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Project 3 Adaptation For the first part of this project you will you be writing ascript that portrays one scene Write the scene following the basic elements of Drama focus ondialogue and use stage direction when necessary .
Enter BAPTISTA KATHARINA BIANCA GREMIO and HORTENSIO LUCENTIOand TRANIO stand byBAPTISTAGentlemen importune me no farther For how I firmly am resolved you know That is not bestow my youngest daughter.
Before I have a husband for the elder If either of you both love Katharina Because I know you well and love you well Leave shall you have to court her at your pleasure GREMIO Aside To cart her rather she s too rough for me .
There There Hortensio will you any wife KATHARINAI pray you sir is it your willTo make a stale of me amongst these mates For the second part of the project you will bereceiving a script from another group read the.
script interpret it in your own way and shoot ashort film based on it Third shoot the newly adapted scene with yoursmartphones each group member needs toappear on screen and say something .
A few tips for shooting video If the camera phone is far awayfrom the actors then the actorsneed to shout If you hear a lot of wind or.
background noise in the scene you might need to filmelsewhere Landscape holding the phonesideways will get the best.
Practice your scene a few timesbefore filming make sure anyimportant actions are easy to A mix between long medium and close up shots are a good.
Finally edit the scene together into a shortfilm 2 4 minutes long Tips for editing your movie Start by putting each shot inorder then start trimming .
shots to get rid of extra timebefore and after theaction dialogue takes place Adding titles at the beginningand end is easy but it may.
take a little time to figure out Adjust the volume of eachaudio clip to make sure thereare no really loud or reallyquiet parts.
Add music sound effects dissolves or special effects ifyou re feeling fancy Save your work every 15 DUE Wednesday December 6th.
Turn in the original script and the final movie Each group member must appear and speak at least once You will be graded on adherence to the instructions the quality ofthe literary choices made and the general watchability of the finalmovie I am not grading your acting filming or editing abilities.
I do not expect you to spend money on this project everything canbe done using phones you already own and free editing software forMac or PC just google free video editing software and you ll findseveral good options.
Turn in the original script and the final movie. Each group member must appear and speak at least once. You will be graded on adherence to the instructions, the quality of the literary . choices. made, and the general . watchability. of the final movie; I am not grading your acting, filming, or editing abilities

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