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Claude MonetClaude MonetStudied Art at Le Harve Secondary School of the arts Lives in Giverny France Married Born on November 14 1840Claude MonetUsing our time in Giverny to paint series these are images depicting the same subject at different times of.
day in different kinds of light Water lilies are my favorite with Eugene Boudin Anderson 75 Eugene BoudinNow that you re living in Giverny and you re finally rich enough to purchase a house land and orchards whatPath to Fame are you painting I always knew I wanted to be an.
artist I attended the Le HarveClaude Monetsecondary school of the arts and made money selling Working on a new painting Impression Sunrise it s a scene of the harbor at sunrise I m feeling great about itcharcoal sketches to locals I and think it might be a real winner with Frederic Bazille Gascoigne 4 .
also had drawing lessons fromJacques Francois Ochard andEugene Boudin Frederic BazilleWhat are you painting now Up to anything new Eugene Boudin.
Claude MonetThe new technique is working really well using short brush strokes to capture the light looks great on canvas They re calling our style Impressionism with Pieree Auguste Renoir Johnson 2 Pierre Auguste RenoirPierre Auguste Renoir.
Loved working with you How s that new technique we developed working out Frederic BazilleClaudeMonetClaude MonetBasic Info Ad Space.
About Claude I m one of the most influential Impressionist artist Istudied under a lot of other famous painters but wasprobably most influenced by Manet Johnson 2 Inthe beginning my work was very unusual becausemy focus on unconventional compositions and bold.
colors was a big change from the Realist stylepopular at the time Marcus 89 I love to watch theway light hits different objects and the way colorschange depending on the sun and the time of day I m inspired by anything outdoors but I especially.
love to garden Water Lilies are one of my favoritethings My personal life hasn t always been easy Dudar 3 I was very poor at points and both mywives Camille and Alice died before me Anderson1 I also lost my son Jean I hope I can inspire other.
painters to explore a more abstract style of work PhilosophyFavorite Just think of the illimitable abundance and theQuotations marvelous loveliness of light or of the beauty of theEugene Boudin.
sun and moon and stars St AugustinePierre Auguste RenoirSources Anderson James Monet s Waterlilies New York Penguin 1987 Dudar Helen When light meets water Monet on the Mediterranean Smithsonian.
July 1997 80 Gale Power Search Web 9 Feb 2012 Gascoigne Laura Glory of the garden Laura Gascoigne manages to dodgeFrederic Bazille the crowds and find something of the magic of Monet s Giverny Spectator 6 Aug 2011 40 Gale Power Search Web 9 Feb 2012 Johnson Jerry Not Just Pretty Gardens The untamed beauty of Monet s last.
paintings New York 24 May 2010 Gale Power Search Web 9 Feb Marcus John Monet and Manet Purdue U 28 Nov 2003 Web 10 Feb 2012 Claude MonetStudied Art at Le Harve Secondary School of the arts Lives in Giverny France Married Born on November 14 1840Claude Monet s Albums 5 Photo Alums.
Organs Diseases Friends MiscellaneousBody System1 photo 1 photo 1 photo 1 photoI always knew I wanted to be an artist. I attended the Le Harve secondary school of the arts, and made money selling charcoal sketches to locals. I also had drawing lessons from Jacques-Francois Ochard, and Eugene Boudin. Studied Art at Le Harve Secondary School of the arts * Lives in Giverny, France * Married * Born on November 14, 1840 ...

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