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PresentationNational Conference onPrivacy Technology Criminal Justice InformationShould Commercial Providers of.
Background Information be Regulated Presented by Peter L O Neill Esq Chief Executive Officer Washington DCCARCO Group Inc June 1 2000.
EmployerReport Applicant 1st Party Employee 2nd Party Reporting Agency.
3rd Party Investigation must be conducted by 3rd party Investigations of Applicant conducted by Employer Are not consumer reports are not governed by FCRA.
OTHER PUBLICRECORDS REFERENCES A Consumer ReportingAgency May FurnishReports For.
Permissible Purposes Court order or subpoena Otherwise legitimate Credit transaction involving business need for theconsumer information in connection Employment purposes with business transaction.
initiated by consumer Underwriting of insurance License or other benefit Response to head of stategranted by government for child support.
As potential investor Agency administered byservicer insurer with Social Security Actvaluation assessment of FCRA Sect 604 FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT CONSUMER DISCLOSURE AND GENERAL AUTHORIZATION.
In connection with my application for employment with Company Iunderstand that a consumer report or investigative consumer report as those terms are defined in the federal FairCredit Reporting Act as amended FCRA 15 U S C 1681 et seq may be obtained by the Company from aconsumer reporting agency Agency I further understand that the Agency may not give out information aboutme to the Company without my written consent It is also understood that the Agency may not report medical.
information about me to the Company without my specific prior consent as to the release of such information which is in addition to my general authorization herein I understand that an investigative consumer report is a special type of consumer report in which information aboutmy character general reputation personal characteristics and mode of living is obtained through personalinterviews In the event an investigative consumer report is obtained I understand that I a am entitled to receive a.
summary of my rights and b have the right to request additional disclosures provided for below as follows Upon my written request to the Company within a reasonable period of time after my receipt of this Fair CreditReporting Act Consumer Disclosure and General Authorization the Company shall make a complete and accuratedisclosure of the nature and scope of the investigation requested It is understood that this disclosure shall be madein writing mailed or otherwise delivered to me not later than five 5 days after the date on which the request for.
such disclosure was received from me or such report was first requested whichever is later in time I hereby authorize the Company now or at any time while I am employed by the Company to obtain a consumerreport or investigative consumer report on me as applicable This authorization does not include the release of mymedical information I further acknowledge that I have received a summary of my rights under the FCRA .
Applicant Signature Today s Date Printed Name Social Security Number PRE ADVERSE ACTION NOTICE CONSUMER REPORTDear Mr Ms Applicant s last name .
In connection with your application for employment you authorized to obtain a consumer report on you Depending upon theposition for which you applied the consumer report included one or more of thefollowing elements Criminal History record Credit Report and Social SecurityNumber Trace .
Pursuant to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act U S C 1681 et seq we arerequired to inform you that the information contained in the consumer report mayprevent you from obtaining employment with our organization You will be notifiedafter days following your receipt of this notice of our decision regarding yourpotential employment A copy of the consumer report prepared on you is attached .
In addition please find a written summary of your rights under the Fair CreditReporting Act Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this matter Sincerely .
Enclosures ADVERSE ACTION NOTICE FOR CONSUMER REPORTDear Mr Ms Applicant s last name Several days ago we notified you of the possibility that your application with might not be favorably considered .
Unfortunately we have made a decision not to extend an offer of employment to youbased in whole or in part on information contained in the consumer report which youauthorized us to obtain a copy of which was included in our first notice to you The followingconsumer reporting agency furnished the consumer report ABC REPORTING.
123 MAIN STREETDOWNTOWN USA 12345TOLL FREE 1 800 555 1234Please be advised ABC Reporting did not make the decision to take this action and will beunable to provide you with the specific reasons why you were not hired You have a right to.
obtain a free copy of the consumer report which ABC Reporting prepared on you providedyour request is received by ABC Reporting within sixty 60 days of receipt of this notice You also have the right to dispute the accuracy or completeness of any information containedin the report by contacting ABC Reporting directly Thank you for your interest in our company and we wish you success in your future.
employment endeavors Sincerely The FCRA gives several different federalagencies authority to enforce the FCRA For Questions of Concerns Regarding Please Contact .
CRA s creditors and others not listed below Federal Trade CommissionConsumer Response Center FCRAWashington D C 20580202 326 3761National banks federal branches agencies of foreign banks word Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.
National or initials N A appear in or after bank s name Compliance Management Mail Stop 6 6Washington D C 20219800 613 6743Federal Reserve System member banks except national banks and Federal Reserve Boardfederal branches agencies of foreign banks Division of Consumer Community Affairs.
Washington D C 20551202 452 3693Savings associations and federally chartered savings banks word Office of Thrift Supervision Federal or initials F S B appear in federal institution s name Consumer ProgramsWashington D C 20552.
800 842 6929Federal credit unions words Federal Credit Union appear in institution s National Credit Union Administrationname 1775 Duke StreetAlexandria VA 22314703 518 6360.
State chartered banks that are not members of the Federal reserve Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationSystem Division of Compliance Consumer AffairsWashington D C 20429800 934 FDICAir surface or rail common carriers regulated by former Civil Aeronautics Department of Transportation.
Board or Interstate Commerce Commission Office of Financial ManagementWashington D C 20590202 366 1306Activities subject to the Packers and Stockyards Act 1921 Department of AgricultureOffice of Deputy Administrator GIPSA.
Washington D C 20250202 720 7051Depending upon the position for which you applied, the consumer report included one or more of the following elements: Criminal History record; Credit Report; and Social Security Number Trace. Pursuant to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (U.S.C. 1681 et. seq.), we are required to inform you that the information contained in the consumer ...

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