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Physics 231Electricity and MagnetismDC AC CircuitsPhysics 231 Lecture 0 1 Fall 2008 Course Basics.
Instructor Dr Stephen J DauntOffice 218 Nielsen Physics Bldg Phone 974 7847Email sdaunt utk eduhttp www phys utk edu daunt EM... .
Office Hrs 09 00 10 00am MW or by AppointmentPhysics 231 Lecture 0 2 Fall 2008 Textbook Required .
Young Freedman University Physics 12thEdition with Modern Physics Suggested Schaum s Outline Series Physics forEngineering and Science Electromagnetism.
Physics 231 Lecture 0 3 Fall 2008 2 Hour Exams 20 No Makeup exams Final Exam Comprehensive 15 Laboratory 30 .
Homework written and MasteringPhysics 35 No Extensions or Makeups Grade Scale A 90 and above.
B 85 and aboveB 80 and aboveC 75 and aboveC 70 and aboveD 60 and above.
F below 60Physics 231 Lecture 0 4 Fall 2008Exams are Closed BookOne sided full page cheat sheet allowed forconstants .
formulas etc Exam ScheduleTest I Sept 29Test II Nov 5Final Dec 8.
Dates are provisional Changes if any will be announced in classPhysics 231 Lecture 0 5 Fall 2008 Course Assumptions Familiarity with Calculus and Calculus concepts.
Kinematic Motion Energy ConsiderationsKinetic EnergyPotential EnergyConservation of Energy.
If needs bereview material from Chapters 1 12 of textbookPhysics 231 Lecture 0 6 Fall 2008 Material To Be CoveredReading Lectures Subject Material.
Chapter 21 Introduction Electric Charges FieldsChapter 22 Gauss s LawChapter 23 Electric PotentialChapter 24 Capacitance and DielectricsChapter 25 Current EMF Resistance.
Chapter 26 DC CircuitsChapter 27 Magnetic Fields Magnetic ForcesChapter 28 Sources of Magnetic FieldsChapter 29 Electromagnetic InductionChapter 30 Inductance.
Chapter 31 AC CircuitsChapter 32 EM Waves Maxwell s Eqts Physics 231 Lecture 0 7 Fall 2008 Course Notes Course notes are posted to web page.
It is expected that students will have readthe material before coming to classPhysics 231 Lecture 0 8 Fall 2008Final Exam: Comprehensive 15% Laboratory: 30% Homework: written and Mastering Physics 35% No Extensions or Makeups Grade Scale: A 90 and above B+ 85 and above B 80 and above C+ 75 and above C 70 and above D 60 and above F below 60 Exams Exams are Closed Book One sided full page “cheat sheet” allowed for constants, formulas, etc. Exam ...

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Charlie Kaufman, Radia Perlman and Mike Speciner, Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall, 2002. ISBN-10: 0-13-046019-2. ISBN-13:978-0-13-046019-6. Optional: Charles P. Pfleeger and Shari Lawrence Pfleeger, Security in Computing, 4th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2006. ISBN-10: 0-13-239077-9.

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