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4 CHALLENGES FOR PISA IN SUB SAHARANAFRICAN REGION 1 INTRODUCTION TO CONFEMEN AND PASECCONFEMEN Conf rence des Ministres de l Education des Etats etGouvernements membres de la francophonie 44 countries .
CONFEMEN missions 1 Inform its members on the evolution of educationsystems and ongoing reforms 2 Feed in the reflection about common topics ofinterest promote Education for All diversify.
resources and improve efficiency 3 Facilitate concertation between the Ministers etexperts in the purpose of supporting education sectorpolicies and the management of education systems Le PASEC .
The Programme d Analyse des Syst mes Educatifs de la CONFEMEN Education Systems Analysis Program has been created in 1991 Forthe past 20 years the PASEC has been running National and ThematicEvaluations under countries requests Since 2012 the PASEC has setup a new framework for international comparative evaluations in 10.
African countries PASEC Objectives Identify Basic Education effectiveness and equity factorsapplying to education systems schools teachers and Provide indicators to national sector policies for monitoring.
and mutual comparison in the francophone area andbeyond via the partnership with SACMEQ Contribute to the development at country level of nationaleducation system capacity and foster the research through aknowledge community .
Disseminate evaluation results at international level How PASEC operates A Steering Committee for defining PASEC strategic orientation and monitoringPASEC action plan A Scientific Committee as a warrant of the scientific quality of the PASEC results.
accordingly to International standards At country level National PASEC teams composed of national experts in charge ofimplementation At central level in Dakar CONFEMEN H Q a team of Technical Advisors provideguidance quality control training coordination and communication .
Ressources are provided by CONFEMEN countries contributions Financial Partners AFD WB 35 of the country evaluation cost is supported by the countries themselves The selection of countries is made by the CONFEMEN under a process of.
application from candidate countries 2 NEW ORIENTATIONS AND M THODOLOGY FORPASEC INTERNATIONAL EVALUATIONS 10 countries evaluated in 2014 Benin Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroun Ivory Coast Congo Niger Senegal Chad Togo .
A regular evaluation cycle every four years Occurring at 3 key moments of the school life Entrance into the schooling 2nd grade of primary End of primary cycle 6th grade of primary End of Basic Education cycle end of lower secondary school .
Representative samples at national level 180 schools 20students per class A partnership with the SACMEQ enabling scorecomparison at the Continental African level and sharingexperiences on practices and sector policies between.
Anglophone and Francophone African countries Student performance comparison at the end of primaryschool at a given moment between all particpatingcountries 10 PASEC countries and 15 SACMEQcountries .
and a time log comparison for a given country of itsown performance Standardised test administration and data analysisprocedures according to International evaluationstandards type of PISA PIRLS or SACMEQ for better.
international comparisons A multi level analysis methodology for spotting efficiencyfactors and taking into account the part of scoresvariance related to students schools and sector policycharacteristics .
A test psychometric analysis methodology Itemresponse Theory IRT considering the item s difficultylevel and student s skills at 6th grade This allowspositioning students on a similar proficiency scale NEW PASEC EVALUATION TOOLS .
2nd and 6th grade tests They are built upon Expected basic skills from students in 6th grade ofprimary school essential for schooling continuationand recognized by the international community of.
researchers in pedagogy and education psychology Official curricula implemented in the countries Tests objectives at 6th grade are to 1 Identify the proficiency level in writingcomprehension and in the domain of mathematics.
numeracy measures geometry expected skills decoding extract information deduce analysing andgiving opinion to know to implement to reason inmathematics 2 Spot education systems efficiency factors in primary.
3 Enable students assets international comparisonbetween all PASEC countries on one hand but alsowith SACMEQ countries Tests objectives at 2nd grade Detect students gaps at the very beginning of the.
schooling in order to adapt and re orient teaching curricula pedagogy and practices and more globallysector policy at 2nd grade the comparison is possible onlyfor countries sharing the same teaching language Assess directly the students level upon unique.
competences and not upon a set of competences oneitem one competence assessed in oral comprehension reading writing comprehension numeracy Individual test administration orally to detect the reallevel in very targeted skills .
Questionnaires Questionnaires to students teachers schools directorsand to the ministries administration Student socio economic level Student familial context.
Appetite for reading and maths Self esteem Student s schooling history School environment well being at school Classroom school and community infrastructures.
Pedagogical resources available at school level Pedagogical practices teachers training School management School time management International report.
Thematic analysis reflection around national reports 2016 International publication and dissemination of results international event Test psychometric analysis Data econometric analysis.
Group meeting 1 Test administration in 10 countries Entering data and processing International training 1 and Group meeting 1 Group meetings 2 .
Testing of tools in 10 countries 2013 Instruments adaptation and traduction Sampling Call for application selection of countries 2012 Cr ation of new instruments test and questionnaires .
Partnership with SACMEQTIME TABLE3 INTERNATIONAL PASEC EVALUATIONS Other activities Construction for PASEC of common skills scales at the.
end of primary school and at the end of lower secondaryschool available in 2015 4 CONTEXT AND CHALLENGES FOR A PISAEVALUATION IN AFRICA REGION Net intake rate at the entry of lower secondary .
between 20 and 45 for PASEC Africanfrancophone countries Weak competences at the exit of the primary schoolwith repercussions on the lower secondary 26 4 25 1 .
36 2 38 1 36 7 37 3 45 1 47 4 28 8 84 2 37 4 30 5 29 1 30 9 25 2 .
19 8 37 9 33 6 37 5 31 4 27 4 23 6 9 6 24 0 BEN CMR MDG GAB BFA COG SEN BDI CIV COM RDC Issues at stake .
1 Adapt questionnaires to field reality2 Adapt data collection procedure to field reality and resourcesconstraints 3 What proximity operational support could be given to somecountries having weak national evaluation systems and.
limited resources human and equipment 4 Taking into consideration students skills for those at thebottom of the PISA scale 5 What methodology for sampling the population of out ofschool youth .
6 What type of skills should be evaluated for out of schoolyouth having been or not in primary school MERCI DE VOTRE ATTENTIONwww confemen orgpasec confemen org.
Tests objectives at 2nd grade: Detect students gaps , at the very beginning of the schooling, in order to adapt and re-orient teaching, curricula, pedagogy and practices, and more globally sector policy (at 2nd grade the comparison is possible only for countries sharing the same teaching language ).

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