Religion and Politics in Latin America

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Religion andPolitics in Latin Historical Role of ChurchConquest of the Americas Reconquista as backdrop.
for conquest of Americas Cross and sword Archangel with aGun Cuzco School Excerpts from a.
requirimiento we will not compel you to become Christians unlessafter being so informed regarding the truth you desire tobe converted to our faith But if you do not do this I will come among you.
powerfully and make war upon you everywhere and inevery way that I can I will take your persons your women and children andwill make slaves of them and sell them or dispose of themas their Highness shall command .
the damage and death which you suffer thereby shallbe your own fault and not the fault of their Majesties norof mine nor the knights who accompany me Colonial Era Religious instruction for.
native peoples onencomiendas Jesuit missions reducciones to protectand educate indigenous.
groups 1609 1767 Post Colonial Era Owned 50 of arable land at time ofindependence Very conservative political force.
Church Modernization Vatican II 1962 65 Pope John 23rd Pope Paul VI Background to Vatican II Response to new conditions Ecumenism.
Religious pluralism esp relationshipwith Judaism Church as a Pilgrim People of God Rethinking of Relations within Church.
Church s relationship with otherinstitutions Importance of lived experiencesConference 1968 Pope Paul 6 .
Bishops conference toapply Vatican II to Latin Background toConferenceJos Chencho Alas .
priest in Suchitoto ElSalvador in 1970s right Medellin II Developments Social injustice and structuralviolence declared sinful .
Liberation Theology content and Liberation through education questioning Consciousness raising techniquesof educator Paulo Freire.
Puebla Conference 1979 John Paul II Background to meeting Preferential option for the poor action to end injustice.
Positive emphasis on ChristianBase Communities ecclesiasticalbase communities CEBs Kireye Carlos Mejia Godoy Cristo Cristo Jes s Christ Jesus Christ.
Identif cate con nosotros Identify yourself with usSe or Se or mi dios Lord Lord my GodIdentif cate con nosotros Identify yourself with usCristo Cristo Jes s Christ Jesus ChristShow your solidarity.
Solidar zateNot with the oppressingNo con la clase opresora classQue exprime de hora la That now squeezes thecomunidad community.
Sino con el oprimido But with the oppressedCon el pueblo m o dentro With my people working forde paz peace Progressive Church in ElArchbishop.
Oscar Romero Violence Against SalvadoranParamilitaryOrganizationsWhite Warriors.
Union UGB State Violence Against Church Investigation of crime scene 6 Jesuit priests and 2 other.
workers killed at Universityof Central America in SanSalvador 1989 right Contemporary Religion and PoliticsChanges for role of religion in politics .
1 Shift in Church leadership under John2 Restoration of civilian rule throughoutLatin America3 Rise of protestantism in Latin America Papacy of John Paul II 1978 .
More traditionaland politicallyconservative Staunch anti Redefining Church .
At Vatican II opposed definition ofChurch as Pilgrim People of God For John Paul II Church is an institution in which laity workunder direction of hierarchy to.
achieve truth More traditional institutionalauthority patterns Vatican Appointments Cardinal Ratzinger head of Vatican.
Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith has critiqued liberation theology Latin American hierarchies filled withtraditionalists and conservatives members of proto fascist Opus Dei.
organization Seminaries preaching liberationtheology closed Demise of Military1970s 1980s.
Advocate of human rights and social justiceMediator between opposition parties andmilitary governments1990s presentProgressive stance on issues of poverty.
charity international debt immigrationChurch should limit itself to restoring faith 15 Protestantismof Latin American population Greatest growth has been in Pentecostal.
and neo Pentecostal groups growth ofPentecostalism in1 Evangelicals LA provide an ideology.
of personalimprovement 2 North Americanresources investedin Latin American.
Impact of Pentecostalismon LA politics Some will promoteright wing politics Others not interested.
in politicalinvolvement Emphasis onsalvation notmatched with.
awareness of earthlyresponsibilitiesReligion and Politics in Latin America

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