Psychoanalytical or Psychological Literary Criticism

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PsychoanalyticalLiterary CriticismOr why all characters authors and readers have issues Psychoanalytical Criticism.
This kind of literary criticism sees a text like a dream everything represents something deeper below the surface Can be about the author s hidden life This analysis of the textcould be an expression of the secret repressed life of its author explaining the textual features as symbolic of psychological.
struggles in the writer s life Can be about the secret life of the characters applyingpsychoanalytical theory to explain their hidden motives orpsychological makeup armchair psychology This can overlap Reader Response Criticism in that you can look.
at ways in which specific readers reveal their own obsessions neuroses etc as they read a particular text Why do you like thebooks you do What does that say about YOUR repressed issues Two subcategories that we ll Freudian.
based on the theories of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud Terms to know unconscious repression OedipusComplex libidinal imagery Jungian based on the theories of psychoanalyst Carl Jung .
Terms to know collective unconscious archetypes innocent trickster wise fool teacher prophet hero sjourney innocence initiation chaos resolution Freudian Analysis Thepsychoanalyst Sigmund Freud spent.
much of his life exploring the workings of theunconscious theunconscious the big iceberg whichcontains the hidden repressed desires of lifefor an individual.
Freudian Ideas Everyone has repressed or hidden emotions Anauthor may manifest their issues throughthe types of characters or plot lines they write Meaning in a piece of literature can come.
from finding those hidden meanings More Freudian analysis terms It can be all about sex Can be looking for examples of the Oedipus Complex Based on Greek tragedy story where a orphaned prince later.
finds out that he s killed his father and married his mother withoutever knowing it He finds out freaks out and blinds himself In working out instinctual desire to possess mother leading toinevitable conflict with father the child forms a personality Yes I know creepy but don t a lot of issues come from the.
dynamics of family power Don t kids often wish they had morepower or authority over their parents look for libidinal imagery yonic sexual symbolism for a female phallic sexual symbolism for a male .
Connection to Formalism Formalism says that a piece of work is not aboutauthor s intent but about what actually ended up onthe page and what meanings are present in thework regardless of intent .
Despite the importance of the author s role here psychoanalytic criticism does not concern itself with what the author intended but instead what theauthor never intended that is what was repressedor in the author s subconscious .
Questions a Freudian Analysismight ask of a piece of literature What is character s problem What was the relationship like between theauthor and his family .
How successful did the author feel inromantic relationships What kind of person would identify with thisbook OR Who s messed up enough to likethis book .
Jungian Analysis Freudian analysis assumes that images andideas in a text mean something else thanthey apparently mean He usually assumestheir meanings are inherently about.
repressed sexual issues In contrast Jung assumes that imagesessentially imply or symbolize somethingbased on the collective unconscious of thepopulation or based on what the most.
people would generally recognize to be true Collective Unconsciousness CarlJung s collective unconscious manshares knowledge experiences images withentire human race resulting in archetypes.
that affect how people respond to life whencertain images are in literature they call upour archetypal feelings Archetype something that serves as themodel or pattern for other things of the same.
Common Archetypes The innocent a character that despite being simple or child like has a intuitive wisdom Charlie from Willy Wonka and theChocolate Factory Pollyanna The trickster a character who succeeds through playfulness .
often irreverent and disrespectful Pee Wee Herman Ferris The warrior a character who does not subvert the system but faces it head on Superman Batman The teacher prophet a character who has learned fromexperiences and uses their wisdom to guide others Yoda Merlin.
The Hero s Journey Another archetypical format for analysis Innocence Starts with a character who is pretty happy noreal conflicts lack of worldly experiences Initiation Some fall from innocence Could be death .
tragedy awareness of evil emotional or sexual relationship Chaos After that cruddy fall from innocence a time of trial Will the character come through it or regress back to afalse innocence or denial Resolution If the character has made it through chaos .
they re smarter stronger and more stable They havelearned from their issues and are now looking towards abright future Where do you think Holden is on this journey Is he a hero .
Questions a Jungian Analysismay ask of a piece of literature What role does this character play What images are representative of otherideas in our culture .
What stage of the hero s journey is ourcharacter in currently How did the character fall from innocence Any questions Questions for you .
What type s of literature do you like and whatmight that say about your subconscious What stage of the hero s journey do you thinkyou re in currently .
This kind of literary criticism sees a text like a dream-everything represents something deeper, below the surface Can be about the author’s “hidden life”. This analysis of the text could be an expression of the secret, repressed life of its author, explaining the textual features as symbolic of psychological struggles in the writer’s life.

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