015Frequency Hz Liquid phase proton FT NMR spectroscopy Liquid phase proton FT NMR spectroscopyNMR Spectrum.
Demo acetone free nail polish removerratio of ethanol ethyl acetate water in nail polish remover NMR nuclear magnetic resonance NMR Spectrometers TodayBruker 400 MHz AVANCE III.
Varian 900 MHz Scale Anasazi Aii 60 MHzQualion 60 MHz Refinery New Table top NMR Spectrometers approx to scale 45 MHz 2013 .
picoSpin Thermo Fisher Nanalysis 60 MHzMagritek 42 MHzOxford 60 MHzBruker 60 MHz 2013 Slide by Joe Lykken Fermilab.
Physical qubit technologies slides by Tanisha Bassan Physical qubit technologies slides by Tanisha Bassan Physical qubit technologies slides by Tanisha Bassan Transmon qubit figures by Christian Dickel transmission line shunted plasma oscillation qubit .
Transmon qubit figures by Christian Dickel Transmon qubit figures by Christian Dickel Amit Vainsencher with Google s 72 qubitquantum processor.
Transmit. Coil. Liquid-phase proton FT-NMR spectroscopy. To make an NMR signal you put a coil of wire near the aligned protons. *click* By sending a brief radio-frequency pulse into the coil to can create a varying magnetic field that has the effect of tipping the protons over so they are now perpendicular to the magnetic field.

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