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True DivinePrinciple WSRev Yoo KoreaTrue Parents of MankindEngl slides edited and updated by Bengt de Paulis Sweden 6000Bl10 15 Jan 2009.
As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk Our familyby centering on true love to seek our original homeland and establish the original ideal of creation the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven.
ref Takes interest I am the Takes responsibility Protects Family Pledge As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk Our family.
pledges by centering on true love to represent and become centralto heaven and earth we pledge to perfect the dutiful familyfilial sons and daughters in our family.
patriots in our nation saints in the world and divine sons and daughtersin heaven and earth Family pledge As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk Our.
pledges by centering on true love to perfect the Four Great Realms of the Three Great Kingships Family Pledge As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk Our family.
pledges by centering on true love to build the universal family encompassingHeaven and Earth which is God s ideal of creation and perfect the world of freedom peace unity.
and happiness Family pledge As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk Our familypledges by centering on true love to strive everyday to advance the .
to advance the unification of the spirit worldand the physical world as subject and object partners Family pledge As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk Our.
pledges by centering on true love to embody God and True Parents we will perfect a familythat moves heavenly fortune and conveys Heaven s blessing.
Family Pledge As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk Ourpledges by centering on true love to perfect a world based on theculture of heart.
which is rooted in the original lineage through living for the sake of others Family pledge As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk Our familypledges by.
centering on true love as we enter the Completed Testament age to achieve the ideal oneness of God andhumankind in love through absolute faith absolute love and.
absolute obedience thereby perfecting the realm of liberation and The reasonUnification I The reason to study.
the Unification Principle To solve all the problems in thereal world View about God life marriage nation world universe history Life mind and body conflict confrontation struggle .
Family breakdown divorce affairs Teenage prostitution AIDS Academy education Problems of labor and management Racialdiscrimination National barriers Religion Ideology conflicts philosophy democracy communism Environmental pollution Food shortage.
Problems concerning the Spirit World Existence and relationship Fundamental issue of philosophy Leaders religion politics economy scholars have addressedproblems according to the arising circumstance not being able to find fundamental solutions .
To establish True Values Values How to view right or wrong good evil true false If values are differentthoughts judgement standpoint ... .
ns actions lifestyles will differ example North South Korea Values are different To realize a United Peaceful World.
People desire freedom equality peace unity andWhere does a united peaceful world start from World Family Individual Individual FamilyUnity of the Individual s mind and body man woman .
Realize peace through buildingTo know thea true True MeTrue Person God s.
The reason we cannot solvethese problems We try to solve problems while denyingexistence of the creator Even though we may believe in God we.
Him aside and try to solve problemson our own thinking The starting point of all problems andthe starting point of solutions to allproblems is Me .
What kind of being amBeingI of contradictionconflicting purposesEvil OriginalEvil Mind Good from inception .
Destruction after birth Desire Ignorance Originalnature Ideal of CrMisfortune Happiness Fall Conflict Opposition FightEvil Body Good.
deeds deedsIndividual WorldSadness JoyProblems ProblemsFighting Fighting.
Peace PeaceUnity Unity Fallen manThe fall of man OppositionOriginal Lost.
Original God s ideal ofMan creation Ideal family nation world Fallen man 2 Spiritual ignorance.
The reality of God His heart Spirit World of essence Life origin purpose Religion S Mind after death .
Good EvilFallen manIgnoranc External ignorancee Spirit Body Origin of the physical O Intellec universe.
Flesh Natural lawsWorld of phenomen III Religion andPhilosophy Science to prove God Origin of the Universe Religion To teach the lifestyle to attend God.
ReligionThere is no need for religion in the original worFallen man needs religionWhat is the state of religion today Religion today Unable to fulfill responsibility.
Stress on the next world Living in material Incomplete doctrine unable to solve currentproblems Ignorance of God s Will Lost Heavenly fortu Christianity.
Became the world religion by raising the bannerof man s salvation Lost the fundamental mission of religion Should overcome ignorance of the mind andabout God s providence .
Unable to fulfill mission Fulfill the mission of a bride to receive theMessiah Unable to fulfill missio I am the groom and you are the bride .
ChristianityGod is my father Unable to explain theI am His son Only son Father and son relationshipJesus Bride and groom could not build an ideal family Ethics and values destroyed.
Could not teach the ideal of world brotherhood Be the salt and light of the world Mat 5 13 16 Unable to fulfill mission The world came into the church religion and made itsecularized .
Christianity could not fulfill the mission of religionMessiah comingA E Fall True ParentsJesus resurrection Cheon Il Guk Fallen worldReligion.
BlessingS Death UnificationJudaismChristianity Church EngraftFalse olive tree Elder second third False olive tree True olive tree.
Rom11 17 The Messiah comes and cuts down thewild oliveYou do nottreesandin a religionengrafts andwith.
them receive salvation rebirtthe True olive treefrom religionYou receive salvation through the Blessing true love by believing attending the Messiah True Parents .
Lost ability to take action lost ability to act and power to persuade dueto incompleteness in ideology Became a religion of rituals and institution lost sense of direction concerning God s.
providence Became a tool of living Regarding the realization of God s ideal lightly Lost the spirit of the early church lost the fire of the religious reformation .
Science Object of research Something form Nothing no form Faces obstacles Man s life has become more convenient due to.
the development of science but has alsosuffered great damagedue to ignoring human values IV The Necessity of theAppearance of the Principle.
From the view of the providential age Development of spirit and intellect Principle Perfection New WordCompletion Law Completed.
Sacrifice New testament Growth Ark testament testament Formation 1600 400 400 1600 2000A E F M NoahAbrahamMoses Jesus LSA.
Realm of no Principle From the view of the Bible Biblical ground John16 25 Though I have been speakingfiguratively a time is coming when I will nolonger use this kind of language but will tell.
you plainly about my Father John16 12 I have much more to say toyou more than you can now bear John16 13 But when he the Spirit oftruth comes he will guide you into all.
truth He will not speak on his own hewill speak only what he hears and he willtell you what is yet to come Rev10 10 11 You must prophesy againabout many peoples nations languages and.
Luke 5 38 New wine must be pouredinto new wineskins V The Mission of the Solve the problems of the real world Problems about existence 6 AIDs.
and relationship 7 Fundamental problems of The problems of family the Bible Denominations and the youth 8 Problems concerning the Racial discrimination Spirit world Life after death Religious dispute 9 Ideoligical problems.
National borders democracy communism 10 True values Establish True Values1 Understand the correct way to view God2 Reveal the Spirit World problems of life after death .
3 Know True Parents clearly4 Know clearly that man is fallen5 Clearly know about restoration through indemnity Realize a United Peaceful World Realize One World Family centered on God.
and True Parents Realize Family of Heaven Realize the Ideal of True Families centered on True Parents Absolute Purity Absolute sexuality Absolute sexual organ From ignorance to knowing From Fallen Man to Original Man Teach clearly about God Know about Fallen man sinners .
Teach clearly about True Parents Know clearly about the restoration through Teach clearly about the spirit world Know man s portion of responsibility clearly2 Restore God s Fatherland Cheon Il Gouk All mankind become BlessedFamilies Reveal the root of Democracy and Communism and.
realize a United Peaceful world Unite Religion and Science Unite Ideologies Solve the Fundamental problems of the Bible Unity ofdenominations Unity of Religions Guide humanity into the New World Establish a Cosmic.
great family Establish my True self V Overview of the Structure of theUnification Principle and the Core The structure of the Unification Principle.
Part 1 Intro 7chapters13 chapters 568p Korean version Part 2 Intro 6chapters Core contentPrinciple of Eschatology.
creation The Messiah ChristologySalvation Restoration ResurrectionWho is Jesus His mission PredestinatioRebirth and the trinityThe Human n The SecondFall Introduction Advent When How Where.
Providence of RestorationMessiah Lord of the SecondPrinciple of Preparation for the secondAdvent Savior TrueRestoration advent of the Messiah Parents Blessing Rebirth TrueParents of Heaven Earth and.
Old testament 39 books Sam 9 6 Messiah Jesustestament 27 books Rev 22 14 Messiah Lord of the secble s ultimate purpose Receive the Messiahinciple s ultimate purpose Receive the Messiah Receive his teachings e and Attend the Messiah Become a True Child of God and Fulfill the Purpose of.
The Unification Principle is not the doctrine of the Unification church but it I the principle and the Heaven s way that all man must know and live ref 1 The Principle was revealed by True1920 Parents1 6 Born in 2221 Sangsari Deokonmyon Jeongjugun.
Pyonganbukdo Korea1935 15yrs Easter morning Receive Heaven s mandate1945 Completely reveal and organize heaven s principlebefore the liberation of Korea Fight with billions of Satans in Heaven and Earth Win Victory Receiv.
Heaven s recognition seal Come to earth and Declare the Life giving The difficulty finding the Principle More difficult than picking uspecific grain of sand from the bottom of the Pacific ocean To meet the Messiah True Parents More difficult than fishingspecific fish in the whole Pacific ocean .
The Principle is the Atomic bomb of True Love the Atomic bomb ofeternal life the Words of Salvation the Words of Eternal Life the WordUnity the WordsCharacter ofofthePeace the Words ofAbsolute.
Principle Blessing that appeared in the 20th cRevelation Document Head ref 1935 15yrs 4 17 Receive Heaven s mandat.
1935 4 17 1945 8 15 Delving into the1945 1952 Propagate the Principle1952 5 10 Wolli Wonbon Original Divine Principle Witness in Pusan Daegu Seoul 1954 5 1 Establish the Unification movement in.
1957 8 15 Wolli Hesul Explanation of the DivinePrinciple 1966 5 1 Wolli Kangron Exposition of the DivineTrue Parents of Mankind Engl slides edited and updated by Bengt de Paulis Sweden, 6000Bl 10-15 Jan 2009 1 week True DivinePrinciple WS Rev. Yoo Korea

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