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Please don t Go Avoidingduring new student onboarding About the Presenter Almost 20 years of progressively responsible experience inhigher education .
Served in key leadership roles at public private andproprietary institutions Responsible for short and long range strategic planning academic guidance career services.
disability services enrollment management financial aid placement testing retention services.
student activities Dr Porter Brannon veteran s affairs Vice President for Student ServicesMitchell Community College Works closely with campus and external partners toensure students meet the demands of a constantly.
changing community and workplace How College Administrators View theEnrollment ProcessCollege administrators and staff often see intake and orientation as a linear path fromapplication to the first day of classes A series of sub processes comprise the onboarding.
process from application to advising and financial aid to registration Financial Testing Academic Registratio 1st Day ofApplication Aid Credit OrientationAdvising n Classes.
FAFSA Evaluation Student s View ofthe Enrollment Process Stress Inducing New applicant receives conflicting information about.
college onboarding steps Multiple visits required to complete one task Completing the FAFSA Selecting a major The end result.
50 of new applicants never attend Most college administrators are aware of what s happening We have made sense of our processes We get frustrated that our student have not We tend to blame student for their behavior instead of.
modifying our processes around their behavior Why should we change what we do to accommodateperceived bad behaviors Because we need them How did we reduce fight flight at1 Staff Paradigm Shifts using Behavioral Economics.
2 Monitoring enrollment processes3 Setting Goals Communicated Goals Achieving Goals4 Repurposing Staff5 Change the way we communicate with students Too often students are required to helplessly navigate complex and ill defined requirements and make significant.
academic decisions without fully understanding their impact Behavioral economics theory asserts that individuals donot do a good job of making decisions when faced with such large sets of complex and ill defined choices Paradigm Shifts Traditional Economic The rational person is assumed tocorrectly weigh costs and benefits and.
calculate the best choices for himself The rational person is expected to knowhis preferences both present and future and never flip flops between twocontradictory desires .
He has perfect self control and canrestrain impulses that may prevent himfrom achieving his long term goals Behavioral Economics Reality In contrast behavioral economics shows that actual human beings do not.
act that way People have limited cognitive abilities and a great deal of troubleexercising self control People often make choices that bear a mixed relationship to their ownpreference happiness .
They tend to choose the option that has the greatest immediate appealat the cost of long term happiness We choose a goal and then frequently act against it becauseself control problem fails us to implement our goals Community College Processes Don t.
Help The traditional community college employs a self service model of student support where applicantsfind their own way through decisions processes policies and procedures Community college students are forced to make a.
wide range of complex decisions during theironboarding process Students do not do a good job of making decisionswhen faced with complex and ill defined Unexplained processes poor communication from.
the college seemingly unnecessary tasks tocomplete and directions wrapped in unfamiliarjargon trigger fight or flight new studentresponses Monitoring the Enrollment Process.
Fragmented with no one person responsible oraccountable for enrollment and recruitment No recruitment plans No one monitoring enrollment funnel No one monitoring enrollment trends .
No one setting enrollment targets Set Goals Communicate Goals Achieve Goals Repurpose Staff Reorganize in house talent with.
the necessaryskills attitude anddesire to improveour processes Removal of staff.
who s skills did notmatch the newneeds of the Change how we Communicate with Students Personal phone calls.
Text messages Emails Postcards On time Reminders Questions Discussion.
How College Administrators View the Enrollment Process College administrators and staff often see intake and orientation as a linear path from application to the first day of classes. A series of sub-processes comprise the onboarding process, from application to advising and financial aid, to registration.

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avoiding disputes and disputes resolution approaches in contractsa paper presented at 2-day zonal workshops on essentials of building & engineering contract documentation and administration by the nigerian institue of quantity surveyors on 22nd – 23rd march, 2017 at newton hotel, plot h2, along imo specialist hospital owerri, imo state. mallambashiru ahmad

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