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From Saving for Retirement to Spending in Retirement Income solutions that workIan Kerr Investment Products SpecialistPresentation for use with advisors only Trying to dodge retirement planning .
It s too lateI don t have Retirement can t be avoided Canadians 45 years and older hold 2 3 trillion or 79 ofCanada s wealth.
By 2017 7 7 of Canadians will have moved from savingmoney to retirement income Those without pensions are vulnerable Percentage of Canadian labor force with defined benefit plansdropped from 51 9 in 1980 to 31 8 in 2011.
1 Source Investor Economics Household balance sheet 2011 Accumulation planning hasneeds and solutionsAccumulate Transition Income25 45 65 100.
Needs Solutions Pay expenses Variability of income Savings risk Savings rate Mortality risk Life insurance Market risk Asset allocation.
Income planning is different thanaccumulation planningAccumulate Transition Income25 45 65 100Needs Solutions.
Pay expenses Sustainability of income Longevity risk Guaranteed income products Estate values Life insurance Asset allocation and principal Market risk.
protected products What happens when inflation picks up Purchasing power of 1 in 25 years1 inflation 2 inflation 4 inflation 0 78 0 61 0 38.
Facing significant challenges People spending more years in retirement Pensions playing smaller role Savings rates at all time low Canada pension plan and stock market uncertainty.
Increasing life expectancy Gaps between desired lifestyle and income sustainability Striking the right balance is important Take a look at clients who ask Will I have enough retirement income to last my lifetime .
I already have a pension plan Will I need more guaranteed income How much retirement income is enough How do I grow my investments without risk and losing myRetirement income market will continue to seek out.
solutions from the advice driven channel Case study meet James Client profile 57 years old Advanced investor.
On track to retire at 65 Non registered savingstotal 1 109 000 Investing for growth in retirement Low risk low return funds limit income variability and.
possibly sustainability Inflation erodes purchasing power Recommendations for James Investment funds Invest for growth.
Canada Life segregated funds Draw income efficiently using a reservoir fund strategy Protect estate values immediate and up to 100 deathbenefit guarantee Invest for growth.
1 Professionally developed single fund solutions Asset allocation funds Partner managed solutions2 Stand alone funds for customized portfolios 74 funds including specialty and 100 per cent equity funds.
12 investment managers Reservoir fund strategyDraw income when needed Protect estate values Key opportunities with investment funds.
Keep more of the growth Aggregate assets Preferred series segregated funds Lower overall management fees Introducing new income fund options.
Keep more of the growth preferred series Equity fund fees as low as 1 35 Fixed income fund fees as low as 1 10 Specialty class fund fees as low as 1 70 Why place high net worth clients in segregated funds .
Scenario 2 5 million portfolioTrust administration1 50 Trust set upManagement fee1 00 Advisory and management.
service fee Defer taxes with a prescribed annuityFor illustration purposes only Comparison between a prescribed single life annuity and a non prescribed single life annuity that is indexed at 2 5 per cent annually Both scenarios are based on a 60 year old male non smoker with 250 000 to invest receiving income payments annually using a marginal tax rate of 40 per cent The prescribed annuity bar reflects the fixed annual after tax amount and annual taxes payable for the duration of the prescribed annuity .
Annuity quotes as of June 9 2010 Cashable annuity Clients may avoid annuitiesbecause of lack of liquidity Cashable payout annuity provides.
guaranteed income AND access Canada Life cashable annuityRegistration type Non registered onlyFeatures optionsTax treatment options Accrual only.
Variability of income None if cashable feature is not used Income sustainability For a term or life if cashable feature is notLiquidity Yes income will be reduced within theguarantee period Indexation Available.
How it works Lifetime income benefit add when ready Building an income plan meet Diane and Mark Diane 62 Mark 65 Married couple transitioning to retirement.
Self employed with no pension Non registered savings 731 000 Annual desiredfamily income 70 000 Current guaranteed.
family income 40 000 Balanced investors Sustainable retirement income No change to guaranteed income if one dies unexpectedly Variability of income.
Retirement to include more travel Willing to trade for needs and wants Some estate protection Some liquidity Build and show them their income solution.
Recommended product allocationIncome AssetsLifetime income benefit 12 950 350 000 based on joint life rates .
Life annuity 5 400 100 000 based on joint life rates Systematic withdrawal plan 12 280 281 162The guaranteed income from the lifetime income benefit assumes no income resets or excess withdrawals .
Protect both spouses incomes Investors haven t really changed their desire which is toincrease wealth but they are more conscious ofprotecting wealth Earl Bederman.
President Investor Economics New funds Strong managers Enhancedportfolios Boosting the breadth and depth of Canada Life investment shelf Ambitious year for Canada Life investments.
Strategic investing with new fixed income mandates New mandate from Putnam Investments New short and long term mandates from Portico InvestmentManagement Investing in dividends beyond the Canadian border.
New U S Dividend Fund GWLIM from GLC Enhanced asset allocation funds from Portfolio Solutions Full complement of fixed income mandates Consistent performanceHigh yield bonds have provided positive returns 17 of the last 20 years.
Source Barclays Global High Yield TR CAD U S dividend mandate expands our optionsEnhanced Dividend Laketon U S Dividend London Capital .
Invest in the largest economy in the worldTop 10 dividend yielding stocks in the US as of April 30 2013Stock Current price Estimated dividend 2013 Dividend yield AT T 38 73 1 8200 4 70Intel 22 88 0 9450 4 13.
Verizon 52 19 2 1050 4 03General Electric 21 35 0 8200 3 84Merck 47 92 1 7400 3 63Cisco Systems 20 59 0 7100 3 45Dupont 50 41 1 7200 3 41.
Chevron 116 57 3 8800 3 33Microsoft 30 83 1 0000 3 24McDonalds 99 32 3 2200 3 245 year GIC 2 20Source Dow Jones.
Asset allocation funds professionally managedsingle fund solutions When you invest in the asset allocation funds you get thevalue of Portfolio Solutions Group Full time professional overlay management.
Provides portfolio allocation and fund manager oversight services Fund performance remains strongInternal equity funds 80 of internal funds in the top two quartiles over three years Global Equity Setenta in top two quartiles over one three.
and five yearsSource Wealth Management Financial Management Quartile rankings are weighted by number of Funds and includes target date funds As of March 31 2013 Fund performance remains strongMackenzie and external equity funds Global Future Mackenzie ranked 1st quartile over one .
three five 10 years Canadian Equity Bissett and Small Cap Equity Bissett ranked 1st quartile over one three five years and secondquartile over 10 yearsSource Wealth Management Financial Management Quartile rankings are weighted by number of Funds and includes target date funds As of March 31 2013 .
Great opportunities right now Competitive advantage in savings and income markets Unique fund solutions to meet more clients needs Well positioned to make most of current economicenvironment.
The trading of the securities adds additional costs often not seen by the client, as they are hidden in the cost base of the units themselves. Assuming a low turnover in assets, this can easily be 25 bps in costs that are already included in preferred series 2 pricing.

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