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Project ManagementRaj Khandekar Training and Development Training and Development both involve Training facilitates learning about procedures .
Development facilitates transformational A learning is cognitive behavioral andemotional change through reflection on anexperience 6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 2.
Project Management A project is a time bound set of activitiesaimed at producing a specific product orservice with limited resources novel or routine .
Novel projects are complex and uncertain Routineprojects become less complex due to learning All strategic transformations occur through6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 3 Project Manager as an Intrapreneur or.
General Manager Projects are often partially defined some goals to beachieved If the project is originally a brain child of the PM it is intrapreneurship .
Projects are typically assigned to a Project Manager PM who must plan execute monitor and control theproject to its desired end If the project was assigned to the PM the PM is theGeneral Manager who must create and manage an ad.
hoc team or a mini organization to produce results 6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 4 Managerial SkillsRobert Katz proposed that successful managersand leaders use following skills .
Conceptual skills Interpersonal skills Technical skills6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 5 Technical Skills.
Skills required to perform material informationprocessing activities including decisions Examples scientific skills engineering skills accountingknowledge skills finance knowledge skills InformationSystems creation maintenance etc .
6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 6 Interpersonal Skills Managing people Ability to manage one s anxiety and growth while helping othersmanage theirs .
Ability to conceptualize on going personal interpersonal groupprocesses Ability to take interpersonal risks in resolving personal interpersonaland group issues Well balanced sensitivity flexibility and tolerance of uncertainty .
6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 7 Conceptual skills Ability to visualize complex systems At different levels personal to societal Ability to interpret in real time decisions and actions in conceptual.
Ability to instantaneously zoom in out to different levels of thecompany and see the strategic transformational significance ofactions decisions 6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 8 Problems and Issues.
6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 9 Levels of Projects Problems get solved through projects i e all changeoccurs through projects that solve problems Levels at which problems can occur and projects.
must be engaged in to solve those problems Individual Relationship Group Team Organizational new organization .
National6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 10 PM as GM Planning Organizing Motivating andControlling to produce results .
Planning requires visualization and conceptualization of the activities leading upto the results Concepts and ideas to map your ownmanagement of projects .
6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 11 Planning Projects Charters or announcements ProjectPurpose goals scope of project and the PM sauthority In academic institutions this is known.
as a charge from the sponsor s Purpose What who when how and thesignificance Resources Culture and values of participants and.
stakeholders 6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 12 Important Components of Projects Owner s or Sponsor s Goal s or Deliverable s .
Beginning and Ending Deadline Limited Resources Financial Physical technological Human and Emotional Legitimacy Stakeholder agreement on goals legality and ethicality of activities and.
6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 13 Ten Commandments of Project ManagementSource http www lamarheller com proje... 6 11 2014 14 Trade Off Triangle .
http ils indiana edu faculty h... SCOPE Requirements How are Scope and Budget linked http ils indiana edu faculty h... .
Which ComesPrioritize Optimize 6 11 2014 16 Organizing 1 Structuring the project.
Begin with the end and work backwards Work breakdown Structure Identify major phases and milestones that signalcompletion of the phase Identify activities in each phase along with a matrix of.
people and equipment Arrange the activities based on technological or resourceimperatives parallel and sequential activities andresulting interdependence of people and equipment 6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 17.
Organizing 3 Tasks needed to be done Start to finish relationships between tasks6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 18 Organizing 3 .
Visual representation of work structure Gantt Roles of people in terms of theirresponsibilities Responsibility Matrix Plan for Communication Collaboration andMonitoring .
6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 19 Example of Responsibility MatrixSource Eric Verzuh The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management 4th Edition Wiley 20116 11 2014 20 Example of WBS in chart format.
Source Eric Verzuh The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management 4th Edition Wiley 20116 11 2014 21 Example of WBS in Outline formatSource Eric Verzuh The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management 4th Edition Wiley 20116 11 2014 22.
Task RelationshipsSource Eric Verzuh The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management 4th Edition Wiley 20116 11 2014 23 Structuring the ProjectSource Eric Verzuh The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management 4th Edition Wiley 2011.
6 11 2014 24 Calculating a ScheduleSource Eric Verzuh The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management 4th Edition Wiley 20116 11 2014 25 Example of Gantt Chart 1.
Source Eric Verzuh The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management 4th Edition Wiley 20116 11 2014 26 Example of Gantt Chart 2Source Eric Verzuh The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management 4th Edition Wiley 20116 11 2014 27.
Example of Gantt Chart 3Source Eric Verzuh The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management 4th Edition Wiley 20116 11 2014 28 Execution and Motivation Proactive communication is extremely.
important SOS communication lines with the Sponsor other stakeholders for emergencies Care and feeding of people physically andemotionally Warm hearts are ready to run .
Manage emotional issues and processes ofgroups and individuals 6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 29 Fundamental Personal Issues Who am I and who should I be who can I be what.
do I want to be Identity Who I am I am not and how I should can Self Worth I am I am not and I should be somebody worthy of admiration 6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 30.
Aspects of self image Three major interrelated aspects of self Competence Attractiveness Values.
Holistically they constitute our identity and self worth Issues arise because an individual CANNOT know the truth of whetherhe she is competent attractive good due to subjective bias Feedback from people about the individual s attributes providesconfirmation or invalidation and that keeps changing the reality of that.
This phenomenon presents the PM with an opportunity to change orreinforce an associate s self image learning and attitude through positivereinforcement genuine words of feedback support and recognition 6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar Personal Issue Resolution 1.
Competence Ability to produce desiredresults in one s environment and life Confirmed through task completions Personal Issues I am competent I am not competent .
Am I competent Am I not competent Am I as competent as I should be Should I be more competent 6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 32 Personal Issue Resolution 2.
Attractiveness Ability to get people s attentiontowards oneself as necessary and desired Personal Issues I am attractive likeable I am not attractive likeable Am I attractive likeable Am I not attractive .
Am I as attractive likeable as I should be Should I be more attractive likeable Attraction under conditions of freedom vs coerced attraction dysfunctional ways to resolveissue sexual harassment .
6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 33 Personal Issue Resolution 3 Values Personal criteria that distinguish between good andbad and that are utilized by the person to evaluate himself orherself as good or bad .
Being good requires that a person transcend his or her own needsfor the sake of others Transcendence involves denying or deferring one s needs and desiresfor the sake of something greater higher a higher purpose than Personal Issues.
I am good I am not good Am I good Am I not good Am I as good as I should be Should I be more good 6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 34.
Emotional Issues in Teams William Shutz Interpersonal Underworld Issues In or Out Who is am I in the thick of the team accepted welcomed needed wanted .
Top or Bottom Who is am I at the top or bottom ofthe hierarchy formal or informal in the group Near or Far Who is am I close to or distant from otherteam members Erving Goffman On Facework.
Incidents and Corrective Processes 6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 35 Controlling the Project Monitoring a project allows control of project throughtimely corrective action .
Tools Gantt charts and periodic real time updating ofprogress e g percentage completion directly by team Emergency communication channels allow fast response Monitor development of individuals working on theproject mentoring .
Sometimes the PM must let a participant go as a lastresort if the individual hinders the project either due toemotional or incompetence issues 6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 36 Completion and Celebration.
Completion report sign off from Sponsor Celebration within resources and policies of theorganization Celebration is the End from which one shouldwork backwards in designing a project .
How and where shall we celebrate the end of a projectby recognizing how from simple words to certificatesto gold people and their contributions If planning on recognition by higher level individuals it isimportant to get on their calendars in advance .
6 11 2014 Raj Khandekar 37Managerial Skills. Robert Katz proposed that successful managers and leaders use following skills: Conceptual skills . Interpersonal skills. Technical skills. 6/11/2014 ... Eric VerzuhThe Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, 4th Edition, Wiley, 2011. 6/11/2014. Execution and Motivation.

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